Can Namor Talk to Fish and Control Animals?

Can Namor talk to fish and control animals

Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. As the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Namor possesses a range of incredible abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, durability, and the ability to fly and manipulate water. But there’s one power that has been a subject of debate among fans for years: Namor’s ability to communicate with sea creatures and control animals. Having said that, we will use this opportunity to explain Namor’s telepathic abilities. Let’s see whether Namor can talk to fish and does his power extends to other animals. 

Namor can talk to fish via his telepathic abilities. He can communicate with almost all forms of sea life, and his telepathy also extends to Atlanteans. In the context of control, Namor can likewise control most forms of marine life, giving them simple commands and directions on what to do in certain situations. His telepathic powers and abilities further cement his status as the most powerful Atlantean alive. 

Now that we’ve covered the extent of Namor’s abilities, it’s time to analyze them in more detail. If you want to learn more about Namor’s powers, abilities, and limits. Stay with us and keep reading!

Namor’s status as a mutant-Atlantean hybrid makes him significantly more powerful than most Atlanteans 

In one of our previous posts, we’ve already touched upon the topic of Namor’s physical strength. We’ve seen that due to his unique physiology, Namor is significantly faster and stronger than most of his brethren. Due to his royal heritage, he has some extra powers and abilities that are off-limits to regular Atlanteans. 

Even though his ability to fly cannot be explained by either his mutant nor Atlantean origin, his ability to control water and influence marine life can be explained by the fact that he belongs to a powerful race of people that inhabit the ocean’s watery depths. 


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Can Namor communicate with sea creatures? 

Namor can use his telepathy to communicate with sea creatures, giving him a unique advantage when it comes to navigating the underwater world. He is often depicted giving commands to fish and other sea creatures, although it’s unclear to what extent they are able to understand and respond to him.

Namor’s telepathic powers also allow him to utilize marine life to aid him in battle. He can ask for help from sea creatures to attack his enemies or to defend himself, and his control over them is impressive. The Sub-Mariner can also use his telepathy to ask for directions or assistance when it comes to locating specific objects or locations underwater.

Namor talks to fish

While Namor’s telepathic powers are a major part of his character, they are not without limitations. For example, his powers seem to work best when he is in close proximity to the sea creatures he is trying to communicate with. Additionally, the effectiveness of his control over marine life may be limited by the willpower and intelligence of the creatures in question. Nonetheless, Namor’s connection to the ocean and its inhabitants is a key part of his character, and his abilities have played a significant role in many of his battles and adventures. 

While Namor is known for his telepathic connection to marine life, he doesn’t seem to possess the same level of control over other types of animals. For instance, land animals and insects do not appear to be as responsive to his telepathic commands. This limitation makes sense, as water is Namor’s element, and it’s natural for him to have a stronger connection with sea creatures. It would be unrealistic for him to have the same level of control over animals that are not directly connected to his element.

Can Namor control other Atlanteans? 

Namor’s telepathic abilities are not limited to marine life – he is also able to communicate telepathically with other Atlanteans. By utilizing this talent, he can give orders and coordinate the movements of his allies, even over great distances. This makes the Atlanteans a formidable force in battle, as they are able to quickly and efficiently position themselves for maximum effect.


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It is even suggested that Namor’s telepathic abilities could potentially extend beyond Atlanteans to affect regular humans if he were to fully develop his powers. This would make him an even more powerful and versatile hero, with the potential to impact battles and conflicts in ways that go beyond his physical abilities.

Can Namor control water? 

Namor is a powerful being who holds dominion over the water, and this extends beyond his ability to control marine life. He also has the power to manipulate water itself, which he acquired by siphoning a significant portion of the abilities of Hydro-Man, another superhuman character in the Marvel universe.

With this newly acquired ability, Namor can command large bodies of water, including the ability to flood or drain specific areas at will. His flooding ability allows him to unleash a devastating amount of water on a particular location, which can have catastrophic consequences for anyone caught in its path.

Namor controling water

In summary, Namor is rightfully one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. He has the ability to communicate with marine life and Atlanteans telepathically. He can control marine life to a certain extent by giving commands which can be extremely helpful in situations when enemy forces surround him. The whole ocean is Namor’s playground, and thus, he can utilize his hydrokinetic abilities to control water as well. 

Even though some of Namor’s water-based abilities have been retconned over time, he is still quite the formidable enemy, and if his access to the water isn’t in some way limited, he will surely prevail. 

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