Real Name: Namor McKenzie.


First Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly- 1939.


Powers: Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Durability.  Can Swim at Speeds of 60mph. Can Fly and Withstand Hypothermic Conditions Underwater.


Affiliation: Cabal, Illuminati, Defenders, Avengers, X-Men.


Enemies: Kang, Humankind, Fishermen.


Did You Know: Namor the Submariner was initially written in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly; an 8-page story.


A Little History:

Before Namor was born, Leonard McKenzie (his father) and his crew sought out the Lumurian city that had been rumored to house a mythical artifact. Seeing that a trusted crew member planned to use the artifact for destruction, Leonard quickly set some explosives at the site in an effort to bury not only the artifact but the city as well. What he didn’t realize that the city was, in fact, Atlantis.


As a consequence of the explosion, Atlantis took heavy damage. To find out what was happening at surface level, the King of Atlantis sent out his daughter, Fen. Her mission was to find the source of the explosion and report back. Little did the King know but at surface level, Fen and Leonard would meet and fall in love.


In an effort to retrieve his missing daughter, the King sent out his best men. Fearing that she had been captured, the men slaughtered Leonard’s crew, forcing Fen to return to Atlantis. 9 short months later, Namor, the world’s first Homo sapien/Homo mermanus hybrid entered the world.


Namor grew up with a distrust for humanity. Fearing that man would return to Atlantis to finish what they had started, he led a pre-emptive strike on New York. In this encounter, Namor would confront, meet and befriend the first Human Torch.


During the World War and after the Nazi’s attacked Atlantis, Namor joined forces with Captain America, Bucky, Toro and of course, the Human Torch. Atlantis did not sustain too much damage during the war but instead was damaged after its conclusion. This is important as the man responsible for Leonard initially setting bombs and harming Atlantis finally retrieved the artifact. With it in his possession, he used it to cause Earthquakes that destroyed much of Atlantis.


Namor was once again dispatched to New York to put a stop to it. This time, he proved to be unsuccessful in his attempt. Believing (once again) that Humans were the ones responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, Namor has continued to wage war on humanity.