Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Cast in ‘Deadpool 3’ in a Secret Role

radcliffe cast in deadpool wolverine

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is the hottest upcoming MCU release. The movie is already being hailed as “MCU Saver” by the people who saw parts of it and the studio is betting big that the movie will save them from a terrible box office year due to the failures of ‘Quantumania and ‘The Marvels.’ Levy and Reynolds are throwing absolutely everything at it, from jokes directed to Kevin Feige and numerous confirmed cameos that are set to appear in the movie.

Now rumors resurfaced that Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly cast in the movie bound to be playing a secret role, according to Daniel Richtman, notable scooper and leaker. Now Radcliffe was originally rumored to be cast as Wolverine, however, this fan cast might be doomed due to recent overwhelming evidence that Henry Cavill will be playing a variant of Wolverine in the upcoming movie, a one-time role with the possibility of Cavill being cast as a different character in the MCU later on, due to Multiverse.

Most recent updates point in the direction that variants will play a major role in the movie since the movie is rumored to introduce a new concept to the MCU called “Anchor.” Anchors are individuals who are vital for the survival of the universe. When an anchor dies, the universe starts to decay until it completely vanishes. The process itself takes time and is not instantaneous. In any case, Radcliffe is so far, the most peculiar rumored cameo, alongside Taylor Swift. Who do you think they are playing? Let us know in the comments below!

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