Danny DeVito Would Be Willing To Return as Penguin Under One Condition

Danny DeVito Would Be Willing to Return as Penguin Under One Condition

Danny DeVito’s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin in 1992 ‘Batman Returns’ is definitely one of his most iconic roles. He went through a major physical transformation to play it as well as showed remarkable dedication to the character. He was menacing but also managed to convey as certain dose of humor through the role. It earned him critical acclaim and is often cited as one of the best performances in the movie. DeVito starred alongside Michael Keaton and as we know, Keaton reprised his role as Batman in 2023 ‘Flash.’

Even though the movie was a commercial and critical failure and helped seal the fate of DCEU, Keateon’s reprisal of the role was highly praised, leading fans to ask whether there are chances that DeVito would be willing to reprise his role as well, this time under DCU umbrella. In an interview with Screenrant, DeVito confirmed that he would be willing to reprise the role but under one condition, that Burton returns to direct it:

If Tim Burton was directing it, I’d be there in a second. Oswald Cobblepot is my favorite. I had a good time. Its operatic. I like every once in a while going big [Laughs], and so I’d do that in a second. We had a ball doing that.

Burton’s Batman movies are certainly memorable but his work on the franchise did end on a bad note. Tim Burton initially had no desire to create a sequel to the successful Batman movie due to feeling creatively stifled by Warner Bros’ expectations.

However, he agreed to return under the condition of significant creative control. This included replacing the original writer, Sam Hamm, with Daniel Waters, and bringing in many of his past collaborators. Waters’ script focused heavily on character development rather than a complex plot. Wesley Strick was later brought in to do an uncredited rewrite, adding elements such as a master plan for the Penguin.

Following the lukewarm reception of ‘Batman Returns,’ Tim Burton was replaced as director for the third film, ‘Batman Forever,’ by Joel Schumacher, who aimed to make the series more family-friendly. Michael Keaton opted not to return as Batman due to disagreements with Schumacher’s direction. Despite being financial successes, both ‘Batman Forever’ and its sequel, ‘Batman & Robin’, received mixed critical reviews. Over time, ‘Batman Returns’ has been reevaluated as one of the best Batman films, with its portrayals of Catwoman and Penguin considered iconic.

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