Daredevil Won’t Be Featured in ‘Echo’ in a Big Role

Daredevil Wont Be Featured in Echo in a Big Role

The first trailer for ‘Echo,’ an upcoming Disney+ show, dropped on Friday, and fans are probably for the first time excited about the show. The scenes featured in the trailer showcased a lot of action, a lot of Kingpin, and nods to Maya’s Native American heritage.

For the fans of Marvel’s “The Man Without Fear,” a couple of scenes featuring Daredevil were also showcased.

But according to a reputable leaker on CanWeGetSomeToast on X, Daredevil won’t be a huge part of the series at all despite featuring Daredevil’s greatest cinematic villain so far.

Daredevil’s role will most likely be a cameo in nature, and he will appear as part of the flashback and nothing more. His role will definitely be smaller than the one we saw during the ‘She-Hulk’ series.


‘Echo’: Marvel Studios Reveals Official Description for the First Episode

So far, not much is known about the overall plot of ‘Echo’ except that Maya will be caught in one of the most turbulent parts of her life. The story the fans will see will be one of acceptance and healing. There are also some rumors floating around that Echo will be more of a villain than the anti-hero that she was introduced as during the ‘Hawkeye’ series after she learned that Kingpin was the person responsible for the death of her father.

The producer of the show, Sydney Freeland, also commented on the fact that Echo’s superpowers in the MCU will greatly differ from the ones in the comics. In the comics, Maya has the same powerset as Taskmaster, meaning that she is able to replicate her opponent’s moves perfectly via photographic reflexes.

The new take on the character will include superpowers based on Native American lore, Maya being empowered by various powers granted to her by Choctaw women that came before her.

Are you disappointed that Daredevil won’t be a big part of the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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