‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Writer Says Dave Filoni Approved All the Scripts tor the Show: Yes, Even Ki-Adi-Mundi


We’re halfway through the first season of ‘The Acolyte’ and the show keeps getting better or weirder, or worse, depending on your take on the whole situation. Ever since the third episode of the show was released, the fandom has been awash with scandals.

In Episode 3, the show introduced the Witches of Brendok, force users similar to the Witches of Dathomir. Two witches in the show managed to create the twins, Osha & Mae, through the use of force without a male parent.

The fans took that as a sign that canon had been broken since Anakin Skywalker is the only other person known to be created by the force and was “The Chosen One” subsequently beacuse of it. I have to argue again that it seems that Anakin and the Twins were created through completely different means however, Anakin was created BY THE FORCE, and Osha & Mae were created through MANIPULATION OF THE FORCE. So this is really a non-issue. Apparently, Filoni inspired Headland to include Witches of Brendok.

Then, episode 4 arrived and did something that not even I can justify. They included Ki-Adi-Mundi in the show, a character from ‘The Phantom Menace.’ Ki-Adi-Mundi shouldn’t be alive during the events of ‘The Acolyte’ considering that the show takes place 100 years before ‘The Phantom Menace’ and Ki-Adi-Mundi was at best in his 60s during the events of the movie.

Then the most blatant instance of canon disregard came in the final moments of episode 4, when the Jedi search party encounters what appears to be a Sith Lord, levitating, wearing all black, and sporting a red lightsaber. There’s no mistaking this force user for anything but a Sith.

This again would be a non-issue if Ki-Adi-Mundi himself didn’t utter this line in ‘The Phantom Menace:’

Impossible! The Sith have been extinct for a millenium.

This either means that the force user is not a Sith (highly unlikely) or that apparently half of ‘Acolyte’s’ team has never seen the movies (somewhat likely considering their comments in the past, such as, that Anakin destroyed the Death Star).

Fans have been wondering who approved all of these things, and why were they included and we have bad news for you, it’ was Filoni.

One of the writers on episode 4 of the show Claire Kiechel explained that every script has to ultimately be approved by Dave Filoni:

[He] has to ultimately approve them along with the rest of the Lucasfilm team

Fans reacted to this accordingly:

Once again, we should really wait for all episodes to air to draw some factual conclusion. As The Master in the show might turn out to be some different kind of force user, in that case, we’re going to end up looking like massive fools for jumping to conclusions. But everything so far points in the direction that he (or she) is a Sith.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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