Leslye Headland Clears up on Who Guided Her To Include Lesbian Space Witches in ‘The Acolyte’ – It Was Filoni


‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ recently released its third episode, and the reactions have been better than the show itself. It was a highly controversial episode that included the coven of Gay space witches who apparently dabbled in creating kids with the Force. Osha & Mae are a living testament to that.

No matter whether you consider this radical move “stunning & brave” or you’re in the crowd that claims that Star Wars is now literally dead, you have gotta admit Headland had courage to include something like this, knowing from past reactions how fandom reacts to every bit of change in the franchise.

We won’t know whether the show in any way breaks canon until the full origin of Osha & Mae is revealed. We are also looking forward to learning more about Witches of Brendok, who are a separate entity from Witches of Dathomir. Witches of Dathomir are by now an established part of the canon, considering their massive role in the recently released ‘Ahsoka.’ Apparently, Headland was inspired to include Witches of Brendok due to something that Dave Filoni said.

Dave Filoni very quickly became kind of a mentor of mine in terms of navigating what this part of the timeline would be like for both the Jedi and then other Force users. […]It was kind of this ‘A-ha!’ moment for me when he told me, ‘You know, not all witches are Nightsisters.

Turner-Smith who plays Mother Aniseya in the show confirmed that the Bredok coven is their own unique creation, something that she was glad to add her twist to:

I had the unique opportunity of getting to create something that no one had necessarily seen yet. It was just really quite the ride to create [Mother Aniseya]. I didn’t create her from outside of myself. I created her from inside of myself. Mother was mothering.

The next episode of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ drops on Tuesday, June 18th on Disney+.

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