David Tennant Would Like To Play Kilgrave Again: “Never Say Never in the Marvel Universe”

David Tennant Would like to Play Kilgrave Again Never Say Never in the Marvel Universe

The January release of ‘Echo’ marked several important things in the MCU. First, it was the first show released under the Marvel Spotlight banner, and the second it added the entirety of ‘The Defenders’ Saga to the official MCU timeline ending the debate on whether Netflix’s Marvel Shows were canon to the MCU.

Following the release, plenty of rumors started that some of the shows would be revived, some characters recast and join other projects, and one project that fans consisnstely wanted to revive was ‘Jessica Jones.’ As it turns out the fans are not the only ones that would want to see the show running again. Recently, Krysten Ritter herself stated that she would love to reprise her role and now David Tennant also known as the show’s villain Zebediah Kilgrave expressed that it’s one of the projects he would really would like to return to, this year.

During his BAFTA Red Carpet Interview Tennant was asked to which project he would like to return now that some of his biggest roles in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Harry Potter’ have been revived.

I’d love to do Kilgrave again, yeah Kilgrave would be great

However, he also pointed out that Kilgrave was “very much dead” after having his neck snapped. Both Tennant and the interviewer then pointed out that in the current Multiverse Saga of the MCU, this doesn’t mean all that much since every character can technically return as a variant. This gives writers ample opportunity not only to resurrect some characters but to also give them a completely new spin.


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The chances of Tennant returning as Kilgrave in 2024 are minimal at best, but we do know that the actor has several upcoming appearances notably as Tony Baddingham in ‘Rivals’ and an undisclosed role in the TV show ‘Hide.’ He is also set to voice Sir Edmund Rockwell in ‘Ark: The Animated Series.’

Would you like to see Tennant in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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