What Is Jessica Jones’ Superhero Name? Explained

What is Jessica Jones superhero name
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Jessica Jones is one of the most popular female superheroes from Marvel Comics, and she is also one of the physically strongest. Jessica’s history as a superpowered human has been difficult, to say the least. She is one of the characters with the most depressing story out there, and her character oftentimes resonates on a deeper level. Despite being popular, she was never exactly tied down to an alias or a recognizable superhero costume. This is why we decided to explore Jones’ superhero identity throughout history. Let’s see what Jessica Jones’ superhero name is.

Jessica Jones currently doesn’t have a superhero name; she did have a few notable superhero names in the past, however, such as Jewel and Knightress. Jessica doesn’t use aliases often because her career as a superhero wasn’t as successful or followed by the media to an extent as other superheroes. Jessica’s other notable aliases are J-Hulk and Power Woman.

Jessica’s career as a superhero was flawed from the beginning, and this is why she never developed a distinctively masked identity like other iconic Marvel characters. She is most popular under her real name. We decided to explore this topic in a bit more detail, so if you’re interested, stay with us!

Jessica Jones’ first notable alias was ‘Jewel’

Soon after getting her superpowers in a tragic accident, Jessica Jones decided to use her powers for good and started developing her superhero persona. She had a skin-tight pink superhero costume and adopted the alias ‘Jewel.’ The only problem was she never had an army of reporters following her every move, but there were definitely a lot of fan-made sites dedicated to her superhero exploits.

Jessica Jones as Jewel

Her career took a wrong turn, however, when she encountered Zebediah Killgrave – the Purple Man, during one intervention in a restaurant.


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Purple Man is notable for being able to control minds by using elaborate pheromones, and well, Jessica had no resistance to it and wasn’t prepared to face him so early in her career. She had practically no control over her actions. Killgrave took a liking to Jessica and mind-controlled her, deciding to use her as a distraction while he finished his meal.

Jewel fightning cops

Jessica was sent to fight off the cops, and after she was done doing damage control for Killgrave, he took her as a hostage and kept her with him for eight months straight. She did everything for him, bathed him, served him, and slept on his floor. He treated her like a psychopath getting his vengeance for his sworn enemy Daredevil via Jessica. Killgrave would run his fingers through Jessica’s hair and tell her he was doing this to Jessica for “every time that Daredevil beat the s*** out of him.”

Purple man triggered by daredevil

Killgrave was eventually extremely triggered by Daredevil’s actions of saving the city, and he came up with the idea to send Jessica after him. He stated that he was sick of her anyway. Killgrave told Jessica to put on her superhero costume, find Daredevil and kill him and “shove a rusty pipe up his a**,” as well as any other masked superhero that she could come across.

Jessica dutifully obeyed, but as soon she was out of range of his pheromones, mind control started to waver, and she realized that the semblance of her consciousness was returning to her. Jessica was still unable to act on her own. However, she was compelled to follow Killgrave’s orders, and she attacked the first red-costumed superhero that she could come across -Scarlet Witch.

Jessica Attacking Scarlet Witch

Jessica Attacked Scarlet Witch, who was fortunately at that time surrounded by the entirety of both Avengers and the Defenders. As soon as her first hit toward Scarlet Witch landed, Jessica woke up from mind control instantly and realized the gravity of the situation. She just hit one of the Avengers, surrounded by Hulk, Vision, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Iron Man – all of them.

Jessica Jones Beaten by Avengers

Jessica promptly ran away but found herself attacked by the Avengers. She was severely beaten and almost killed by Thor, Iron Man, and Vision. She mentioned that her teeth, neck, and spine were messed up following the attack.

Jean Grey eventually woke Jessica from a coma, and she was invited to join the Avengers by Clay Quartermain, but she declined.

Jean Grey waking up JEssica From coma

Following her traumatic experience, Jessica Jones became Knightress

After the incident with Killgrave happened, Jessica retired her Jewel persona and decided to rethink her crime-fighting career. She then decided to develop a vigilante persona overhauling her pink costume and replacing him with a black and red one.

Jessica Jones took on the alias ‘Knightress” and started fighting crime as a vigilante. This was a brief experience for Jessica as she gave up her career after a week.

Jessica as Knightress

On one of her first missions, she tried to stop the criminal activity of the Owl. And by the end of the night, she became a babysitter for the children she rescued from the ordeal. As vigilante Knightress, Jessica Jones met Luke Cage for the first time.


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As I’ve said, Jessica abandoned her vigilante career relatively early and decided to focus on investigations instead. She started her new career as a detective and started her own company called Alias Investigations, and the rest is history.

As you can see, Jessica was really unlucky when it came to her superhero exploits, she was never built for that life, and her experience with the Purple Man really didn’t help either. It would’ve scared much more mentally stable people than Jessica. Currently, Jessica doesn’t have a superhero name, and she is no longer a vigilante.

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