‘Deadpool 3’ Trailer Just Revealed the Movie’s Main Villain – Cassandra Nova

Deadpool 3 Trailer Just Revealed The Movies Main Villain Cassandra Nova
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‘Deadpool 3’ teaser trailer just got released during the Superbowl as was predicted and while we are trying to make sense of the first impressions of what appears to be the phenomenal next installment in the MCU, the teaser trailer also showed as a glimpse into what appears the movie’s main villain, Cassandra Nova.

That Cassandra Nova will be the villain of the movie was rumored back in August 2023, something that we’ve reported on previously, but we also speculated that due to this Charles Xavier might have a role in the movie as well. For those of you unaware of who Cassandra is, she has a pretty gruesome and heartbreaking backstory. Cassandra was Xavier’s twin while both were gestation in the womb. Xavier recognized Cassandra as being the so-called “Mummudrai” by the Shi’ar, an equal and opposite spirit of Professor Charles Xavier. Due to Xavier’s genetic potential, Cassandra was able to manifest in physical form, effectively becoming his twin. However, when gestating in their mother’s womb, Sharon Xavier, Cassandra was recognized by Charles as malevolent, leading him to attempt to kill her with his emerging psychic abilities. This resulted in a miscarriage for Sharon, although Cassandra survived and spent decades in a sewer wall, constructing a new body and plotting revenge against her brother.


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Cassandra, being basically a clone of Xavier, managed to access the full potential and full scope of all powers that he did have and could have had. Among other overwhelming powers and Xavier’s telepathy, Cassandra also has access to telekinetic abilities. With her telekinesis, Cassandra is able to levitate and manipulate both living beings and objects. She is capable of generating powerful telekinetic shields as well as generating powerful and devastating blasts of pure, concentrated telekinetic energy.

Cassandra Nova

Cassandra Nova will be presumably played by Emma Corrin, this wasn’t confirmed but we do know that they are set to have a role in the movie based on the movie’s branding and IMDb page although the role is so far unknown. Corrin began their television career in 2019 with roles in ITV’s ‘Grantchester’ and the Epix DC series ‘Pennyworth.’

They made their feature film debut in Misbehaviour. In 2020, Corrin gained widespread recognition for portraying Princess Diana in Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ winning a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Television Award for their performance. They also received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress. Corrin showcased their musical talents on Little Simz’s album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.’ Their stage debut in ‘Anna X’ earned them a Laurence Olivier Award nomination. In 2022, Corrin appeared in the films ‘My Policeman’ and ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ and starred in ‘Orlando’ at the West End’s Garrick Theatre, receiving acclaim for their performance.

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