Emma Corrin Could Be Playing Cassandra Nova in ‘Deadpool’ 3’s New Rumor

Emma Corrin Could Be Playing Cassandra Nova in Deadpool 3s New Rumor

The Actor’s strike is still going on right now as we speak. It seems as if Hollywood is finally imploding, but that doesn’t stop rumors about incomplete productions. So, expect more rumors of productions filming just before the strike took effect for those crews. In this case, we get a new rumor that ‘Deadpool 3‘, the third installment in the franchise, has basically made Ryan Reynolds an international star. People loved the first ‘Deadpool,’ and although the second film never reached the heights of the first, it was still a fun time.

Emma Corrin, a beautiful young actress who has been carving her place in the industry, was recently reported to be part of the ‘Deadpool 3’ cast, but now it seems we might have an idea of who she is playing in the movie. The answer is Cassandra Nova, an X-Men character with very close connections to many of the organizations in the X-Men Universe, including the X-Men themselves, the Shi’ar Empire, and even the Hellfire Club. Cassandra is a very powerful character thanks to her biological connection with Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X, one of the most powerful mutants on the planet Earth.


‘Deadpool 3’ Star Emma Corrin Talks About Their Role as a Villain

So, it seems like Emma Corrin’s casting could hint at where the story is going. We can guess that Charles Xavier will also be a big part of the movie, and we might even see Magneto also having a big role. With each new update, it seems increasingly that ‘Deadpool 3’ will be a big celebration of the X-Men franchise overall. Deadpool will now finally jump into the MCU, so this could be finally the moment when the mutant concept will appear in the MCU for the first time in a film. Having the X-Men around the many other characters we have met so far seems to be the logical direction to expand the universe.

The MCU production has been having a bad time lately. The entire Disney company has been having a bad time with movies and shows that just don’t measure the audience’s expectations. ‘Secret Invasion,’ for example, is now considered one of the worst MCU productions ever, and it seems like the quality of these movies and shows is really repelling fans. So, ‘Deadpool 3’, bringing the X-Men, along with fan-favorite characters such as Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto, might give the universe the breath of fresh air it needs to bring back the magic to these productions.

Are you excited to see Cassandra Nova in ‘Deadpool 3’? Will she be used as a serious villain or just another funny companion to Deadpool? We will have to wait until the productions go back on set, but this might be what Marvel needs to return to people’s good side.

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