‘Deadpool 3’: Who Is Mr. Paradox and What Are His Powers?

Deadpool 3 Who Is Mr. Paradox and What Are His Powers
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The teaser trailer for ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ was released during Superbowl and while we are trying to make sense of the first impressions we’re also trying to make a comprehensive list of both old and new faces that appeared in the teaser. Rumors were going around that TVA would play a significant role in the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ installment, but Mobius will not return to reprise his role as the liaison between the organization and the troubled would-be heroes. Instead, this role fell upon the shoulders of one mysterious character named Mr. Paradox played by Matthew Macfadyen. So let’s see who Paradox is and what could his possible role in the movie be.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mr. Paradox will be Deadpool’s liaison with the TVA in the same way as Mobius was for Loki.
  • Not much is known about his character besides the fact that he seemingly will have the same skillset and knowledge as the rest of the TVA organization.
  • Mr. Paradox is a secondary comic character who appeared in a single issue of ‘She-Hulk,’ with a relatively unimportant role.

What does the TVA want from Deadpool?

We don’t know what the plot of the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ movie will be, the only thing that is known for sure is that it’s going to be a Multiversal mess. Early on in the trailer, we can see Deadpool being contacted by the TVA and he can be seen talking with Mr. Paradox who appears to be giving him a run-down of what the TVA is all about. Paradox offers him a deal, telling him that he can be a “hero among heroes,” but this seemingly backfires as Deadpool is later seen eliminating TVA agents with surgical precision until he is finally confronted by the Wolverine variant.

mr paradox TVA

It’s clear that Mr. Paradox will be a spiritual successor to Mobius M. Mobius as he will have a similar role as him for the characters that unfortunately end up at the hands of the TVA.


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Is Mr. Paradox from the comics?

Mr. Paradox is a comic character who debuted (and died) in a single issue of ‘She-Hulk’ released in 2005. Paradox presided over She-Hulk’s trial and he almost erased She-Hulk from the history for attempting to alter the time stream. Alongside Mobius and Ouroboros, he is one of the most important judges who frequently decides questions of importance to the time stream. In the comics, however, Paradox was killed alongside Ouroboros by the villain Clockwise.

Mr. Paradox being killed

How powerful is Mr. Paradox?

We can assume that Mr. Paradox in the MCU will have a similar skillset as that of Mobius. He will be quite a skilled detective and investigator with borderline genius intellect, which seems to be a prerequisite for higher-ranked TVA agents. While the TVA agents by themselves don’t have access to superhuman powers and abilities they do have access to a vast variety of highly advanced technology. We can assume that Mr. Paradox will have access to Time Stick, Time Twister, and TemPad which will be utilized to keep Deadpool under control (for a time).

In the comics, however, Mr. Paradox was slightly more powerful as he was described as having “limited by almost omnipotent” powers and abilities. It’s clear that his powers were bound to the TVA as she was able to rule on the temporal laws and if someone were to break them he was powerful enough to erase them from existence.

As far as durability goes, however, it’s obvious that Paradox was nothing special as he was easily erased. This is just a speculation however and to see the true powers of Mr. Paradox we will have to wait for the movie’s release in July 2024. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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