Owen Wilson Won’t Return to ‘Deadpool 3’! Another TVA Agent Will Take His Place

mobius owen wilson not returning to deadpool 3
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Following the finale of the ‘Loki’ series, it was clear that the mini-series “ending” Loki’s journey was the best thing that happened to the MCU in quite some time. The show also had massive ramifications for the Multiverse as a whole since Loki effectively took the place of He Who Remains at the end of time and assumed the position of someone who invigorates timelines and keeps them alive at the same time, giving the inhabitants of the Universe a chance at free will and true randomness

It was clear that the events of ‘Loki’ would echo throughout the next few phases of the MCU, and soon following the finale, the first rumors dropped confirming what a handful of fans expected: that TVA and Loki would play a somewhat big role in the upcoming ‘Deadpool 3’ which is also rumored to be an incredibly important movie for the continuation of the Multiversal Saga. 

Everything regarding ‘Deadpool 3’ can be summed up as Multiversal chaos. The movie will reportedly feature several variants of Deadpool and Wolverine, as well as several characters that aren’t part of the MCU but are a part of Fox’s X-Men franchise

There will be time travel, and everything is supposed to culminate in Deadpool officially joining the MCU. Considering that TVA will be a part of the movie. Naturally, the first TVA name that comes to mind is Owen Wilson’s Mobius, which was integral in Loki’s journey from a villain to a Multiversal savior with his calm and collected demeanor and humble approach to the nature of his job. 


‘Loki’: Who Is Mobius a Variant Of? Explained

But if Daniel Richtman, a reliable scooper, is to be believed, Owen Wilson won’t return as Mobius to ‘Deadpool 3’ instead, another TVA agent will take his place. 

Fans were naturally disappointed with this news since Mobius has practically become synonymous with the TVA, but if someone has to fill in for him, fans are hoping it’s going to be B-15.

In any case, ‘Deadpool 3’ promises to be a wild ride, and the hype that the movie is generating months prior to its release is promising as a sign of the new MCU. Marvel Studios is reportedly considering releasing only ‘Deadpool 3’ in 2024, as quite a lot of projects depend on the Movie’s success. Execs also believe that the movie is good enough that it’s going to restore some faith in the exiting cinematic Universe.

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