Deadpool Once Killed Miles Morales, Here’s What Happened


Miles Morales is a web-slinger whose life has been filled with adventures ever since he got bitten by a genetically modified spider. However, nothing could prepare him for the fact that one day he would meet Wade Wilson, and that’s how his life would end. However, that happened, and in this article, we’ll explain what happened to Deadpool and why he killed Miles Morales.

Deadpool chopped Miles Morales’s head off after Doctor Doom, and Red Skull brainwashed him. Wade went on a killing spree, killing many superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Deadpool arrived on Green Goblin’s glider and confronted Miles. He thought that Miles was a monster, so he killed him. Wade had no idea what he was doing for the most part and thought that he was actually helping others or just having fun with them.

The comic storyline where Deadpool kills many other superheroes again proves that Deadpool can be a dangerous foe, so it is better not to get on his nerves. His mind is usually always racing and filled with gibberish, but when manipulated by others, it can be turned into a dangerous tool and a weapon. Let’s see in more detail how it all went down.

Deadpool was brainwashed by Red Skull and Doctor Doom

Deadpool is known for doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. Aware that he is not easily killed, he fears no opponent or confrontation. However, his advantages have been manipulated several times throughout comic history, and he has gone on killing sprees against his will. The same happened in ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again.’

In this storyline, someone has been killing off other superheroes, and all the clues point towards Deadpool, who seemed to gather intelligence on other superheroes to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to kill them. However, Deadpool is unaware of his killing spree – he believes he is on various adventures alongside his pals, and they are all having a great time together.

For example, he kills Spider-Man by eating him and posing as Venom, and the whole time, he thinks that he and Spider-Man are enjoying their time together in a pie-eating contest. All this was because Red Skull and Doctor Doom manipulated Deadpool’s mind, so the ‘merc with a mouth’ had no idea what he was doing.


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No one was safe, and all the major teams were getting killed by Wade. Guardians of the Galaxy fell, and so did the X-Men and other Wade’s friends and former colleagues that worked as mercenaries.

Soon, the word about Deadpool’s actions spread, and the main goal was to stop him at any cost. Moon Knight and Punisher looked for Wade everywhere, but they were always too late, and all they could find were corpses. They could not grasp what Wade’s goal here was. Did he simply snap, or is that who he always was? Off course, there was also a possibility of Wade suffering from a split personality, which Moon Knight was familiar with.

On the other hand, Wade did leave some subtle clues that a part of him knows he is being manipulated and doing things out of his control. He left signs to other superheroes to help him, but everything initially seemed too chaotic.

Miles Morales confronted the delusional Deadpool and lost his head in the process

Deadpool’s killing spree continued, so Captain America advised all masked superheroes to lie low for a while. Jessica Jones and Kate Bishop came to warn Miles Morales that he should be careful and not play a lone hero when anybody could be killed at any point. Miles was even more in danger because they believed Deadpool was targeting anyone with a spider emblem then.

And that theory proved to be correct. Miles’s spider-sense felt the upcoming danger. He warned Jessica and Kate to get themselves to safety. Moments later, Deadpool arrived, riding on a Goblin glider and using the Green Goblin powers. Miles at first thought that it was Peter he was seeing on the glider, but soon realized that was not the case.

Deadpool called Miles a travesty and a failed copy, but in his mind, he believed he was a composite of Spider-Man and Deadpool- a Spider-Pool, fighting against the Spider-Monster. So, Deadpool cut that monster’s head, but in reality, it was not a monster – that was Miles’s head, and he was now dead.


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Jessica Jones and Kate Bishop returned, but they were too late. They found Miles’s head chopped off lying on the ground, and Deadpool was already gone. However, Jessica realized that someone must be backing all of these Deadpool’s atrocities, and it had to be someone with some nasty agenda in mind.

So yes, when Doctor Doom and Red Skull brainwashed Deadpool, many heroes, including Miles Morales, were victims of Wade’s killing spree, and the beloved web-slinger lost his head in the process.

What do you think about Deadool’s actions and how he killed Miles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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