Does Captain Marvel Age or Is She Immortal?

Does Captain Marvel Age or Is She Immortal

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is known to be among the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel comics universe. Due to her Kree-Human physiology, she has access to unimaginable cosmic powers being capable of unleashing destructive energy blasts, healing at incredible paces, and even flying. Much has been written about Captain Marvel’s powers, but one topic rarely discussed is her aging, or more precisely, her lack of aging. Both in the comics and in the MCU, Captain Marvel seemingly hasn’t aged since the day she unlocked her powers. This leads us to question whether Captain Marvel ages or is she immortal?

Captain Marvel is not immortal, but her aging has been significantly slowed down; this is why it appears that she hasn’t aged a day since she gained access to her powers. Due to her alien physiology, Captain Marvel’s lifespan is far longer than that of an average human, and her fast-acting healing factor takes care of any other issues that would have caused her to age rapidly or even get sick and die.

Now that we’ve covered that Captain Marvel is extremely long-lived but not immortal, it’s time to discuss how and why. If you’re interested in learning more about Danvers’ powers, stay with us and keep reading!

Captain Marvel has alien physiology, and this is what separates her from the average human

The MCU and the comics have different origin stories regarding Captain Marvel, but basically, the premise is the same. Captain Marvel is a Kree-human hybrid, and as such, her body can move limits that are unsurpassable for an average human being.

In the comics, Carol is the daughter of Mari-Ell, a former Kree army operative sent to Earth to assimilate into society and give birth to a Kree-Human hybrid. She was successful at the latter but decided to cut contact with her people, leading to extremely traumatic events in Carol’s childhood since her father grew increasingly paranoid with each passing day.

Captain Marvel

Carol never manifested her “Kree” powers until her latent genetic makeup was triggered after being exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron machine fueled by the cosmic Nega-Bands. After that incident, Carol learned that she is a literal powerhouse able to lift more, run faster, endure more damage, fly, and many other things that are not available to regular humans.

Later in the comics, Carol was likewise experimented upon by Brood scientists that physically linked her to primal forces of the universe, allowing her to access and utilize unparalleled sources of divine energy, which she was able to transfer and use as she saw fit. All in all, Carol Danvers has godlike abilities in the comics.


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In the MCU, Carol acquired her powers through different means. She was born a human but gained some portion of the powers when she was exposed to Tesseract’s extraterrestrial power via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine. In the first round, Carol gained her energy-manipulation powers, and those are the powers that fans mostly associated her with. In the second round, following the blood transfusion with the Kree warrior, Yon-Rogg Carol gained her Kree-Human physiology that allowed her to turn into a super soldier, being super strong, super fast, incredibly durable, and able to fly.

Both the comic and the MCU versions of Captain Marvel have one thing in common, they both don’t seem to age at all.

Captain Marvel is long-lived, but she is not immortal

The fact that Captain Marvel ages much more slowly than an average human being is most obvious in the MCU. Since her first appearance on-screen and since she gained her powers, up until the Battle of Earth, her appearance barely changed, and it doesn’t seem like she aged even though three decades have passed between the two events. This gave birth to a load of theories that Captain Marvel is, in fact, immortal, but she isn’t. She is simply extremely long-lived.

Capain Marvel

Her alien physiology slows down the decay of her cells and prevents her from aging in a manner similar to a full-blooded human being. I mean, your anatomy needs to be “re-inforced” in some way if you’re attempting to channel “cosmic” energies, shoot photons out of your hands, and survive the whole ordeal.

Captain Marvel barely aged. Still, there is no official confirmation as to whether she is immortal. It is simply stated that she is long-lived.

Besides, paired with her incredible longevity, Captain Marvel likewise has nearly impenetrable skin. We’ve seen her tanking impossible amounts of Damage in the MCU. She was strong enough to hold Tesseract, and we know that Tesseract melts through steel, which means that Captain Marvel has skin more durable than steel.

Captain Marvel holds tesseract

She also has a rapid healing factor that most likely affects her aging as well since it’s fast enough to repair any damage in a matter of seconds. This fast repair of cells probably slows down her aging quite a bit.

All in all, Captain Marvel is not immortal, but due to her Kree-human hybrid physiology, she will most likely be able to outlive a good portion of the Avengers.

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