10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

One of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe is Captain Marvel. The current bearer of the mantle, Carol Danvers, wasn’t always the esteemed Captain, but Ms. Marvel, which title she passed to Kamala Khan when she gained her Captain Marvel mantle. Over the years of being many different heroes, from Ms. Marvel to Warbird, Carol Danvers finally established herself as Captain Marvel and, on her journey, made many friends.

Both Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe presented Carol as a strong independent woman who wants to protect her loved ones. In this article, we will bring you our picks of the ten best friends of Captain Marvel in MCU and comics.

10. Mar-Vell (MCU)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mar-Vell is a Kree scientist who lives and works on Earth for the U.S. government and is disguised as Wendy Lawson. While working in Air Force, she met Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau, who helped her develop a Light-Speed Engine to help stop the Skrull-Kree War.

She was always encouraging and helpful to Carol and Maria, and despite their working relationship, they became really good friends. Her machine would be essential in settling the war between Kree and Skrull in the Captain Marvel movie.

9. Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Contrary to popular belief, Carol Danvers and Peter Parker were close friends in the comics. It helped that they cooperated a lot over the years during many big events, and both characters relived a few remakes of the characters. In the MCU and some comic book stories, Carol Danvers is much older than Peter Parker, but when Carol was working under the mantle of Ms. Marvel, they were the same age and even went on a date once.


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Nevertheless, both characters are quite close in the comics, and we see Carol and Peter together, we know there will always be fun and good times.

8. Talos (MCU)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Talos is a Skrull general who joined forces with Mar-Vell to save the Skrull refugees from Kree Empire. He is one of the biggest allies to Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because he helped her regain her lost memories of her past life before Kree kidnapped her.

After helping Carol and Fury in the Skrull-Kree war, Talos again appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Fury asked him and his wife Soren to impersonate him and Maria Hill during Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. Nevertheless, Talos will have a huge role in future Marvel projects, and we are sure that we will see Carol Danvers and him again together in action.

7. Jessica Jones (Marvel Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

In this entry, we have Jessica Jones. Most Marvel Cinematic Universe fans don’t know that Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones were established as really good friends in a critically acclaimed comic book storyline Jessica Jones: Alias.

They met when Carol Danvers was working under the mantle of Ms. Marvel, and their dynamic and chemistry were visible from the moment they first interacted with each other. These days, they barely interact, but when they combine Jessica’s street smarts and Carol’s intergalactic knowledge, these make a really interesting duo.

6. Monica Rambeau (MCU)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

In the Captain Marvel movie, Rambeaus and Carol were really close, at times close to being a small family. Of course, when she was a little girl, Monica was really close to Carol Danvers, who mysteriously disappeared in the plane crash. Despite everyone saying she died in the accident, Monica was the only one who refused to believe it happened.

The truth was revealed six years later when Carol, as Vers, returned to Earth with Fury without any memories. Monica is stunned by Carol and her new powers, and after the war between Skrull and Kree has been resolved, Monica says goodbye to her friend and promises they will meet in space again. At the end of Wandavision, now Monica Rambeau with powers, is contacted by a Skrull, who Nick Fury sent to deliver the message – Monica needs to join an important mission in outer space.

5. Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Despite being a huge admirer of Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan is more than that to Carol Danvers. Kamala idolizes Carol and even takes over the mantle of Ms. Marvel, inspired by her. However, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel worked together many times in the comics, and their interactions are always entertaining to witness.


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They did have a falling out during Civil War II, but that helped Kamala mature and realize that her path as a superhero is her own – she needs to stop relying so much on veteran superheroes like Captain Marvel.

We saw Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers having a moment in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next project, Marvels, later in 2023, will finally bring these two great characters on screen together.

4. Nick Fury (MCU)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Nick Fury is essentially Marvel Cinematic Universe; he is the one who started the Avengers protocol and one of the best friends of Carol Danvers. Before Avengers, Nick Fury met Carol Danvers, then Vers, who helped the fight against Kree soldiers. Nick Fury bonded with Carol immediately and even met her closest people, Maria and Monica Rambeau, while establishing the foundations for Avengers.

Even after the Snap, over twenty years later, Carol never forgets about her friend and immediately comes to help Fury when Thanos destroys half of the universe’s population. Their friendship is still strong, and we will see more of them in future Marvel projects.

3. James Rhodes/War-Machine (Marvel Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Rhodey and Carol Danvers have known each other for a really long time in Marvel Comics. These two’s biggest romance was just before the Civil War II storyline. They were an established couple before he died in the battle against Thanos.

Rhodey was a huge catalyst for the start of Civil War II. Captain Marvel, with other superheroes, started preventing dangerous events before they even occurred, based on visions of Ulysses, which enraged Tony Stark, Rhodey’s best friend. Generally, Rhodey and Carol are always quite close, whether platonic or romantic.

2. Maria Rambeau (MCU)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

We already mentioned Maria Rambeau before when we were mentioning Monica. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maria Rambeau is arguably the most important character for Carol Danvers. Their friendship was strong in the Captain Marvel movie, and when the duo teamed up, there wouldn’t be many things stopping them.


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Maria and Monica considered Carol as part of their little family; some fans even speculated that best friends were much more than that. Nevertheless, when Carol returned after six years of absence in space, she lost her memories but eventually regained them with Talos’ and Maria’s help. Maria even helped Carol and Nick Fury settle the Skrull and Kree war and was a big part of that intervention. In MCU, Maria Rambeau is Carol Danvers’ biggest support and the best friend she ever had.

1. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)

10 of Captain Marvel’s Best Friends, Ranked (MCU & Comics)

Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, is one of the best friends of Carol Danvers. The duo was mostly teaming up when Carol worked under Ms. Marvel mantle, and their friendship stems from the 1980s. Of course, as with Peter Parker, Carol, and Jessica were part of the various superhero groups like New Avengers and A-Force, and helped each other multiple times in Marvel Comics.

Carol helped Jessica give birth to her son, and Jessica helped Carol regain her memories. Their relationship is still strong, even after Carol becomes Captain Marvel.

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