Dormammu vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight and Why?

Dormammu vs. Galactus Who Would Win in a Fight and Why
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Dormammu and Galactus are two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, each possessing god-like powers that have the potential to shape reality itself. Dormammu is a powerful demon and ruler of the Dark Dimension, while Galactus is a cosmic entity who consumes entire worlds to sustain his vast energy needs. Who would come out on top in a hypothetical battle between these two titans? We’ve decided to use this opportunity to shed some light when it comes to the outlook of this battle. Having said that, let’s see, in a battle between Dormammu and Galactus, who would win and why?

Galactus would win in a fight against Dormammu. He is simply a more powerful entity whose powers can cross over even to the Dark Dimension ruled solely by Dormammu. The two fought before in the comics, and Galactus easily consumed Dormammu. Dark Dimension does not limit Galactus’ powers, but any other dimension does, in fact, limit Dormammu’s powers. The longer he is outside of his own world, the weaker he is, but as it turns out, it’s possible to defeat him even in Dark Dimension, so this win clearly goes to Galactus. 

Now that we’ve covered that Galactus is more powerful than Dormammu in any scenario, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to analyze both characters’ powers, abilities, strength, and durability, so you can see why Galactus is superior to the Ruler of Dark Dimension. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Dormammu is the strongest while he is inside his own Dark Dimension. He wields powerful mystical energies and easily overpowers even the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe. Inside Dark Dimension, Dormmamu has reality, elemental, and mystical control. He is able to alter objects at the molecular level, and everything he imagines proves to be true. He can utilize astral projection, has a vast army of minions at his disposal, alter his own size, and conjure up powerful blasts made out of pure energy. 

Dormammu wants doctor strange

The only catch is most of his powers are limited to Dark Dimension, meaning that once he finds himself inside our universe, for example, he is significantly weaker. When it comes to other powerful characters in Marvel Universe, it’s obvious that Dormammu would likely be able to beat them due to practically being a god of his own Dimension. However, this turned out not to be true when it comes to Galactus. 

Galactus, a cosmic entity of immense power, satisfies his insatiable hunger by consuming entire planets, which provide him with the vast reserves of energy he requires to survive. He commands the “Power Cosmic,” an infinitely potent source of energy that grants him near-omnipotence. With this power, Galactus can manipulate all forms of energy, including space and time, and his energy blasts are capable of destroying entire universes.

The Power of Galactus

Galactus’s abilities extend far beyond energy manipulation and reality-warping. He can also transmute molecules, altering the structure, shape, and nature of nearly anything, as well as create life, control souls, and even recreate entire planets. This remarkable power makes him nearly invincible and virtually omnipotent, with only a select few capable of facing him in battle without suffering defeat.

Dormammu and Galactus might be equals in theory when it comes to energy projection. However, in practice, this turned out to be false. Even in Dark Dimension, Galactus’ powers are nearly-limitless, and he can easily overpower Dormammu. 

Points: Galactus(1:0) Dormammu


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Strength and Stamina 

Dormammu can lift well over 100 tons like most other cosmic entities inside his Dimension and empowered by his vast mystical powers. Due to his nature, he as well has nearly unlimited amounts of stamina at his disposal. Even if he runs out of fuel, he can easily absorb his Dark Dimension energies or any type of energy directed his way in fact. 

Dormammu lifts hulk

Galactus, like Dormammu, can lift well over 100 tons. His strength is possibly immeasurable. Galactus is strongest when he is well fed, so his physical strength depends on his current hunger state. The same goes for stamina. To keep his powers at the highest levels possible, Galactus must constantly consume planets. 

Galactus throw thor

The fight between Dormammu and Galactus wouldn’t be physical in nature due to the potential of both entities to reach unlimited strength. Due to this, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Galactus(2:1) Dormammu


Dormammu has teleportation and flying at his disposal, he can likewise reach supersonic speed while flying, and with portals, he can traverse cosmic distances in a matter of seconds. His mystical powers allow him to move at mind-blowing speeds both in combat and outside of it. 

Dormammu speed

Galactus is so fast that he resembles a shooting star while traveling across space to search for planets to devour. Like Dormammu, he can use teleports and fly at speeds massively faster than light and is incredibly fast in combat and outside of it. He, however, rarely needs to resort to using his full speed since he rarely needs to resort to mere fistfights. 

Both Dormammu and Galactus are capable of teleporting with nothing but thoughts, and in combat, they would likely utilize this power. The point goes to both of them. 

Points: Galactus(3:2) Dormammu


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Dormammu cannot be hurt through conventional means. Since he is a being made out of pure mystical energy, he can turn intangible at any moment, thus eliminating the option of being hurt by conventional weapons and raw strength. He is immortal and highly resistant to damage. However, it’s possible to devour him in his energy form, which is exactly what Galactus did. 

Galactus durability

Galactus’ strong will doesn’t allow him to die. He can reform himself after dying, completely heal any damage sustained, and have managed to live and recover from some of the most devastating blows in the Marvel Universe. Even though it’s possible to kill Galactus because he is a cosmic constant, it’s only a matter of time before he returns. He is highly invulnerable to most forms of damage, aging, and dying from natural causes. 

Galactus and Dormammu cannot be permanently dealt with, but since Galactus managed to absorb Dormammu, I’m confident the durability point goes to him.

Points: Galactus(4:2) Dormammu


Dormammu is highly intelligent. Being alive for millions of years, he accumulated a vast knowledge of mystical energies. He claims he is omniscient but has no evidence to support his claims. Still, the fact that Dormammu outsmarts 99 % of the Marvel Universe still stands. He is a god of his own Dimension, thus capable of rewriting reality as he sees fit. 


Even if Dormammu is not omniscient, Galactus is. He achieved cosmic awareness. He can understand even the most bizarre phenomena he encounters on his travels. Galactus is considered to be among the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, and his knowledge of technology, natural laws, reality, past, present, and future is unparalleled. 

Galactus intelligence

Points: Galactus(5:2) Dormammu

Combat Skills 

Dormammu is considered to be a master martial artist when it comes to a specific type of extra-dimensional fighting. It’s unknown whether he excels in other forms of combat, but he can decently stand his ground in hand-to-hand combat even when not empowered by mystical energies. 

Galactus, on the other hand, has no formal training in combat, and quite frankly, he doesn’t have to rely on armed or unarmed combat to get what he wants. With many other powers at his disposal, he doesn’t have to count on his combat skills. If Galactus and Dormammu fight without their superhuman powers and abilities, the fight would likely go in Dormammu’s favor. 

Points: Galactus(5:3) Dormammu


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Dormammu vs. Galactus: Who is more powerful, and who wins? 

Galactus is more powerful than Dormammu and would likely best him in a one-on-one battle. Dormammu is extremely powerful and capable of manipulating reality inside his own dimension. However, not even this ultimate control saved him from Galactus’ wrath. Galactus could assume full control of his abilities, even the Dark Dimension, and promptly defeated Dormammu. In terms of raw powers, Galactus wins every time. 

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