Ghost Rider vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight?


We’ve made plenty of vs. posts in the past, most including some of the most skilled and resourceful superheroes in the comics world. Today, however, we’re dealing with two entities that operate on a completely different scale: Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Galactus. One is a Spirit of Vengeance capable of extreme soul manipulation, and the other is a cosmic being that devours planets to sustain himself. Who would win if it ever came to a battle between Ghost Ride and Galactus? 

Galactus would win in a fight against Ghost Rider. Even though both have somewhat unlimited power and can be considered immortal, Galactus’ powers are on a completely different level. He is vastly more powerful than Ghost Rider. Even when he experiences death, he is capable of resurrecting himself. Galactus is also faster and more intelligent than Ghost Rider and has more powerful weapons at his disposal.

Now that you have the short answer, it’s time to analyze this battle of cosmic proportions in a bit more depth. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Galactus’ stats are all maxed out. Since he needs to devour planets to sustain himself, it’s obvious that he has at his disposal an unseen amount of power. He commands “Power Cosmic,” aka “source of limitless cosmic energy .”With it, he is capable of unimaginable things. He is near-omnipotent, nigh-omniscient, he can manipulate all known forms of energy (even souls), and with his Ultimate Nullifier, he is even capable of existence erasure. His space-time and gravity manipulation abilities help him with his primary tasks.

Empowered with Power Cosmic, he is capable of devouring a multiverse. He is rightfully known as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Most commonly, he is ranked as being below in terms of power to the beings that constitute the fabric of existence as we know it, such as the Living Tribunal, Eternity, and Infinity, but is around the same level of power to Celestials, Zeus, Odin, and the likes. Although it’s important to mention that he was able to take on Celestials and Odin, he only managed to be defeated when Celestials were forced to fuse together. 


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Ghost Rider, on the other hand, is an individual who the Spirit of Vengeance possessed. As a divine entity, Ghost Rider is capable of extreme soul manipulation. His signature abilities are Penance Stare, the ability to punish any individual or entity via reflecting their sins and grievances back at them, and Hellfire manipulation. Hellfire has the ability to burn most material beings and entities as well as their souls. Ghost Rider is also capable of mind control, resurrection, telepathy, and many other abilities associated with the mystical and spirit domains. His trademark ability, the Penance Stare, however, wouldn’t work against Galactus. 

Galactus doesn’t have a soul, and if he had, the Penance Stare wouldn’t work on him since Galactus is devouring planets to survive and hence is freed from all the guilt. It’s not that he doesn’t feel guilty. It’s that you can’t hold him accountable for something that is deeply ingrained in his nature. He’s not going out of his way to wreak misery through the cosmos. It’s something he was created to do to maintain the balance of the universe. Due to Ghost Rider’s most powerful ability failing on Galactus, it’s safe to say that Galactus’ near-omnipotent abilities vastly overpower anything that Ghost Rider can throw at him. 

Points: Ghost Rider (0:1) Galactus

Strength and Stamina 

Galactus is capable of lifting well over 100 tons. He can also increase this number with his abilities, so it’s not really clear how much he can lift, but the number is probably immeasurable. Besides, he has enough “manipulation” powers to just manipulate time and space around the object or create a wormhole near it and instantly teleport it to himself. He also has infinite reserves of stamina if properly fed. 

Due to his many powers and abilities, Galactus rarely relies on his strenght in combat. 

Ghost Rider can lift up to 25 tons, but due to the divine nature of his powers, this number can increase as well to immeasurable length. His stamina reserves are also near-limitless, and like Galactus, in most cases, he doesn’t have to rely on physical strenght to get things done. Since strength is really not the focus of their powers, both get the point in this category. 

Ghost Rider managed to destroy a Himalayan Mountain

Point: Ghost Rider (1:2) Galactus


Galactus is capable of achieving massively faster-than-light speed and is capable of flying at faster-than-light speeds as well. But again, like with strenght, he really doesn’t need to rely on his speed since he can teleport himself with a mere thought. He can open dimensional portals and rarely has to rely on moving. 


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Ghost Rider is capable of achieving supersonic speed, and in some instances, he can achieve speeds faster than the speed of light. His speed is further enhanced with his Hellcyle. What’s more interesting is that Ghost Rider can also open dimensional portals. But his power is vastly inferior to Galactus. In this category, Galactus is the clear winner. 

Point: Ghost Rider (1:3) Galactus


This was the most interesting aspect of both entities to analyze since both Galactus and Ghost Rider are nearly impossible to kill. Galactus is immune to most forms of damage if not all. Thor took him down, but he rarely stays dead for a long time since he is capable of healing himself after sustaining completely annihilating injuries. His will to survive is so great he can bring himself to life, and death might not be able to “reap” him. He has the ability of molecular restructuring, which means that he can re-arrange atoms of almost anything and thus can bring himself to life easily, even if he sustains serious damage. 

As Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider is immune to most, if not all, types of damage. He can really only be harmed with holy weapons. Even exorcism won’t work on him. As soon as the transformation happens, his flesh and other tissues are melted off, revealing an incredibly durable skeleton immune to most forms of damage. It’s not known what effects he would suffer if Galactus were to use existence erasure on him. Due to being incredibly sturdy, both get the point here.  

Point: Ghost Rider (2:4) Galactus


Galactus has cosmic awareness, and his intelligence and understanding of the universe are well beyond the scope of most beings and entities in the universe. This category goes to Galactus, almost uncontested, since Ghost Rider is above-average when it comes to intelligence at best. He has a vast knowledge of the occult and can learn things about other people through his power, but it still can’t measure up to Galactus’s deep understanding of reality and all processes contained within. 

Point: Ghost Rider (2:5) Galactus


Galactus’ most famous weapon is the Ultimate Nullifier. It’s perhaps one of the most powerful weapons in existence since it can completely erase the target from existence. Hell, Ultimate Nullifier can erase Galactus out of existence, so it’s safe to say we’re going to run into something more powerful than this. 

Ghost Rider has several pieces of equipment at his disposal, but most notably, he uses Hellcycle, a motorcycle imbued with hellfire that increases his speed significantly. He often wields a hellfire-imbued chain as well called Mystic Chain. Mystic Chain is capable of cutting through almost anything and can grow if the need for it arises. 

Since this isn’t the contest on who has the cooler toys, I think the Ultimate Nullifier takes this point. 

Point: Ghost Rider (2:6) Galactus


And now, the last thing we will measure is Galactus’s and Ghost Rider’s weaknesses. 

Galactus truly has only one notable weakness, if he fails to devour enough planets, he will starve, and this can even lead to his death. If he is starved enough, he losses most of his powers and is significantly weakened. Depending on his state of hunger, if he is hungry enough, he can be taken down by… almost anybody. It will be hard to top the weakness of this scale as powerful beings are normally not so dependent on “caloric intake.” 

Ghost Rider can be harmed effectively only by holy and blessed weapons. He can also be separated from his host, and although nothing would happen to Spirit of Vengeance, he would be unable to manifest in our plane of existence for a time until he manages to locate a new host. 

Both weaknesses are significant, but it’s a bit easier to find heavenly weapons than to starve Galactus, so this point goes to him. 

Point: Ghost Rider (2:7) Galactus


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Ghost Rider vs. Galactus: Who would win? 

It’s clear that Galactus overpowers Ghost Rider in almost any category. Ghost Rider is a being imbued with unseen amounts of power, but it’s nothing against Galactus’ cosmic arsenal. One more thing that it’s important to mention is the fact that the most powerful version of Ghost Rider is Cosmic Ghost Rider – Herald of Galactus. This means that at his strongest, Ghost Rider has only a fraction of Galactus’ true power. This is a clear landslide win in favor of Galactus.

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