High Evolutionary vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight?


Marvel Universe is home to countless powerful beings. Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, is known for his cosmic powers and abilities to destroy entire planets. High Evolutionary was born without inherent powers but developed godlike abilities through wit and technology. The two fought in the comics before, with High Evolutionary being on the losing side. Still, we’ve decided to use this opportunity to analyze both characters with a fresh pair of eyes. Due to that, when it comes to a battle between High Evolutionary and Galactus, who would win? 

Galactus would win in a battle against High Evolutionary. He is stronger, has Power Cosmic on his side, and can move vastly faster than High Evolutionary, and overall, Galactus was created to be a cosmic constant. There’s not that much that High Evolutionary can do about it. The two fought before, and while it’s certainly commendable and impressive that High Evolutionary managed to stand his ground for a time, the outcome was rather predictable since only a few beings in the Marvel Universe can face Galactus and win. 

Now that we’ve covered that High Evolutionary would be again on the losing end, it’s time to see why. We’re going to analyze both characters’ strengths, powers, abilities, and durability and bring you an objective conclusion. Stay with us if you’re interested in how the fight would play out!

Powers and abilities

Galactus uses entire planets to sate his everlasting hunger. Only planets can sustain his vast reserves of energy at his disposal. Galactus commands the so-called “Power Cosmic.” This is an infinitely powerful source of power that gives Galactus the status of a nearly omnipotent being. Galactus can manipulate all known forms of energy, including time and space. His energy blasts are capable of destroying the universe. He can absorb and project energy at an unseen level, alter his size at will, and create impenetrable force fields if needed.

Besides his energy blasts and reality-warping skills, Galactus can likewise restructure and transmute molecules. This means that he can change the structure, shape, and nature of almost anything. He can create life, control souls, and can recreate entire planets. In short, Galactus is close to omnipotent, and only a few can face him in a battle without losing. 

High Evolutionary was born as a scientist going by the name Herbert Wyndham. He originally had no superpowers save for his incredible intelligence and interest in evolution and genetics. Eventually, over time, High Evolutionary evolved himself and developed incredible technology that bestowed powers upon him. Today, High Evolutionary is far from the original human being that he once was and has nearly godlike powers.

He can project extremely powerful blasts and plasm beams. He can increase his size in combat (like he did in the comic fight against Galactus), and he can, like Galactus, modify living beings and create altogether different species. He can dabble in genetic code and leave his human form if he so wishes. Besides all that, High Evolutionary is a powerful telepath with vast psionic abilities at his disposal. 

High Evolutionary and Galactus have similar goals and similar powers in one aspect, but Galactus’ Power Cosmic trumps intelligence and technology any day. The point goes to Devourer of Worlds. 

Points: Galactus(1:0) High Evolutionary 


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Strength and Stamina 

In terms of strength, High Evolutionary is nothing special. Of course, this depends on his form and size, but on average, he can lift up 200 lbs, which is not much. He can likewise use telekinesis to move an object and utilize his technology, but in terms of raw strength, High Evolutionary is nowhere near the strongest character in Marvel Universe

Galactus, on the other hand, has immeasurable strength at his disposal. He can easily lift 100 tons and surpass it without blinking. He can likewise use Power Cosmic to imbue himself with additional strength. If he happens upon something that he cannot lift and move, he can simply warp the space-time around it. 

The fight between Galactus and High Evolutionary would be a fight of wits. Still, Galactus vastly outclasses him in terms of strength. 

Points: Galactus(2:0) High Evolutionary 


High Evolutionary can reach blinding speed with his technology, but besides that, he has nothing that resembles the speed of light. In terms of combat, High Evolutionary is not that fast, but he can teleport easily when it comes to traversing cosmic distances. 


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Galactus can travel and fly at the speed of light. He can reach speeds that are even massively faster than light and can move from one faraway corner of the universe to the other in a few moments. This is why he resembles a shooting star while traveling through space and bends space-time around him. Still, due to his ability to open portals and teleport himself with a mere thought, he rarely needs to use his full potential in terms of speed. Still, the fact remains that he is massively faster than High Evolutionary. 

Points: Galactus(3:0) High Evolutionary 


High Evolutionary’s advanced armor is equipped with Evolutionary Accelerator, which allows him to evolve at will and Reconstitution Protocol which has a copy of his DNA and genes and can rebuild him inside the suit from even the most drastic damage. High Evolutionary evolved himself way past dying. He can sustain incredible damage and be rebuilt even after suffering massive organ damage or complete body destruction. He can be considered to be immortal in some aspects, as he transcended the need for a physical body in some way. 

Galactus like High Evolutionary can sustain even the most lethal and devastating injuries. He can heal himself even after he dies due to his strong will, which makes even death unable to claim his soul completely. He can use his power of molecular restructuring to rearrange his atoms and completely heal sustained damage. Thor managed to defeat Galactus but won’t stay dead for long. Galactus can be considered to be one of the cosmic constants. He is necessary for keeping the balance in the universe. Therefore it’s only a matter of time before he returns. 

Both Galactus and High Evolutionary are almost impossible to kill. The point goes to both. 

Points: Galactus(4:1) High Evolutionary 


One of the most important things regarding High Evolutionary is the fact that he is a super genius. Even inside his human body, with his normal brain structure, he was incredibly smart and unlocked the secrets of evolution and genetics. We’re now way past that, and High Evolutionary evolved himself numerous times throughout his existence and is capable of processing information at unprecedented speed. He developed powerful and devastating technologies. He created several species and often meddled in the processes of natural evolution. Often testing his theories on alien worlds. 

Even though High Evolutionary is a super genius, Galactus one-ups him once again. Galactus is omniscient. In short, it means that he knows everything. He has an incredible level of cosmic awareness, intelligence, and comprehension of everything that vastly surpasses the vast majority of other cosmic beings and entities. He is considered among the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe. Reed Richards has acknowledged that he cannot fully understand even the simplest technology found within Galactus’ Worldship Taa II.

Points: Galactus(5:1) High Evolutionary 

Combat Skills 

High Evolutionary and Galactus have laughably bad combat skills compared to the rest of their powers and abilities. Still, then again, they don’t have to rely on physical aspects of their existence to get things done when they’re capable of doing so much more with their raw power. Due to extremely underdeveloped combat skills on account of both of them, neither gets the point.

Points: Galactus(5:1) High Evolutionary 


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Galactus vs. High Evolutionary who is more powerful, and who wins? 

Galactus pretty much outclasses High Evolutionary when it comes to every single stat except for durability and combat skills. He has more powers, more diverse powers. He is stronger, faster, and more intelligent. Nothing that High Evolutionary has at his disposal can counter Power Cosmic, so Galactus would once again prove victorious, just like he was in their comic fight.

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