Dormammu vs Thanos: Who Wins the Fight & How?

Dormammu vs Thanos Who Wins the Fight How

Both Dormammu and Thanos are considered to be top-tier threats in the Marvel Universe and have proven time and time again that they have unimaginable power at their disposal. Dormammu is the Ruler of the Dark Dimension, his own pocket Universe, and Thanos is an Eternal-Deviant hybrid that provides him with far more power than is necessary. So, the fight would between the two would be extremely interesting. We decided to stage a hypothetical fight between the two to see who would come out on to. Now, without further ado, let’s see when it comes to a battle between Thanos and Dormammu, who is more powerful and would win in a fight? 

Dormammu is more powerful than Thanos and would win a fight against him. Dormammu has a more versatile power set. He is far stronger and far more durable than Thanos. If Thanos somehow manages to drag Dormammu out of his Dark Dimension, he stands the chance of winning. However, if Thanos were to fight Dormammu in the Dark Dimension, not even Infinity Stones would be able to secure him the win in this fight due to the fact that Infinity Stones don’t work outside of their native Universe. 

Now that we’ve covered who would end up victorious, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. We’re going to compare the powers, abilities, strength, speed, and other attributes of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Powers and abilities

Dormammu is at his strongest while inside his own Universe – the Dark Dimension. He ruled the place since time immemorial and basically can rearrange the place with a single thought alone. Dormammu has elemental control. He controls all forms of energy inside the Dimension. He can alter objects at a molecular level and utilize astral projection to reaffirm his omniscient presence.

Dormammu wants doctor strange

Dormamu also has vast magical potential, which is why he often clashes with Earth’s most powerful magic users. Simply put, Dormammu is omnipotent inside his own Universe, and this appears to be a great weakness for him, however. Once outside his own Dimension, Dormammu is significantly weaker. But overall, he is considered to be more powerful than Lucifer, Marduk, Mephisto, and Satannish, all beings of unimaginable power. 

Thanos needs no introduction. He is the most popular Eternal/Deviant hybrid in the Marvel Universe and, as such, has powers that Eternals and Deviants on their own lack.

Most fans usually associate Thanos with raw Brawling, but he is a true powerhouse in every sense of the word. Thanos can manipulate almost all forms of energy and utilize this in both offensive and defensive ways. For example, he can project energy blasts or use them to create a barrier around himself. He can also manipulate souls and minds, and he does it often. 

Thanos has infrared heat and disruptor beams that he usually projects from his eyes. His offensive abilities proved over time powerful enough to be able to knock down Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, and even Galactus proved to be weak for his energy blasts. 

He is also among the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe and has, in several instances, proved to be moderately skilled when it comes to molecular manipulation. Thanos often dabbles in magic, especially curses, and has been known at times to manipulate elements to a great extent. 

Thanos Energy blast vs galactus

So it’s pretty clear from everything stated above that both Thanos and Dormammu are versatile and dangerous. Now there is a catch here, however. Dormammu is omnipotent basically, but only in his own Universe. Due to Thanos’ intelligence, I have no doubt that he would be able to somehow fool Dormammu into leaving his safe space and would be able to meet him on equal ground in his own Universe, where Dormammu’s powers are significantly decreased. This is why the first point goes to both of them, 

Points: Thanos(1:1) Dormammu


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Strength and Stamina 

Dormammu is in the highest strength category meaning that he can lift well over 100 tons because his potential is unlimited. This makes sense because he has enough juice to make strength a completely meaningless concept inside his own Universe. Dormammu also has limitless stamina at his disposal.

Dormammu lifts hulk

He can always absorb his Dimension’s dark energies if he needs fuel, his physiology is nowhere near that of humans, so the usual concepts of fatigue don’t really apply here. 

Thanos is in the same strength category as Dormammu, meaning he has infinite potential in lifting. But, he doesn’t have the infinite stamina as Dormammu. Thanos’ body still produces fatigue toxins, although much fewer than your regular human. He can fight for weeks or months straight, but he will eventually run out of fuel, especially in a fight against a powerful entity such as Dormammu.

Thanos punches through War Machine

Dormammu wins this point because of stamina and energy source. 

Points: Thanos(1:2) Dormammu


Dormammu can move at speeds faster than light both inside and outside of combat. He can also teleport and open portals, which means that vast cosmic distances mean little to him. 

Dormammu speed

Thanos’s estimated speed is to be 700 miles per hour, although there were several instances in comics that proved that he could move faster than light while flying. Like Dormammu, Thanos has portals and teleportation at his disposal, but those aren’t really that useful in combat. Thanos’ reflexes and reaction times are also greatly enhanced both due to his physiology and centuries of training. 

Thanos catches Iron Heart

Thanos is fast, but Dormammu is faster. This point goes to the Ruler of the Dark Dimension. 

Points: Thanos(1:3) Dormammu


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Dormammu doesn’t have a physical form, so to speak, he was created out of pure mystical energy, and this means several things. First, he cannot be harmed with regular weapons or even regular powers. Second, he can pack quite a punch but turn intangible at any moment. Third, Dormammu is immortal. Galactus, however, figured out that Dormammu can be drained just like any other form of energy. 

Thanos is also considered immortal, but in different ways, he has been barred from dying in the past, and he could be able to resurrect himself by his pure willpower if he were to die due to being an aspect of Death in the Universe.

Thanos durable

However, he is nowhere near as invulnerable as Dormammu. Sure, Thanos has his Eternal/Deviant physiology, but he can still be hurt, there aren’t plenty of objects, weapons, or powers that can hurt him or make him bleed, but it’s relatively easier than it is to physically hurt Dormammu. 

We don’t have a clue whether Thanos has energy-manipulating powers sufficient enough to tamper with Dormammu’s energy form, and due to this, this point goes to Dormammu. 

Points: Thanos(1:4) Dormammu


Dormammu is extremely intelligent and had a lot of time to accumulate his current knowledge. He claims he is omniscient but has no evidence to support his claims. Still, the fact that Dormammu outsmarts 99 % of the Marvel Universe still stands.


He is a god of his own Dimension, thus capable of rewriting reality as he sees fit. But the fact that he was outsmarted by lower-tier characters in the past doesn’t really reflect well on his supposed intelligence. 

Thanos is a super genius through and through, and intelligence is his most dangerous weapon, as he is often counted among Marvel’s smartest characters. Thanos is cunning, cold, calculating, and analytical. He’s had numerous inventions over the years and plans almost as diabolical as Dormmamu.

He has lived for millennia and managed to amass tons of experience both related to science and combat. He created entire races, culled various civilizations, located the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, and fought on par with the most powerful beings. 

Thanos Intelligence

If there is a secret out there, with much power involved, you can bet that Thanos will uncover it, as he often works in the shadows. Thanos is abhorred primarily because of his ruthlessness, intelligence, and sense of superiority surrounding him. 

When it comes to official classification, Dormammu and Thanos are basically at the same intelligence level, but I’ve decided to award this point to Thanos because he has better feats in this aspect. 

Points: Thanos(2:4) Dormammu

Combat Skills 

Dormammu is considered to be a master martial artist when it comes to a specific type of extra-dimensional fighting. It’s unknown whether he excels in other forms of combat, but he can decently stand his ground in hand-to-hand combat even when not empowered by mystical energies. 

Thanos doesn’t have to stoop to using his physical abilities often due to the various destructive powers he has at his disposal, but he is known to be among the greatest armed and unarmed fighters in the Marvel comics.

Thanos vs. Ronan

This is because he started training at a really early age and has millennia of experience fighting. Thanos is especially dangerous with his double-bladed sword, which was his most iconic MCU weapon. 

Considering everything, both Dormammu and Thanos are decent combatants, but both also have plenty of other, better powers to fight with. This point goes to both of them. 

Points: Thanos(3:4) Dormammu


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Thanos vs. Dormammu, who is more powerful? 

Both Dormammu and Thanos are multiversal threats, but Dormammu seems to be the bigger and more powerful threat between the two of them. Dormammu is basically omnipotent while inside his own Dimension and has the potential to simply erase Thanos from existence.

He is more resilient, can fight longer, and is far more durable than Thanos. The situation would be different if Thanos and Dormammu were to fight outside of the Dark Dimension since Thanos would have a chance of winning due to Dormammu’s severely weakened state. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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