Captain Marvel vs. Thanos: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

Captain Marvel vs. Thanos Who Is Stronger Who Would Win

Both Captain Marvel and Thanos are freaks of nature. Their unique physiologies provide them with a plethora of powers otherwise unavailable to most superpowered characters in Marvel Comics. Thanos an Eternal-Deviant hybrid, something that his own visual appearance reminds him of every day. And Carol Danvers is a Kree-human hybrid and has access to mindblowing cosmic powers. This is why we decided to stage a hypothetical fight between the two, to see who would fare better. When it comes to a fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos, who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Thanos is stronger than Captain Marvel and would ultimately win this fight. He has more versatile powers and basically overpowers her when it comes to physical aspects. He is stronger, more durable, more intelligent, and overall better combatant, willing to be ruthless and employ unholy techniques to dominate his opponents. Captain Marvel is stronger, but she is yet to take down the Mad Titan. 

Now that we’ve covered that Captain Marvel stands little chance when it comes to a fight with Thanos, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to explore the powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability of bother character, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

It’s not a myth that Thanos has been at the center of the most destructive events in the Marvel Comics universe, as he is an antithesis to life itself, and it’s all due to his unique nature as an Eternal-Deviant hybrid.

Due to this, he is known to be among the most powerful characters in Marvel Universe. Thanos has vast and versatile powers, focused both on offense and defense. He can manipulate several forms of energy. He can manipulate souls and minds. 

If it’s needed, he can project concussive force, infrared heat beams, and disruptor beams from his eyes. He can also form powerful energy shields, barriers, and force fields, capable of knocking down the likes of the Hulk and Thor and defeating multiple Silver Surfer incarnations with a single blast. His energy-projection powers are potent. He once managed to blast Galactus from his feet. Thanos is also a powerful telepath. He also has weak to moderate powers when it comes to molecular manipulation.

Thanos Energy blast vs galactus

At times, Thanos is known to dabble in magic, and on several occasions, he was known to manipulate elements. And this is without taking Infinity Gauntlet into account, and we won’t consider Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet since he would be able to steamroll basically anyone, and that’s not very interesting. 

Captain Marvel is only half-human, and her other Kree half is truly extraordinary, although her most powerful abilities are actually a product of the Brood experimenting on her. Captain Marvel is attuned to the cosmic forces of the Universe, and she is most notable for projecting blasts of photic and cosmic energy, lighting up the sky like a supernova.

captain marvel photon blast

With her cosmic energy manipulation skills, she can manifest items, weapons, and just about anything you can imagine with nothing but the power of her own though. If it’s needed, Danvers can utilize cosmic energy to project various shields and barriers around her. 

Based on everything, Thanos has a far more versatile power set than Captain Marvel, and due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Captain Marvel (0:1) Thanos


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Strength and stamina 

Thanos can easily lift up to 100 tons and beyond. This is due to the unique physiology that gives him unimaginable strength, and he can further enhance himself through supernatural means and cybernetic implants. The full extent of his strength is not exactly known. We know that he is definitely not as strong as Hulk, but he can vastly overpower most other characters. 

Thanos punches through War Machine

Thanos also has limitless stamina at his disposal. He produces next-to-nothing fatigue toxins and is capable of fighting for a long time without getting tired, possibly for days or months. 

Captain Marvel is no slouch. She can lift up to 75 tons on average, although she has several feats in the comics that attribute much larger lifting power to her. She often wrestles with celestial beings and even celestial objects. 

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

Captain Marvel also has amazing stamina and can exert herself at maximum limit for a long time before she starts feeling the effects of fatigue. Naturally, her projecting powers drain her stamina more than physical feats. 

Captain Marvel has godlike strength, but she is not stronger than Thanos. The point goes to him. 

Points: Captain Marvel (0:2) Thanos


It is estimated that Thanos moves at speeds up to 700 miles per hour, although he was seen flying through space with speeds that vastly surpass the speed of light. Thanos can fly, teleport, and open portals, but he also has impressive combat speeds meaning that his reflexes, movements, and reaction times are lightning-fast.  

Thanos catches Iron Heart

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, travels at supersonic speeds. She is so fast that she often resembles a falling start while flying. It can be hard to keep up with Danvers in combat as she can often move faster than the human eyes can see, and she excels at blitzing other characters. Her speeds are kicked up a notch when she is in her Binary form.

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

Captain Marvel should, in theory, be faster than Thanos, but since he managed to react to her hits in the comics appropriately and even counter them, both get the point. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:3) Thanos


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Thanos is, in a philosophical sense, immortal, as he was both barred from dying, and it is assumed that he will eventually return even after he dies, but we’re not interested in philosophy currently. We’re interested in how much damage he can tank before he dies. Thanos, due to his physiology, has extra durable skin, it’s rare that a weapon comes close to piercing it, but if it does, Thanos’ healing factor is so fast even the most severe damage is repaired within a few moments. 

Thanos durable

He has withstood, at point-blank range, planet-destroying attacks without any harm, dealt to him by the likes of Odin, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Black Bolt, and the other similar powerhouses from the Marvel Universe. 

Captain Marvel also has amazing durability, dealing with cosmic powers. It’s no wonder that she can tank unclear detonations and the like. She is not fully immortal like Thanos, but she ages slower and can tank decent amounts of damage before getting too weak and injured to fight. Captain Marvel is almost impossible to kill, and it would take a pretty massive discharge of cosmic damage to come near damaging her.

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

Like Thanos, Captain Marvel also has a fast-acting healing factor, which repairs most damage allowing her to get in the fight pretty quickly. 

Thanos has proven a lot more durable over the years. When we take into account how much damage is needed to deal with Captain Marvel and to deal with Thanos effectively, the winner is clear.

Points: Captain Marvel (1:4) Thanos


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The fact that Thanos is among the smartest characters in Marvel is not a myth, as most of what he has accomplished is through intelligence and careful planning. Thanos boasts a super genius level of intelligence. He is cunning, cold, and analytical and always approaches problems with curiosity. He has lived for millennia and managed to amass tons of experience both related to science and combat. 

Thanos Intelligence

He created entire races, culled various civilizations, located the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, and fought on par with the most powerful beings. If there is a secret out there, with much power involved, you can bet that Thanos will uncover it, as he often works in the shadows. Thanos is abhorred primarily because of his ruthlessness, intelligence, and the sense of superiority surrounding him. 

Even when she was a mere human, Captain Marvel was quite skilled, accomplished, and ambitious. She is a driven and ambitious person that was tackling danger even before she attained her superhuman abilities. She is quite a proficient spy. She is a brilliant author and one of the most skilled pilots in the comics. Due to her military training and her Kree knowledge, she is among the most capable tacticians in Marvel Comics. Her knowledge of Kree technology likewise gives her an edge. 

Thanos almost wins in this category, as no amount of ambition can surpass Thanos’ raw intellect. This point goes to Mad Titan. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:5) Thanos

Combat Skills 

Thanos doesn’t have to stoop to using his physical abilities often due to the various destructive powers he has at his disposal, but he is known to be among the greatest armed and unarmed fighters in the Marvel comics. This is because he started training at a really early age and has millennia of experience fighting.

Thanos vs Anihilus

Captain Marvel, on the hand, did receive formal military training. She is an exceptional fighter, probably among the best in Marvel Comics Universe. She is quite skilled in various fighting techniques and even in hand-to-hand combat. Most of the time, she is faster and stronger than her opponents, and her knowledge of tactics and warfare usually means that she is prepared for all possible outcomes.

Captain Marvel vs Thanos

Both Captain Marvel and Thanos are exceptional fighters, but Thanos gets this point due to his experience and knowledge of martial arts, which are far superior to the ones she was exposed to. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:6) Thanos


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Captain Marvel vs. Thanos: Who wins?

Based on everything, Thanos surpasses Captain Marvel in almost all aspects, and it is not surprising considering that he is a multiversal threat, even without Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is simply stronger, more powerful, and more durable and can counter everything that Captain Marvel throws at him. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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