Drake Rodger Wants To Play Nightwing in Gunn’s DCU:” I Bought Kali Sticks”


Recently we’ve reported on the rumors of how the live-action ‘Teen Titans’ movie is in development and those rumors were confirmed to be true with the writer already picked to write the movie.

Ana Nogueira, who is already working on ‘Supergirl: the Woman of Tomorrow’ was hired to pen the project. The movie is reportedly set to begin production in late 2025.

We already covered tons of young actors who expressed significant interest in the roles, such as ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’s’ Ian Ousley who stated he would like to play Beast Boy, and ‘Shazam’s’ Asher Angel who recently teased the role of Nightwing via Social Media.

Now one more actor has expressed interest in playing Nightwing, ‘The Winchesters’ star Drake Rodger. The actor claims that Nightwing is a dream role for him and hopes to at least get an audition, he stated that he already has the necessary equipment.

My dream role is to play Nightwing in the DC Universe. I wanted to play him for so long. In fact, I actually, like 3 years ago, bought Kali sticks, and I’ve been learning just how to use those, just as like a little push forward. But, fingers crossed that I at least have the opportunity to audition for it in James Gunn’s universe.

Before starring in ‘The Winchesters,’ Rodger gained recognition for his roles as Judd in ‘The In Between’ (2022), Zack Harris in ‘Murder RX’ (2020), and Conor in ‘Not Alone’ (2021).

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