‘Shazam!’ Actor Teases New Role in the DCU

Shazam Actor Teases New Role in The DCU

‘Shazam!’ released in 2019 was a highly praised lighthearted movie focusing on a superhero of the same name. While the grown-up version of Shazam was played by Zachary Levi, the teenage version of Billy Batson was played by Asher Angel.

Asher recently commented how the third movie was in the plans before ‘Shazam! 2’ has flopped and DCEU was revamped into the newly established DCU.

Now it seems that Asher has scored something else entirely, within this new cinematic universe as the actor recently published a Nightwing gif on his social media. As remained, James Gunn recently also teased the superhero within his new franchise, and Asher himself is a frequent fan-cast for the role.

We don’t know whether Nightwing is planned to be included in the upcoming live-action ‘Teen Titans’ movie or whether he will be making an appearance sooner than we think. In any case, Asher is just one more actor rumored to make the jump from DCEU to DCU. Recently, it’s been discussed that Jason Momoa will abandon the role of Aquaman in favor of playing Lobo. Xolo Maridueña is also set to reprise his role as Blue Beetle according to Gunn’s own statements.

The whole cast of ‘Peacemaker’ is also set to return as the second season of the show will be canon to the DCU, as well as some parts of ‘Suicide Squad.’

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