Top 5 Elemental Characters In Comics: Wind, Ice, Fire, Earth, and Water

Elemental Characters

Top 5 Elemental Characters In Comics: Wind, Ice, Fire, Earth, and Water

When you think of elemental characters in comics you probably automatically think of heroes that are able to control weather or elements like fire, ice etc. Me too. It got me thinking about who are my Top 5 favorite characters in that area. 


Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm, is the essence of what an elemental mutant is able to do. She has the ability to control every aspect of Mother Nature’s wrath. This, of course, includes rain, lightning, snow, fog, hail, and every other imagine storm (see what I did there?). 

First appearing in Giant Size X-Men #1, she quickly rose up the ranks of the X-Men. Storm is the epitome of a born leader, even having led the X-Men from time to time. Her abilities and her leadership have always given the X-Men an upper hand against the likes of Magneto and The Brotherhood. The next time Hell is being unleashed on Earth with a storm, remember who is responsible. 


I really wanted to include Mr. Freeze from DC but after an extremely hatred portrayal of the character by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I couldn’t do it.

So…Bobby Drake/Iceman gives the new meaning to FREEZE! As a founding member of the original X-Men, Bobby Drake is the outcast of the team. Rebellious and much younger than his counterparts, Iceman lives his life a little on the cocky side. Over time he learned to harness his powers and is now one of a few Omega level mutants (beings with vast control over matter and energy). Originally appearing as a life size Frosty the Snowman, over the years Iceman has turned himself into a fan favorite. 

The next time it’s a scorcher outside, don’t look at any other elemental characters to put some ice in your drink. Give Iceman a call.

Human Torch

Johnny Storm/Human Torch is the hot head of the Fantastic Four. Yep, that’s right. Marvel’s first family debuted in Fantastic Four #1 way back in 1961.

Johnny can set a blaze onto himself that enables him to fly and control fire. A staple in the Marvel Universe and Victim of a Marvel Comic sales attempt when he was “killed” off in Fantastic Four #587, Johnny Storm has continuously been in the spotlight throughout his existence. It was even he that inadvertently tore apart his team in the Civil War Storyline. 

Whenever Mother Nature decides to dump a lot of snow and makes it unbearable outside, I have the right guy to heat things up. He will step outside, thaw out the world, all-the-while telling Mother Nature to kiss his ass. 


“I AM GROOT” is the phrase that has taken the world by storm. This phrase rapidly propelled this tree sprout into the mainstream along with his teammates in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. What is there not to like about a character that can grow his tree like body at will? Or regenerate his limbs, protect his allies, and release spores and leaves?

His debut came inside Tales to Astonish #13 and years later he would find his groove alongside the other member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Just don’t call his best friend Rodent.


Don’t worry DC comic fans, we have a DC character making this elemental characters list.

Sorry to’s Aquaman.

Yes, I realize when people think of Aquaman he doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a hero. He is the jab of many jokes and laughable moments. I may be biased, and this may be premature but the new Justice League trailer seems to give him some credibility.

Jason Momoa = Badass hero

Let’s be honest. If you have read any of his issues or even know what he looks like, something had to change. Now, if the movie correctly utilizes his abilities he could be one of the standout characters of Justice League. Besides being able to breathe underwater, he can talk to and summon from large distances animals from all over the sea. Imagine if, in the movie, he summoned a giant octopus or a shark? I can’t speak for you but I’d want them on my team. 

We all know that there are many more elemental characters in comics. I’ve given you my Top 5, what’s yours?


Image © JD Hancock

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