Fan Favorite ‘Bat-Mite’ Not Going To Be in ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2, Says James Gunn

bat mite not to appear in peacemaker season 2

DCEU is well into its last stage with the upcoming release of ‘Aquaman and the Last Kingdom.’ DCU is about to take over under Gunn’s and Safran’s leadership, and despite most of the projects that were previously set in the DCEU getting the axe, Gunn’s own ‘Peacemaker’ survived. 

Gunn regularly provides updates regarding ‘Peacemaker’ development, and recently, he confirmed that the show’s second season will be a part of the DCU, much like the show ‘Waller,’ a show about Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller that’s expected to be released in 2024. 

He also confirmed that ‘Peacemaker’ season 2 is his next project after the work on ‘Superman: Legacy’ wraps up. Gunn also revealed that ‘Bat-Mite” will not be featured in ‘Peacekamer’ Season 2 following pretty heavy rumors that the character will indeed appear. Gunn revealed this on Threads, and it’s pretty straightforward, despite fans hoping that the character might indeed appear, especially since the ‘Peacemaker’ show somewhat confirmed that the character is part of the DCEU canon. 

bat mite will not be in Peacemaker Season 2

Still, Bat-Mite is a weird enough character that it’s difficult to translate him to live-action in any serious sense whatsoever. 


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Bat-Mite is a quirky 5th-dimensional imp with a penchant for trouble, idolizing Batman to the point of emulating him in costume. Created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff in 1959, Bat-Mite debuted in ‘Detective Comics #267’ and became a regular character in ‘Batman,’ ‘Detective Comics,’ and ‘World’s Finest Comics for five years.’ Teaming up with Superman’s impish foe, Mister Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite posed an unwitting threat rather than engaging in mischief. 

Some story arcs suggest Bat-Mite might be a figment of Batman’s imagination. Editor Julius Schwartz’s takeover in 1964 led to Bat-Mite’s disappearance, but he resurfaced sporadically, notably in a story where he visits DC Comics employees. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, Bat-Mite faded from the Batman canon, with later appearances hinting at him being a superhero fan from another dimension. 

Whether Bat-Mite has a future in DCU canon remains to be seen, but at least we can rule out ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 as his starting ground. 

Would you like to see Bat-Mite in DCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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