12 Most Powerful Peacemaker’s Villains of All Time

most powerful peacemaker villains

Peacemaker is one of the most complicated characters in the history of comics. Initially portrayed as a hero, than as a villain, and in recent history, he is more often portrayed as an anti-hero, taking up the good fight with unconventional methods. As such, over the long history of the character’s existence, he faced numerous opponents, some stronger than others. This is why we decided to revisit Peacemaker’s rogues gallery and list you the 12 most powerful villains he ever faced. 

12. Vigilante 

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The mantle of Vigilante was held by several characters over the years. First, it was held by Adrian Chase, who left the persona behind when he took on judicial duties. His “side-kick” and bailiff, David Winston, took on the role against Chase’s wishes, and even though Chase wanted to distance himself from his past, he was brought back into action when his plane was hijacked while he was traveling to Europe with his then-girlfriend Marica King. 

Peacemaker and Winston showed up, both wanting to resolve the conflict and in a tragic turn of events, Winston was killed by Peacemaker, which meant that Chase had to resume his old identity. The event he witnessed changed Chase, and he became even more brutal and effective. 

11. Colonel Uz


Colonel Uz was a Bulgarian weapons dealer who infiltrated Peacemaker’s tower and kidnapped his newest secretary. He was extremely knowledgeable and skilled regarding weapons but had no superhuman skills to brag with. 

10. Mammoth


Mammoth is primarily known as Teen Titans villain, and this is pretty much the only notable thing about him, well, that and the fact that he is one of the founders of Fearsome Five. Mammoth ranked so low on this list due to his challenged intellect and the fact that he is all brawn and no brains and never presented all that much trouble to the Peacemaker in the first place. 

9. The Commodore


The Commodore is one of Peacemaker’s earliest villains, and the two clashed in ‘Peacemaker’ #1 while Peacemaker was still a part of the fighting five. Commodore was an insane man who had moderate control over marine life and set his sights on sabotaging fisherman nets and the like. Commodore clashed with Peacemaker because he claimed that humans were affecting “his domain” in a too aggressive way. He was eventually apprehended.


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8. Joker

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Before you ask yourself why we’re ranking Joker so low, remember this list is ranked by power and not by importance. In any case, Peacemaker and Joker primarily clashed, while the former was vehemently opposed to Suicide Squad activities. Joker is known to be among the most vicious enemies in DC comics, but other than his insanity, he has little else to offer, seeing that he has no powers. He did, however, have Joker Venom, which affected Peacemaker as well.

7. Beel & The Mutants 

Mr Beel

He is also one of the earliest Peacemaker villains. Beel was one of the workers exposed to massive amounts of radiation in an Eastern European uranium processing facility. At first, the higher-ups wanted to cover up what happened, but Peacemaker learned the truth. He found Beel and his group of mutants highly adapted to radioactive conditions and had some moderate shape-shifting abilities. Beel was easily dealt with. 

6. Mr. Blaze & Lavamen 

Mr. Blaze

Mr. Blaze was a stage magician who originally injured himself in one of his performances involving fire, meaning he had to forgo his career and move on to something else. Right around the same time, Peacemaker invented a new type of completely fire-proof material, which Blaze stole in an attempt to integrate himself within a tribe of the so-called Lavamen, creatures made out of fire. Blaze didn’t stop here. He attempted to conquer the world with his newfound technology and army until Peacemaker stopped him. 


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5. Wolfgang Schmidt 

Wolfgang Schmidt

Wolfgang Schmidt had no superpowers, but he had something more dangerous: a vicious nature and the ability to live rent within his son’s head. Being a former Nazi, Wolfgang Schmidt is one of the prime reasons why Peacemaker went insane and why he acts the way he does today. Wolfgang also fueled some of the most dangerous meltdowns that Peacemaker experienced. 

4. Doctor Tzin-Tzin 

Doctor Tzin Tzin

Doctor Tzin-Tzin was a powerful magic-user who learned everything he knew while studying in isolation with the Tibetan tribes. He is notably a Batman villain, but when the opportunity called for it, he was known to clash with Johnny Double and Peacemaker as well. Tzin-Tzin is notable for having mind-control abilities as well as the ability to control animals. He was also a skilled illusionist. 

3. The Reach

Blue Beetle Peacemaker

The Reach is not a singular villain. It’s rather a group of aliens that often clashed with Peacemaker while he served as an unlikely mentor for Jaime Reyes. Peacemaker discovered the ancient scarab by accident, and this is how he came into contact with Jaime. He was later captured, and a scarab of his own was implanted in him so he could better track down Jaime and kill him. 

2. Eclipso


He is one of the rare villains on this list that managed to kill Peacemaker. Eclipso was the embodiment of god’s wrath before his place was taken by Spectre, as the entity was slowly getting corrupted over the ages. As such, Eclipso is beyond powerful. He is nearly invulnerable and has superhuman strength, telekinesis, and moderate reality-altering powers. 

1. Anti-Monitor & Shadow Demons

anti monitor

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Peacemaker from Earth-Four, along with other heroes, was manipulated by Psycho-Pirate to attack some prominent heroes. After defeating Psycho-Pirate, Peacemaker joined forces with his Earth-Four counterparts to combat the Anti-Monitor. They played a role in the creation of the Multiverse during this event. Eventually, Peacemaker ended up on New Earth after the Multiverse was consolidated into it by Spectre.

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