Fans Divided over Lightwhip Being Included in ‘Star Wars: Acolyte’: “Lazy, Contrived, and Needlessly Transgressive”

acolyte lightwhip

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ is a significant show for plenty of reasons, the most being tied to the fact that it’s the first live-action show (second overall) to take place during the High Republic. An era in Star Wars lore that was marked by the massive influence of Jedi, as the order was during its golden age during this time period.

The show already caused quite a stir in the community, with fans pointing out many inconsistencies related to the Sith’s presence, and the latest controversy is actually tied to a weapon.

One of the recent trailers for the show teased the addition of the so-called “Lightwhip,” it is one unique and very special weapon historically carried by Vernestra Rwoh, a book-accurate character set to play a major role in ‘The Acolyte.’

Lightwhips are unique weapons resembling whips but made of lightsaber energy. They were occasionally wielded by Jedi during the Sith Wars, particularly effective against certain Sith techniques. However, by the High Republic Era, they became rare among Jedi but were adopted by the Nightsisters, a group of dark-side users from Dathomir.

Fans really did not take a liking to this new weapon. On one side part of the fandom is claiming that the lightwhip is canon to the High Republic Era (rightfully so) on the other hand, part of the fandom is calling the weapon dumb and quite frankly unsuitable for a Jedi to use.

Some fans also pointed out that fans were triggered by Kylo Ren’s crossblades, we got used to it eventually. ‘The Acolyte’ is at this point generating more drama due to bad reactions to the show than through general interest in the show, which seems a bit excessive for something that didn’t even release yet.

In any case, we will have the opportunity to check out what it’s all about on June 4, when the first two episodes premiere.

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