We Have a First Look at Superman’s New Costume!

supes new costume featured

We’re all here because we love superhero comics. However, no character embodies the superhero genre more than Superman – by far the most popular superhero in history. Throughout comic history, we’ve seen countless versions of Supes in different settings, storylines, and costumes.

Well, it seems we can add another Superman style to the list, as the 2023 MegaCon revealed a new Superman costume, different from anything we’ve seen so far. Without further ado, let’s check out what DC Comics has in store for us when it comes to Superman’s newest costume design and what we can expect from the Dawn of DC.

Superman’s new costume reveal

Big changes are coming in DC Comics and the DCU, respectively. On March 31, 2023, MegaCon treated its attendees with several epic reveals and sneak peeks of what we can expect from the Dawn of DC and issues that are arriving in 2023.

Among all the news, however, one of the major reveals was a new design of Superman’s costume that we’ll get to see in Superman #3. The writer Joshua Williamson revealed a couple of panels from the new issue he’s penning alongside the artist Jamal Campbell, and in those few panels, we got to see the brand-new costume design for Supes.

supes new costume design megacon reveal

As you can see, Superman will don an all-white suit with red details, including a red cape, Superman logo, waistline, and red lines around the wrists and quads. We’re not going to discuss the storyline, but it’ll be insane if we were to believe those few shared panels.


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Interestingly, Williamson wasn’t the only Superman writer attending MegaCon this year. Phillip Kennedy Johnson was also there to share a little preview of his newest issue, Action Comics #1054, where Superman seems to wear his classic blue-and-red costume we all know.

supes new soctume action comics 1054

When is Superman returning to the DCU?

If you thought the new costume design was shared for the announced Superman Legacy movie from the DCU, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. We don’t even know who will rock the lead role in the film, let alone how the costume will look. Recently, there were rumors suggesting that Logan Lerman was the leading name connected to the role, but then James Gunn denied it on Twitter.

“Not true. Haven’t had a single talk with a single actor about the role. Just making private lists, prepping material for auditions.”

We do know, however, that Gunn will pen and direct the movie. The release date is, surprisingly, also given. Currently, Superman Legacy is set for release on July 11, 2025. Obviously, the date may change since it’s more than two years ahead, but it is certain we won’t see Supes back in the DCU for a while – at least not in a standalone movie.

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