Forget ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’, Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Being Eyed to Play Blonde Phantom in the MCU

Taylor swift as blonde phantom

If you’re hearing Taylor Swift and MCU in the same sentence, you’re probably inclined to re-read that sentence again, but this is exactly what we’ve been reading about for the past several months as Swift is one of the rumored cameos to appear in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine. The singer should appear as Dazzler, and the rumors were so persistent that Reynolds and director Shawn Levy himself addressed them on several occasions.

Now that the movie is slowly moving toward its release, the rumors are louder than ever but recently, a different kind of chatter online appeared, Taylor Swift is indeed coming to the MCU but not as Dazzler, in her own standalone show as Blonde Phantom.

This is according to Daniel Richtman notable scooper and industry insider. According to him the actress already met with execs to work out the details as she is among the prime candidates to star in the show.

If you’re wondering what on Earth is ‘Blonde Phantom’ we have you covered. ‘Blonde Phantom’ is an alleged secret project that Scarlett Johansson is currently working on for Disney+. It’s been confirmed several times that Johansson was working on an MCU-based show, even by Feige himself but only recently reports surfaced regarding the details of the show.

Blonde Phantom was never exactly the most popular character in the comics. She is known for her crime-fighting exploits during the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Louise Grant, originally from Hoboken, New Jersey, worked as a secretary for private detective Mark Mason. Inspired to aid him in solving cases, she adopted the guise of the Blonde Phantom, wearing a black domino mask and a striking red evening gown while combating crime at night.

The character has a significant connection to She-Hulk in the comics. Although we assumed that Scarlett herself would take on the main role, it appears at least according to these rumors, that won’t be the case.

Aside from Taylor Swift detail, Richtman also reports that the show will be set in the ’50 in Las Vegas, and it will be a crime-fighting spy series, something that Scarlett knows a lot about considering her long career in the MCU playing a character exactly like that.

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