Franklin Richards vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight and Why?

Franklin Richards vs. Scarlet Witch Who Would Win in a Fight and Why

Franklin Richards and Scarlet Witch are two of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. Both Franklin and Wanda have incredible abilities that have impacted the Marvel Universe in major ways. From saving the world to changing reality, these characters have left their mark on the world of superheroes. Franklin and Wanda are, among other things, famous for skillfully manipulating reality, so the fight between them would be interesting to see. Due to this, we’ve decided to pit these two powerful figures against each other to see between Franklin Richards and Scarlet Witch; who would win in a fight and why?

Franklin Richards would win in a fight against Scarlet Witch with his former powers. He is vastly more powerful when it comes to reality warping and molecular control, which would allow him to take down even the more experienced Scarlet Witch. He is likewise more intelligent and durable than Wanda, which would offer him an additional edge in a fight. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, but we’re confident that Franklin would take this one. 

Now that we’ve covered who would win in a fight between these two powerful “mutants,” it’s time to analyze the fight in more depth. We’re going to compare the abilities of both Wanda and Franklin, as well as their strength, intelligence, and combat abilities, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Franklin Richards currently doesn’t have any powers, and his current comparison with Scarlet Witch wouldn’t be an interesting read by any means. This is why we’ve decided to analyze his former powers and abilities, so let’s start. Franklin was, even as a child, among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. His reality-warping skills allowed him to manipulate reality with nothing but his thoughts. At one point, the Celestials even claimed that he was the Universal Shaper, having near-omnipotent abilities when it comes to shifting reality as he sees fit.

Franklin Richards turns Celestial Attack into flowers

Franklin also had extensive abilities related to matter manipulation. He was able to rearrange the molecules of almost anything to transform them into something else. This ranged from minor things to manipulating cosmic structures. Franklin Richards is likewise gifted with time-traveling abilities, psionic abilities, and telekinesis, and his energy projection potential is off the charts. These are not all of Franklin’s powers, as he has more tricks up his sleeve, but even this short summary allows you to see in more detail what we’re dealing with.

Scarlet Witch is likewise extremely powerful, and even though she is not a Universe Shaper, she is something called a Nexus Being. This means that she acts as a focal point for the universe’s potent magical energies. As a Nexus Being, Wanda can manipulate and utilize almost all forms of magic, but most notably, she can control Chaos Magic, which is among the most destructive forms of magic in the Universe. Wanda can likewise alter reality and affect probability.

No more mutants

This was best manifested through the House of M storyline when she drastically decreased Earth’s population of mutants by simply uttering the sentence “No more mutants.” She can also manipulate energy to create energy constructs, and if needed, she can create powerful force fields and utilize illusion casting to confuse her enemies. 

Both Scarlet Witch and Franklin Richards have powerful reality-warping abilities, but Franklins are way more powerful, and in terms of raw power, he wins. 

Points: Franklin Richards (1:0) Scarlet Witch 


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Strength and Stamina 

Franklin is not known to have superhuman strength. Sure, he can utilize his powers to assist him, and his abilities to manipulate molecular structures sure come in handy when he’s trying to manipulate objects, but in terms of raw strength, he has nothing. He, likewise, is not known to have superhuman reserves of stamina, even though he is able to use his powers seemingly without any costs to his body whatsoever. Of course, I’m referring to his state before he lost powers. After he lost a portion of his powers, he found that those could be drained. 

Franklin Richards Kills celestial

Scarlet Witch is likewise not famous for her brawler strength. Due to her other potent powers and abilities, super strength is simply not something that she needs. She can always enhance her strength and stamina with her magical powers, but that’s pretty much it. 

Neither Franklin nor Scarlet Witch have any significant strength that we can discuss, at least when compared to other superpowered characters, so we’re going to split this point equally. 

Points: Franklin Richards (2:1) Scarlet Witch 


Franklin Richards can fly, open portals, travel through time, and dimensions and, with mere thoughts, place himself at any place in the multiverse, but he is not among the company of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe. He is not known to have super speed or superpowered combat reflexes. His abilities to place himself anywhere and at any time are related to his powers and abilities and not to his inherent speed. That doesn’t mean, however, that he would be easy to catch since he can teleport himself in a blink of an eye.

Franklin teleports

Scarlet Witch is in the same situation regarding her speed. Her human biology limits her in this aspect, but her powers are more than enough to compensate for her natural lack of speed. Like Franklin, Scarlet Witch can open portals, levitate, and teleport. She is able to cover vast cosmic distances by utilizing her powers, but she lacks combat reflexes and speed inherent to her biology. 

Scarlet Witch opens portals

Due to the fact that both Scarlet Witch and Franklin lack natural speed but have the ability to fly, open portals, and teleport, this point will be split between them once again. 

Points: Franklin Richards (3:2) Scarlet Witch 


Franklin Richards has superhuman durability to some extent. He is able to survive more damage than an average human being could. This is supported by the fact that he tanked Celestial assault with minor damage.

Franklin is blasted by Celestial

 Scarlet Witch doesn’t have superhuman durability, but she can heal herself if needed and can create force fields to protect herself. She is most aptly described as being a “glass canon.” She is a character with vast offensive abilities, but very breakable in the sense that if she loses access to her casting abilities, she would most likely die for the same amount of damage as any normal human would. Due to this, this point goes to Franklin. 

Points: Franklin Richards (4:2) Scarlet Witch


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Franklin inherited at least a portion of his father’s intelligence, and with the application of his powers, he can understand some pretty advanced cosmic processes. His powers also allow him to tap into the minds of others. He can manipulate and control people and also has been shown to have precognitive dreams on occasion. 

Franklin and Galactus talk

While Scarlet Witch is not known to be a genius when it comes to Marvel Universe, she is highly informed in matters related to magic and the occult. She is more experienced when compared to Franklin, but she lacks that raw intelligence. Due to this, the point goes to Franklin.

Points: Franklin Richards (5:2) Scarlet Witch

Combat Skills 

Franklin Richards is neither a skilled combatant nor an experienced combatant. He mostly relied on his powers which were enough to deal even with the most catastrophic threats. His reality-manipulating abilities and his molecular control proved decent enough to ward off Celestials. He managed to turn the assault of hostile Celestials into harmless flowers. You can see why exactly he doesn’t have to know Krav Maga.


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Scarlet Witch likewise doesn’t have to rely on her combat expertise to win a fight, but she did receive combat training from Marvel’s most capable fighters, like Captain America and Hawkeye. She is far from being a master combatant when it comes to martial arts and proficiency with weapons, but her knowledge and skills are certainly on a higher level than that of Franklin Richards. When it comes to combat between the two without the powers, Scarlet Witch would easily overpower Franklin Richards. 

Points: Franklin Richards (5:3) Scarlet Witch

Franklin Richards vs. Scarlet Witch: Who is stronger, and who would win? 

Franklin Richards would easily win against Scarlet Witch with his former powers. He simply has more raw power at his disposal and has proved numerous times that his powers are at an unimaginable level in terms of reality warping and molecular manipulation. Scarlet Witch is a better and more experienced combatant, but Franklin is also more durable and smarter. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, but Franklin would win. 

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