Freddie Stroma Will Officially Return as Vigilante in DCU

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As the DC Extended Universe is counting down its last months of existence, we are getting close to the start of the DCU era. The WGA strike recently concluded, so the writing process on all the upcoming DC projects is now allowed to continue, and as soon as the still ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved, we’re expecting to get more information about the upcoming cinematic universe for which we all have high hopes because we hope Warner Bros. and DC Studios have learned a lot from their past mistakes with DCEU.

Back in 2018, James Gunn was hired to write and direct ‘The Suicide Squad,’ which was released in August 2021. Although the movie wasn’t commercially successful due to the pandemic and simultaneous release on streaming, it received positive reviews and was deemed superior to 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad.’ Gunn later developed a spin-off series, ‘Peacemaker,’ in which John Cena’s titular character teamed up with several new characters, including Adrian Chase, also known as Vigilante, played by Freddie Stroma.

James Gunn confirms Freddie Stroma’s return as Vigilante.

It’s known that Gunn likes to answer questions from his followers on social media. Recently, one follower asked him if there are still plans for Freddie Storma to return because they loved his character in the first season of Peacemaker. Gunn offered the simplest possible answer, but it’s more than enough to know that we will see Vigilante again.

“Yes. Freddie as Vigilante is still around.”

James Gunn


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Since ‘Peacemaker’ is officially set to return for the second season, it’s not really a surprise that we’ll see Vigilante again. However, Gunn previously said that he won’t begin working on ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 before he finishes ‘Superman: Legacy,’ and since the movie is set to open in theaters in July 2025, it won’t be a surprise if we’re going to wait for the return of Peacemaker until 2026 at least.

James Gunn is currently one of the busiest men in the entertainment industry. He wrote all the episodes of the upcoming ‘Creature Commandos’ series, which is currently in production. He wrote ‘Superman: Legacy,’ which he’s also set to direct, and when we add ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 and all the other DC projects that DC Studios is currently working on, we really hope he’s getting his eight hours of sleep every night.

Freddie Stroma debuted as Vigilante in ‘Peacemaker’ Season 1, which is now available on the Max streaming service. Season 2 won’t arrive anytime soon, but we’re looking forward to it.

How did you like Vigilante in ‘Peacemaker’? Are you looking forward to Season 2? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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