15 Best Peacemaker Quotes From TV Show & DC Comics


Although many of the most popular DC superheroes flaunt honorable traits, a few infamous figures still boast more unconventional characteristics. Peacemaker is commonly seen as a deranged vigilante or anti-hero instead of a superhero – well-known for his humor, wit, and ability to drop some unforgettable lines! Below are the best Peacemaker quotes from DC Comics and the popular Peacemaker TV show on HBO Max.

Best Peacemaker quotes of all time

While Peacemaker has gained plenty of fans over the years, the character of Christopher Smith was really brought to life with James Gunn’s Peacemaker TV show, which was released on HBO Max starring John Cena. Despite the blend of violence and comedy, many of his statements offer deeper meanings – many of which relate to Peacemaker’s code.

Major spoilers alert for fans who haven’t finished the Peacemaker TV series or gotten through all of the DC Comics featuring Peacemaker just yet. While many of these quotes are unique and quirky as is, what makes them stand out even more is often the events and context surrounding them.

15. “I really need to make some friends my own age.”

Christopher Smith makes this statement with the release of Blue Beetle Vol. 7 #33, in reference to his choice of friends and allies. While this statement already has a ton of comedic value considering his eccentric character, it stands out even more due to the fact that Christopher Smith doesn’t really act his own age anyway.

14. “Those of you still breathing should think about that next time you threaten to ruin Valentine’s Day.”

This comedic quote stems from Love and Country 001, shedding light on some of the bizarre reasons Christopher Smith uses in order to justify his brutal actions. While it’s a short and concise quote that certainly portrays an extreme reaction on Peacemaker’s part, it’s nevertheless hilarious for the character as a whole.

13. “How does Batman keep his kid focused? Swear he drugs Robin’s water.”

While Christopher Smith is known for poking fun at just about anyone or anything, he’s also known for making comments about some of the most infamous DC superheroes out there. He makes this statement with the release of Blue Beetle Vol. 7 #19, drawing attention to how strange it is for a young and upcoming superhero to be so driven and focused throughout daily life.


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Of course, it’s well known that all members of the Batman Family are trained to the tee, with access to experts in various fields while under the watchful eye of one of the most serious DC characters of all time. Batman is strict when training any of his sidekicks, but he has always taken the most time and care with characters who took on the mantle of Robin.

12. “Evil construction workers? Is nothing sacred?”

This comedic quote stems from Peacemaker Tries Hard! Vol. 1 #2, shedding light on the fact that Christopher Smith has a simple view of life deep down. He makes this statement when they learn that they have to take on a group of construction workers during a mission, and he implies that simple everyday jobs are a ‘sacred’ aspect of daily life – which is actually quite a beautiful and honorable sentiment.

11. “Maybe I do suck, but I don’t suck compared to these guys… I suck compared to, like, Green Lantern.”

It’s well-known that Peacemaker makes remarks about the views, methods, and personalities of different DC superheroes, although these moments often come down to a clear difference in morals and ethics. In contrast, Christopher Smith makes this blunt and harsh yet undeniably comedic statement with the release of Peacemaker Tries Hard! Vol. 1 #3, poking fun at Green Lantern – who is definitely powerful but is often seen as one of the less-popular DC heroes out there.

10. “Costume? This is a uniform, and it’s brand new. So, I gotta stretch it out, make it more comfortable before I go on a mission.”

This quote stems from a comedic moment within the Peacemaker TV series, where Christopher Smith shows up for dinner in full gear. While this may seem like a small issue, it was relatively problematic since the group planned a fairly low-key meetup.


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Although Peacemaker plays it off by stating that he simply needed to stretch out the ‘uniform’, this scenario allowed fans to glimpse his domineering personality. He is eager to stand out among the group and automatically take the role of their leader, starting off by asserting himself using this hard-to-miss approach.

9. “Ohhh, Peacemaker! You’re that racist superhero.” (Jamil) “Fine, that’s a good point. I’ll watch more white people in the future and kill a higher percentage of them. Are you satisfied?”

One of the most well-loved traits regarding Christopher Smith’s personality is just how sarcastic, blunt, and unfiltered he can be – especially within the Peacemaker TV series, where he drops an infinite amount of F-Bombs and often comments on controversial topics. However, he often exhibits a relatively fair view of the world in his statements as well, as seen in this quote.

Although this quote is packed with sarcasm, the message Christopher Smith is trying to convey is still quite clear. He believes that his job is to stop criminals irrespective of their race and implies that targeting any group to prove that he isn’t racist would actually have a contradicting effect.

8. “I made a vow of peace, no matter how many people I have to kill to get it.”

Christopher Smith is completely focused on his dream of bringing peace to the world, although he follows an unconventional and debatable approach. Unlike many other superheroes in the DC world, such as Batman who refuses to kill even the most evil enemies he encounters, Peacemaker is eager to resolve conflict with extreme violence and murder.

This belief was made clear from the very beginning, reaffirmed in 2021’s The Suicide Squad and again in the quote above from the Peacemaker TV series. However, as the series progresses, fans gain more insight into conflicting sides of Peacemaker’s personality, as we learn that he may not believe in this ethos as much as he claims.

7. “Sometimes I just think I’m insecure in my own masculinity, so I’m making up for it by having a dangerous pet.”

One of the most infamous members of Peacemaker’s team is his beloved and brave bald eagle named Eagly. Although it’s a perfect match in terms of Christopher Smith’s superhero persona and unique personality, this quote paints the match-up in an entirely new light.


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While Christopher Smith enjoys being the leader, he also reveals that the choice to care for Eagly as a pet is related to his insecurities. Choosing to have a fearsome pet made him feel like a more ‘manly’ and powerful character as a whole, although his willingness to casually admit the truth shows he’s much wiser and braver than he may believe.

6. “He’s a Jackass! Who wrestles with murderers dressed like clowns and throws them in prison, only so they can break out of prison and then murder more people?!”

Christopher Smith makes this statement in the Peacemaker TV series, in reference to Batman and his approach to resolving violence and crime – particularly with The Joker. While this has been an ongoing argument among many DC heroes and anti-heroes, with other vigilantes like Red Hood having similar beliefs, many feel that this outburst reflected Christopher Smith’s struggle in handling his own moral code.

5. “I don’t care about the quality of the knife, as long as the blade is sharp.”

Although this quote is made by Amanda Waller of A.R.G.U.S. at the very start of the Peacemaker TV series, it’s made in reference to Christopher Smith and the hopes she had for him as a character. Being aware of how unstable Christopher Smith is, she reiterates that she isn’t as concerned about how things are done – she only cares about whether or not his missions are handled correctly at the end of each day.

4. “This is my jam. You know, this is back when men were real men because they weren’t afraid to look like women.”

Christopher Smith has quite a few moments of transparency within the Peacemaker TV series, as seen in this interesting quote. He makes this statement while describing one of his favorite old-school songs as well as the time period in which it was created, all while painting the idea of modern masculinity in an incredibly unique and fascinating way.

3. “Nothing like a bloodbath to start the day.”

While Christopher Smith is definitely loveable in his own way, there’s no denying that he is far too comfortable with violence and brutality – especially considering he’s usually the one responsible for it. This quote from the Peacemaker TV series shows just how much Christopher Smith has gotten used to the job and become desensitized to the bloodshed that he witnesses or causes, which is actually as badass as it is concerning.

2. “You don’t want to believe in miracles? That’s on you.”

Although Christopher Smith is often portrayed as someone who has a grim, dark, and gloomy perspective in terms of the world and life as a whole, he often reminds fans that he does have a more spirited and positive side to his personality. This quote from the Peacemaker TV show sheds light on his more optimistic traits, as he implies that everyone has a choice in whether or not to believe in the possibility of positive yet unlikely twists of fate.

1.“I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.”

DC is packed with interesting characters, whether they be superheroes, villains, anti-heroes, or somewhere in between – and, Christopher Smith is among the most complex characters to date. He shows varying sides of his personality within different situations, touching on conflicting moral codes as well as more vulnerable aspects of his character as a whole, but he is still set on pursuing his dream of peace irrespective of the cost.


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His ultimate goal may be honorable, but there’s no denying that he follows extreme and arguable methods that are not supported by other DC protagonists. This quote has been featured in numerous DC titles over the years, capturing the essence of Peacemaker as a character, and is now seen as Peacemaker’s catchphrase.

Those are all of the best Peacemaker quotes from DC Comics and the Peacemaker TV show. Although Peacemaker has made some shocking and inappropriate statements, he’s still well-loved for the comedic value he brings to the DC universe.

What’s your favorite Peacemaker quote of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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