Gorr vs. Superman: Can the Man of Steel Win a Fight with the God Butcher?

gorr vs superman

Gorr the God Butcher is surprisingly one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. After acquiring his signature weapon the All-Black (Necrosword), he went on a rampage killing thousands of gods whom he blamed for his family’s death. On the other hand, Superman, The Man of Steel, is an alien from Krypton who’s an incredibly powerful superhero in DC Comics. That said, who’d win in an all-out battle between Gorr and Superman?

Superman would win in a fight against Gorr the God Butcher. He is stronger, faster, and more resilient than Gorr. In addition to this, Superman could greatly weaken Gorr by destroying the symbiote using his heat vision and making a high-pitched sound that would make Gorr powerless.

In this issue, we will analyze both of these characters’ powers and abilities to determine who’d have the advantage if they ever met in battle. So prepare yourself for one hell of a read. Stay tuned.


Gorr the God Butcher truly lives up to his name. Using the Necrosword he’s killed numerous gods, some that are incredibly powerful, to say the least. He was capable of overpowering Thor in the comics which only sheds light on his power levels.

One unknown fact about Gorr is that he possesses superhuman strength. This is mostly thanks to the symbiote All-Black which grants the host extreme strength. Gorr’s strength is usually on par with some of the gods he battles. Were it not for this super-strength, most of his battles in the comics like with Thor and Hercules would have been extremely one-sided.

gorr and sword

Superman’s strength is on a whole other level. His super-strength is one of his most well-known traits, and rightly so. He has performed extraordinary feats of strength in the comics. Supes owes his incredible strength to the solar radiation from yellow suns which affords him extraordinary abilities.

Some of Supes’ feats of strength include stopping omega-level threats like Darkseid. In the comics, it has been mentioned that Supes can lift close to 2 billion tons. He can quite easily benchpress the Earth as was shown when he momentarily held the world for Atlas.

Although Gorr is strong in his way, he cannot compare to Superman. So Supes wins this round.

Point: Superman (1:0) Gorr


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In his time, Gorr fought and defeated many gods. This usually grants him more powers and because he’s battled for millennia, he has developed the power of superhuman durability. Gorr is extremely invulnerable to most forms of trauma.

For example in the comics, he was able to survive a massive lightning bolt and the Godblast of Thor. These are feats that other powerful beings would have been incapable of performing. However, Gorr’s durability does have its limits. His most powerful asset is his symbiote. However, without this symbiote, he is powerless and therefore quite vulnerable.

Superman is one of the most difficult superheroes to defeat. Superbeings like Darkseid can bear witness to this assertion. It’s nigh impossible to injure because he’s capable of regenerating at accelerated speeds. For example, he was able to come back from a skeleton due to a special kryptonite nuke that could blot out the sun and disrupt energy.

However, Superman isn’t completely invulnerable. Kryptonite weakens him greatly and also if separated from a yellow sun, he loses his power and abilities.

We should mention that after the destruction of Krypton, finding Kryptonite is impossible, so no points there for Gorr. Also, separating Supes from the yellow sun would be an impossible task, even for Gorr, so no points there as well. On the other hand, Superman can destroy the symbiote which is the sole source of Gorr’s power. For this reason, Supes takes this round.

Point: Superman (2:0) Gorr


One of Gorr’s powers which most MCU fans ignore is superhuman speed. Gorr can move at incredible speeds, and this also ties in with his flight. He can fly at eye-blinding speeds, for example, when he quickly overtook Thor during their first encounter. He can fly so fast that he’s capable of intergalactic travel which is how he traveled in his conquest to kill all the gods spread across the universe. He also has superhuman reflexes that allow him to evade even the strongest and fastest of gods.

Superman is one of the fastest superheroes in DC Comics. His Kryptonian DNA allows him to travel at speeds that are faster than the human eye can comprehend. In the Pre-Crisis comics, Supes was capable of traveling at infinite speed. This means he can travel faster than light, especially when out of Earth’s atmosphere.

In the comics, he’s depicted traveling through space to other solar systems and even distant galaxies. He can travel through our solar system in a matter of minutes and also travel through time for example in the Legion of Superheroes when he travels to the 30th century. He can run at speeds similar to the Flash.

Supes wins this category too because, at his strongest, he’s faster than Gorr.

Point: Superman (3:0) Gorr

Gorr’s Symbiote vs. Superman’s Heat Vision and Sonics

Gorr’s power is entirely dependent on his symbiote, which itself is dependent on the blood of the gods he slays for its power. Gorr’s symbiote affords him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. It also gives him virtual immortality, regenerative healing, shapeshifting, and camouflage. The more gods the Necrosword or its constructs kill, the more power Gorr gets; though this power must be replenished as it’s used up.

In the comics, one of Supes’ prime powers is heat vision. He does this by storing solar energy in his eyes and then emitting it in incredible optic bursts that are fiery and incredibly damaging. Superman’s heat vision is even stronger than Darkseid’s Omega Beams. It can tear through anything in its path.

superman heat vision

Superman also has incredible sonics. When he travels fast enough, he can create sonic booms. In addition to this, he has incredibly powerful lungs in which he can hold an incredible amount of air. If released suddenly, it could cause a loud boom.

These two powers would come in handy when Supes fights Gorr. Gorr’s symbiote is vulnerable to both fire and sonics, both of which would grant Superman the ability to hurt the symbiote. Without the symbiote, Gorr would be powerless and Superman could easily trump him.

Point: Superman (4:0) Gorr


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Gorr vs. Superman: Who Wins?

In a fight against Superman, Gorr would lose because of several reasons. For starters, Gorr doesn’t have anything in his arsenal that could hurt Superman. True, the symbiote grants Gorr incredible powers but without it, he is completely and utterly powerless. The symbiote can be destroyed by heat and loud sounds, both of which Superman can generate exponentially. So in a battle, all Superman has to do is use heat vision and make high-pitched sounds to destroy the symbiote.

In addition to this, Superman is also stronger, faster, and more resilient than Gorr. These would play an advantage in him defeating Gorr.

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