GotG 3: Who Are Lylla, Teefs & Floor? Meet the Members of Batch 89

teefs lylla floor batch 89 guardians of the galaxy vol 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 epically concluded the franchise. It was an emotional installment that revealed the backstory of Rocket Raccoon and shocking events that were involved in the process of his creation at the hands of High Evolutionary. We’ve also seen that Rocket Raccoon was not the only animal that was being experimented upon. An entire batch of animals was modified around the same time as he was, and the Batch was named “Batch 89.” Batch 89 ended tragically, so we’ve decided to tell you more about them. Let’s see who are Lyla, Teefs & Floor, Rocket’s first friends.

Lylla the otter, Teefs the walrus, and Floor the rabbit were members of the same batch that Rocket Racoon belonged to after his genetic modifications. The batch was named “Batch 89” and was generally considered a failure and “abominable” in nature. Almost all known members of Batch 89 were shot by Either High Evolutionary or his security guards during their attempted escape organized by Rocket Raccoon. High Evolutionary planned to get rid of them either way and never planned to move them to his perfect society. During Rocket’s close encounter with death, all known members of Batch 89 greeted him in the afterlife.

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of Batch 89, it’s time to meet all the members in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Who is Lyla the otter?

Lylla the otter batch 89

Lylla, also known as Subject 89Q12, was a genetically modified otter who was experimented upon at the hands of High Evolutionary. Despite her nature, Lylla showcased the highest intelligence in Batch 89 (save for Rocket Raccoon, of course.) Metal prosthetics replaced her arms, but despite that, she regained most functionality in them.

Lylla was the first comfort that Rocket Raccoon encountered immediately after his procedure. She licked a handkerchief and offered it to Rocket as a means to soothe his pain. She appeared to be the wisest among the group and looked forward to being moved to High Evolutionary’s new perfect society.


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After Rocket finds out that all of them will be killed come the morning, he breaks into her cage using an improvised security card, but they never make it. Lylla was shot down by High Evolutionary, dying on the spot just seconds from her escape.

Lylla’s death weighed heavily upon Rocket Raccoon. She was one of the animals he encountered in the “afterlife” while he was just moments away from dying. Lylla was the one that told him that the sky is beautiful and forever, but it’s not his time to go yet.

It was an emotional and heartbreaking scene, but Rocket had to continue living for himself. For them, his purpose was not yet fulfilled.
Even in Rocket’s toughest moments, Lylla was there for him to pick him up once again, just like she was there after he was experimented upon, offering him kindness that he never knew at the hands of High Evolutionary.

Who is Teefs the walrus?

Teefs the walrus guardians of the Galaxy vol 3

Teefs the Walrus was a test subject in Batch 89. He was like the entirety of Batch 89, an animal who was modified to be intelligent, and he had bionic prosthetic limbs added in the form of wheels. Despite displaying intelligence, it was to a lesser extent when compared to Lylla and Rocket.

Teefs chose his own name, “Teefs,” because of his most prominent walrus feature, protruding fangs. Teefs was killed during the Batch’s attempt to escape by High Evolutionary’s security guards and was likewise one of the animals that greeted Rocket Raccoon as he was dying.

Who is Floor the rabbit?

Floor the rabbit guardians of the galaxy vol 3

Floor was a member of Batch 89, a group of modified animals with the purpose of giving them enhanced features and intelligence. Despite appearing intelligent, Floor was simple-minded when compared to the rest of the group.

She was enhanced with a bionic muzzle and had four mechanical metal limbs attached to her rabbit body. Floor chose her name because she was lying on the floor and was the only member of Batch 89 who was not aware of the destiny that awaited them. She looked forward to going to High Evolutionary’s perfect society.


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Like the rest of Batch 89, she was shot to death by High Evolutionary’s security guards and was one of the animals that greeted Rocket Raccoon in the afterlife.

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