High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth Explained!


High Evolutionary is one of the most well-known comic book characters. This eccentric scientist turned superhuman is well known for his experiments that blur the lines between right and wrong. He is set to make his MCU debut with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. where he will presumably play the villain role. We know from his comic book history that he produced various experiments over his long existence, and of the most notable ones is Counter-Earth which is also set to debut in the upcoming movie. This is why we’ve decided to shed more light on it. Let’s see what exactly High Evolutinary’s Counter-Earth is and how it connects to the upcoming movie?

High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth is a replica of Earth that he created to conduct and house his various experiments in peace. Counter-Earth is out of dimensional sync to stay hidden from the original Earth, surrounded by a Time-Lag barrier. The planet is situated on the opposite side of the Sun and has been destroyed, stolen, and rebuilt several times. High Evolutionary uses Counter-Earth routinely in his schemes.

Now that we’ve given you the most basic information about Counter-Earth, it’s time to analyze its long history in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Counter-Earth was created when High Evolutionary’s original sanctuary was destroyed

High Evolutionary was born as a human under the name Herbert Wyndham and was regarded as one of the most brilliant up-and-coming scientists until he managed to get ahold of the secrets for unlocking genetic codes. This resulted in several experiments altering both human and animal genetic codes. For his contribution to blurring the lines between right and wrong in science, he was promptly expelled from Oxford University.

Wyndham was not dissuaded by the fact that he was expelled from Oxford, and neither did he stop his unholy experiments. He simply relocated to Mount Wundagore, an oasis of peace where he could conduct his experiments without being bothered by such frivolous things as “ethics.”

Mount Wundagore, however, turned out to be a dangerous place. Dangerous reserves of Uranium surrounded it, and the reserves indirectly resulted in High Evolutionary creating Spider-Woman.


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Mount Wundagore was likewise possessed by an ancient demon Chthon, but this was only the start of his problems. He also created the bestial race of New Men. One of the members of New Men, a newer version, to be more precise, dubbed Man-Beast, eventually turned on his master and led a revolt against him.

This, paired with the fact that Wyndham often clashed with Earth’s superheroes, led to him creating a new home away from home, far from the corruption of evil. The High Evolutionary used his technology to create a nearly identical copy of the Earth on the opposite side of the Sun.

Counter-Earth is perfectly hidden from the original Earth

As we’ve mentioned before, Counter-Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun, and even if it’s not an exact replica of Earth due to its diameter and some other minor properties, it serves as a mirror image of the world High Evolutionary was forced to abandon.

To keep the Counter-Earth hidden, High Evolutionary put it out of dimensional sync; the Counter-Earth vibrates on a different kind of frequency not to disturb the regular Solar System equilibrium. A Time-Lag Barrier also surrounds Counter-Earth.

All these mechanisms were implemented to keep the Counter-Earth as hidden as possible, and yet they failed.

Adam Warlock helped High Evolutionary protect the Counter-Earth

High Evolutionary planned to create a perfect society inhabited by the prime specimens of his artificially created species. The Counter-Earth was supposed to be free from all corruption and evil, and even though High Evolutionary was careful while creating it, his mortal enemy Man-Beast resurfaced and added the corruption to the mix.

Now under the control of Man-Beast, High Evolutionary had no way to deal with the rising danger of his new plane of existence, but the opportunity presented itself when he accidentally happened upon a cocoon that housed Adam Warlock, who recovered inside following his nearly-fatal due with Thor.

High Evolutionary gifted Adam Warlock with his name and the Soul Gem that is embedded in his forehead. From that day onward, Adam Warlock served as the protector of the Counter-Earth, helping High Evolutionary to deal with Man-Beast and evil New Men.

Counter-Earth was in danger several times, it was stolen, destroyed, and recreated

It was only a short span of time until Galactus managed to discover the existence of Counter-Earth, and in his eternal hunger for energy and planets to consume, Counter-Earth found itself on Galactus’ menu. In this time of crisis, High Evolutionary was forced to ask the Fantastic Four for help since they had experience dealing with both The Devourer of Worlds and his herald.

The Counter-Earth was then stolen by the Prime Movers of Tarkus on behalf of the Beyonders to be displayed in a cosmic museum. High Evolutionary pursued them to reclaim his creation but realized the Beyonders’ power was beyond his understanding, leading him to fall into despair and destroy himself using his own powers.

After he composed himself, High Evolutionary decided to create the beings that would be able to rival Beyonders called “They.” Unfortunately, Thanos destroyed the Counter-Earth during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, but High Evolutionary managed to rebuild it.

Counter-Earth was rebuilt and destroyed several times, and at least four versions of the plane existed. Among the most notable characters involved in creating those versions were Reed Richards and Franklin Richards.


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Counter-Earth is set to debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

We know that High Evolutionary is going to have his MCU debut in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3., presumable in the role of a villain, and luckily, we’re going to get a glimpse of Counter-Earth. High Evolutionary created Rocket Raccoon in the MCU, and he doesn’t plan on stopping his experiments. The replica of Earth in the MCU is populated by Humanimals, also known as Halfworlders, and most notably, Rocket Raccoon belongs to the species.

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