15 Greatest Disney Superheroes (That Aren’t From Marvel Universe)

15 Greatest Disney Superheroes That Arent From Marvel Universe

Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment back in 2009, it has become superhero central. Most of those superheroes hail from the aforementioned Marvel Universe, but still, the House of the Mouse gave us some pretty iconic characters over the years. This is why we have decided to scour through Disney archives and deliver to you the 15 greatest Disney superheroes of all time, excluding the ones from Marvel Universe. 

1. Buzz Lightyear 

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear was introduced in the first Toy Story film as a new toy belonging to Andy, the young boy who owns the rest of the toys in the film. What’s special about Buzz when compared to other toys is that he was designed to act and look like a true blue superhero. 

Buzz is not a superhero in looks only as he is able to fly and fight with the best of them. He is truly one of the most iconic characters created by Disney in general and the most iconic face of Toy Story. 

2.Karen Fields (Voyd)


Moving away from the Toy Story franchise, it’s time to drop one familiar name from Incredibles. Voyd was introduced in Incredibles 2. She is a superheroine with quite impressive superpowers. The core of her powers lies in the fact that she can create voids or portals through which people and other objects can easily be transported over vast distances. 

Voyd originally only dreamed of being a superhero, but with Screenslaver’s defeat, she became one. Voyd and Elastigirl are great friends, both sharing noble personalities. 

3. Dash Parr

Dash Parr

Continuing in the spirit of Incredibles, next up, we have Dash Parr. Dash Parr is a middle child of the Parr family. He was born with super speed, which helped him during his heroic efforts. Despite belonging to a superhero family, Parr is famous for his mischievousness and playfulness. 

Even though he is often depicted as being a prankster of the family, he is fiercely loyal, always ready to use his super-speed to save the day. 


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4. Skylar Storm

Skylar Storm

Skylar Storm was one of the main characters of the sitcom called Mighty Med. Skylar has a pretty bizarre origin story. Skylar was born on the planet called Caldera and was raised by a blob of lava (yes, you read that right). She ultimately made her way to Earth, where she started defending the planet from various dangers, including supervillains. 

In one such fight against The Annihilator, Skylar got depowered and got sent to Mighty Med, a medical center for superheroes. Once there, Skylar had to learn how to be a “normo” and make peace with her current state. Technically Skylar is no longer a superhero. Still, she might have lost her superpower, but she retained her heroic qualities. 

5. Helen Parr (Elastigirl) 

Helen Parr Elastigirl

Elastigirl, also known as Mrs. Incredible, is a superheroine gifted with powers of elasticity, allowing her to mold her body in whatever way she wishes. Besides being noble in the soul, Elastigirl is the head of the Incredibles family, raising her three equally superhuman children with her husband.

Elastiglr is known for her caring and serious personality. She is loyal and always tries to do the right thing. 

6. Drake Mallard ( Darkwing Duck) 

Drake Mallard Darkwing Duck

Drake Mallard is the start of his own popular show, Darkwing Duck. Drake started out as a regular duck but was eventually talked into taking on crime-fighting duties. At first, Drake operated alone, but when his activities became well-known and commonplace, he gathered quite the team around himself. 

Even though Drake is extremely resourceful, he technically doesn’t have any superpowers. He is, however extremely gifted martial artist. 


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7. Lucius Bestie (Frozone) 

Lucius Bestie Frozone

Frozone is no longer an active superhero, as he retired at the same time as most other superheroes in the Incredibles universe. 

Even retired, Frozone always finds time and will to help out his old friends, Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible. With his powers or cryogenic origin, Frozone was a huge help in the fight against Omnidroid. Frozone is a charming superhero extremely loyal, humorous, and even more so forgetful. 

8. Stegmutt


Hailing from Darkwing Duck, Stegmutt is a bit different from the rest of the superheroes on our list, as he started out as a villain. Stegmutt owes his “superpowers” to a lab accident where he was unfortunately turned into a dinosaur by Dr. Fossil. Just to make it clear, Stegmutt was a duck before the accident.  

Due to his newfound circumstances, Stegmutt was forced to turn to a life of crime, regularly stealing for his evil boss Dr. Fossil. During one such outing, Stegmutt runs into Darkwing Duck, and he manages to talk him into switching sides. Since then, Stegmutt has been a regular part of The Justice Ducks. 

9. Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck)

Fenton Crackshell Gizmoduck

Gizmoduck, like the rest of the superpowered ducks from this list, was once a regular duck working as an accountant for Scrooge McDuck. Gizmoduck wanted to prove himself to his boss, and after several failed attempts to protect the fortune, a superhero suit was designed. 

One day by accident, Fenton activated the suit since he guessed the secret activation password by pure luck. Now transformed into a Gizmoduck superhero persona, he takes on several known and lesser-known enemies both inside the business and inside the city. Gizmoduck’s superpowers mostly stem from his robotic suit. He is likewise extremely skilled when it comes to counting. 

10. Cliff Secord (Rocketeer)

Cliff Secord Rocketeer

Rocketeer, unlike most other Disney superheroes, has its origin in comics. He was created by writer-illustrator Dave Stevens in 1982, and almost a decade later, Rocketeer got his own movie. 

Armed with a helmet, a leather jacket, and a rocket pack strapped to his back, Cliff Secord is a stunt pilot who faces regular threats in the form of Nazi spies, gangsters, and even supernatural beings. 

11. Jack Parr (Jack-Jack)

Jack Parr Jack Jack

The youngest child of the Incredibles family, Jack-Jack developed his superpowers at an extremely young age. He was being babysat when Syndrome attempted to kidnap him. At that moment, Jack-Jack’s hereditary superhero instincts kicked in, and he manifested his powers. 


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Jack-Jack has mostly pyrogenic abilities. He can also generate flames, levitate and become intangible, among many others. His greatest advantage is, however, the fact that due to his age and form, he is often underestimated, which the individuals that mean him harm regret sorely after they see what they’re dealing with. 

12. Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) 

Bob Parr Mr. Incredible

Bob Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, had a normal career as a superhero until he met and fell in love with Elastigirl. Right at around the same time, Superhuman Registration Act passed, which led to many people suing superheroes for the damage they caused. Like numerous other superheroes, Bob Parr was forced to retire. Still, he was eventually forced out of that retirement due to various threats that resurfaced over the years. 

Mr. Incredible has super-strength, but his greatest power is the fact that he is a brave and protective father for his children with a mild-mannered personality. 

13. Morgana MacCawber

Morgana MacCawber

Morgana, like Stegmutt at first, was introduced as a villain before ultimately choosing a different path. Morgana is a powerful sorceress who grew up in a family of monsters in MacCawber Castle. 

She was initially involved with villainous activities on Earth but fell in love with Darkwing Duck despite their conflicting interests. After teaming up with Darkwing to stop a dream entity’s evil plan, Morgana gives up evil and starts a relationship with Darkwing.

14. Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Kim Possible had her own superhero animated series, which ran from 2002 until 2007. She is a teenage high school student who leads a double life as a crime-fighting superheroine, using her intelligence and various gadgets to take down numerous villains that appear over the course of the show. 

Technically Kim Possible is not a superpowered being, but she is highly intelligent, resourceful, and capable, which is why she ended up on our list of greatest Disney superheroes. 

15. Perry the Platypus (Agent P)

Perry the Platypus Agent P

Perry the Platypus hails from Phineas and Ferb. Perry was trained by the O.W.C.A. to become a skilled secret agent in martial arts and espionage. Adopted by step-brothers Phineas and Ferb, they were at first unaware of Perry’s double identity. After adoption, Perry made their house his headquarters and continued living his life as both a pet and a secret hero. 

Despite being a platypus, Perry is a highly skilled martial artist, incredibly resourceful, and has access to a vast array of high-tech spying tools. 

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