10 Greatest Female Green Lanterns of All Time

greatest female green lanterns
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Some of the most iconic characters in the DC comics over the years hailed from Green Lantern Corps, aka DC’s intergalactic police force. And while everyone is familiar with Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and the like, there have been numerous female Green Lanterns with significant contributions to the force. This is why we’ve decided to put together this list to present you with the ten greatest and most iconic female Green Lanterns of all time. 

1. Sojourner Mullein

Sojourner Mullein

Sojourner “Jo” Mullein debuted in Far Sector  #1 in January 2020, which makes her the “youngest” female Green Lantern on our list. Compared to some other big “Green Lantern” names, Jo is not as iconic, but what placed her on this list was not her overall popularity among the fans. She was making a true difference in the world even before she was drafted into the Green Lantern Corps.

Jo was born to a lower-class family that struggled with money for almost the entirety of her childhood. This led to a divorce, and the day she was leaving the divorce court with her father, she witnessed the 9/11 attack on World Trade Center. At this moment, Jo decided to make a difference as she helped rescue survivors. 


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Later on, she enlisted in the military to help pay for her Princeton studies. After serving for some time, she decided to become a police officer, and there, she reported her partner to internal affairs for almost beating the suspect to death. Eventually, she was offered the Green Lantern gig, and she accepted it. It was an opportunity to make a difference on a cosmic scale. 

2. Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (Jade) 

Jennifer Lynn Hayden Jade

Jade is the daughter of Alan Scott, one of the most notable Green Lanterns, and Rose Canton, known under her alias Thorn. Due to her ancestry, Jade inherited extremely powerful genes and manifested many superhuman and even supernatural powers early. 

Jade was born with the ability to utilize green energy and shape various constructs according to her will. She also inherited her mother’s ability to control plant life, giving her that greenish hue she is most notable for having. 

3. Katma Tui

Katma Tui

Katma Tui was a Green Lantern from Korugar, a planet in Sector 1417 overseen by the Guardians of the Universe. Her home planet was ruled by the tyrant Sinestro, who enslaved his people with the power of his Green Lantern ring, and this is why Korugars came to see the Green Lanterns as symbols of oppression and misery. 

Tui led a rebellion against Sinestro and testified against him before the Guardians, who imprisoned him in the Antimatter Universe. Tui was nominated as Sinestro’s replacement and accepted.

Still, her people came to see her as a monster for joining the Green Lanterns as the history between her people and organization was “difficult,” to say the least, and she became known as “Katma Tui the Lost.” Katma Tui eventually excelled in her Green Lantern duties and married the third Green Lantern, John Stewart. Katma Tui was one of the resurrected Green Lanterns during the “Blackest Night” storyline. 

4. Arisia Rrab

Arisia Rrab

Arisia was born on the planet Graxos IV, and she was quite familiar with Green Lanterns because her father served as one. She followed in her father’s footsteps and started her duties as a Green Lantern when she was merely a teen. After the battle against Anti-Monitor, she was assigned to Earth, and this is where she met Hal Jordan. She developed a huge crush on him and accidentally used her Green Lantern ring to age herself to an adult age. 

Hal Jordan returned her feelings after seeing her as an adult, but it took some adjusting. The two started dating, and this made her life all the more complicated. Eventually, the two broke up after she lost her powers, and her mind reverted to that of a 13-year-old girl. She tried to get close to Hal on several other occasions, but he politely turned down her advances every time. 

5. Kraken


Kraken was sort of a war hero after the Sinestro Corps War, and she was chosen to be a part of a special new program called Alpha Lantern Corps. A new special biologically improved Lanterns that were supposed to be “infallible.” The Guardians of the Universe had high hopes for the new Alpha Lanterns, but even they weren’t invincible. After the “Death of the New Gods” event, Kraken fell under the influence of Granny Goodness, a powerful Apokoliptian. Without anyone knowing, Granny made Kraken frame Hal Jordan for murder. 

6. Brik 


Brik hailed from a planet called Dryad, where many of the sentient beings resembled rocks due to their silicon-based life physiology. Following the restoration of the Green Lantern Corps, due to her physiology and her good nature, she was selected by Hal Jordan as a prime candidate for the force. She developed a crush on Hal Jordan, but he politely put down all advances with an apology citing that Green Lantern shouldn’t date. 

7. Anya Savenlovich

Anya Savenlovich

Anya Savenlovich was part of a Helios Project, a Soviet project gone- wrong that resulted in Anya being placed in cryo-hibernation that lasted for 35 years. Kyle Rayner and Green Lantern Corps eventually discovered her after they heard the distress call her spacecraft had made before she was about to be placed in hibernation.

After receiving news that she had been asleep for three and a half decades, she agreed to join Rayner’s new Corps. After the dissolution of the new Corps, she created, together with Garl Rathbone, a new organization called simply “The Corps.” 

8. R’amey Holl

Ramey Holl

We’ve had several aliens on this list since the list of greatest female Green Lanterns is not exclusive to human Green Lanterns. Still, our next Green Lantern belongs to a truly exquisite species of aliens called Monarchists, a species of sentient beings that are able to sprout butterfly-like wings from planet Papilliox. 

Before joining Green Lantern Corps, R’amey was a police officer back on her planet. She recruited the help of Guardians of the Universe to defend her planet from parasitic Hymenoptists. 

9. Shilandra Thane

Shilandra Thane

Shilandra was the only survivor of a planet destroyed by a nuclear war. She received the Power Ring from a dying Green Lantern during the final battle, which gave her incredible powers. She now serves as a mediator when encountering warring parties in her sector, but despite her efforts, her planet was ultimately destroyed by the conflict.

10. Jessica Cruz 

Jessica Cruz

Last but not least is probably the most famous and iconic female Green Lantern ever. Jessica Cruz went on a hunting trip with her friends and witnessed mobsters burying a body, who then killed her friends. The traumatic event led to Jessica developing severe anxiety and becoming reclusive for four years. Due to her debilitating condition, Jessica locked herself in her room, and she never ever dreamt that she would be chosen to be a Green Lantern who are famous for being “fearless.” 


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Jessica Cruz was chosen by the Ring of Volthoom after the previous bearer was killed. The ring took over her body and caused her to attack her hometown, but she ultimately overcame its influence with Batman’s help. With assistance from the Justice League and Hal Jordan, she learned to control the ring’s power and became one of the most notable Green Lanterns in the history of the organization. 

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