Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye: Who Would Win in a Fight of Archers?

green arrow vs hawkeye who wins in a fight of archers
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When we think about the best archers in comics, the two names that always come up are Marvel’s Hawkeye and DC’s Green Arrow. Both archers were born without superpowers but managed to hone their talents with the bow and arrows. Now, they are at the top of their game and considered the most accurate and lethal in their respective universes. But what would happen if we pit the two universally popular characters against each other? This is what we aim to explore in today’s post so let’s see if it ever came to a fight between Green Arrow and Hawkeye; who would win? 

Green Arrow would win in a fight against Hawkeye, but it would be an extremely close fight, and Green Arrow would not be able to win every time. He prevails solely because of his greater speed when it comes to firing arrows. As in any other aspect, the two are evenly matched and can be considered equals. Both are expert combatants gifted with strategic minds and intelligence, and both use their archery skills in creative and superhuman ways, but Green Arrow is slightly faster, and this is why, in this case, he would win.

Now that we’ve covered who would win in a fight, it’s time to analyze why. Green Arrow and Hawkeye are when you look at the big picture, almost the same characters. They are perfectly matched in almost every aspect that you can think of. This is why we’ve decided to dive below the surface. We’ll examine the strengths and weaknesses of Green Arrow and Hawkeye, comparing their equipment, combat experience, and accuracy. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Green Arrow was born without superhuman powers. In fact, he was already rich and an heir to a successful enterprise, so superpowers would be the farthest from his mind. He was forced, however, to undergo a quick character development when he was stranded on a desert island with nothing but criminals and scum surrounding him in every direction. Oliver Queen allegedly always has some natural talent when it comes to ranged weaponry, and this was the perfect time to hone it. When he returned to Star City, he took on a new “Green Arrow” identity to fight crime. 

Green arrow

Green Arrow is the world’s best archer, at least according to DC. Besides that, he is plain human in every other aspect, although he does operate at peak human efficiency, meaning he can lift more than average human, has faster reflexes, and is more in control of his body in terms of acrobatics. 

Hawkeye hails from the other end of the walk of life. He, along with his brother, was orphaned early in life and changed numerous foster parents until he eventually landed in the circus. There it was discovered that young Clint Barton had an incredible talent for ranged weapons. He was trained and able to hone his skills to reach almost supernatural levels. He eventually had a falling out with Swordsman and Trick Shot, that were training him, and he decided to leave the circus and utilize his skills for the greater good. From a former circus performer to the Avenger, Hawkeye accomplished things through superhuman effort, although he has no superhuman abilities to speak of. 

Hawkeye aims and hits with a playing card

Just like Oliver Queen, Clint Barton operates at peak human efficiency. He has incredible reflexes and eyesight and is capable of slightly outperforming and outrunning an average human. In terms of powers and abilities, Green Arrow and Hawkeye are evenly matched. Both get the point. 

Points: Green Arrow (1:1) Hawkeye 


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It’s my understanding that being the world’s best archer requires one to be incredibly accurate. Both our heroes in the past proved to be well-equipped to land even the most impossible of shots. 

Hawkeye has near-superhuman eyesight that allows him to track targets and hit them with pinpoint accuracy across incredible distances. In fact, he doesn’t even have to look at the targets to hit them. 

Hawkeye takes down monster without looking

His near-superhuman eyesight is probably the result of the fact that Hawkeye is, in large part, deaf. 

The same can be said for Green Arrow as well. He is capable of ricocheting arrows multiple times to take out several groups of enemies, and once, he even managed to land a shot at the moon. It’s obvious that Hawkeye and Green Arrow only miss when the story calls for it, and in terms of accuracy, the two are equal. 

Green arrow ricochet

Points: Green Arrow (2:2) Hawkeye 


This is the part where we usually discuss how many times the speed of sound our superhero can run. Or to what extent can our superhero teleport? When it comes to archers, however, the most important thing is how fast they can land the shot. Green Arrow can fire 33 arrows per minute with tremendous accuracy. This would be hard to beat, and it turns out this is the deciding aspect in which Hawkeye falls short. 


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Hawkeye can fire 29 arrows per minute. It doesn’t seem like such a great difference, but when we take into account their superhuman archery skills, it’s enough to tip the scales in favor of Oliver Queen. 

Points: Green Arrow (3:2) Hawkeye 


Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye sometimes substitute their lack of superhuman powers with trick arrows. And when you look at their arsenal, it’s insane what they can viably shoot through their respective bows. 

Green Arrow is known for a wide assortment of arrows ranging from boxing glove arrows to arrows tipped with explosives with mighty potential for destruction. He’s been known to “enhance” his arrows with acid, chloroform, diamonds, and other stuff that he finds lying around. 

Green Arrow freeze arrow

Hawkeye uses his extensive knowledge of weaponry to modify his arrows as well. He often uses trick arrows made out of vibranium, and adamantium, tipped with explosives, tear gas, various rockets, and even nuclear warheads. The most bizarre, however, is the Pym particles arrows. When it comes to modding his arrows, Green Arrow has some impressive trick arrows at his disposal, but Pym particles have him beat. This point goes to Hawkeye. 

Pym Particle arrow

Points: Green Arrow (3:3) Hawkeye 

Combat Skills 

Both Hawkeye and Green Arrow were expertly trained. Green Arrow was trained by Wildcat and has proficiency in various martial arts and unarmed combat skills such as boxing and karate. He is considered to be among the most skilled fighters in the DC universe. He can likewise rely on his knowledge of stealth and on his fast reflexes to gain the upper hand in almost any fight. 

Green arrow vs. Batman

Hawkeye is an expert combatant as well. He was trained under Captain America and managed to excel in almost all known forms of unarmed combat and martial arts. He advanced to the rank of Ronin and is considered among the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe

Hawkeye vs kate bishop vs deadpool

Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye were trained by some of the best, and both have fighting feats under their belt. They are evenly matched, and the point goes to both of them.

Points: Green Arrow (4:4) Hawkeye 


Oliver Queen is considered to be among the DC’s top detectives. He has excellent observational skills, and his cunning intellect allows him to defeat even the most powerful of enemies thrown his way. He is an expert hunter, tracker, and survivalist. Those skills are what allowed him to survive in a world fraught with superpowered villains coming his way. He is likewise an expert tactician and has extensive knowledge of weaponry, which allows him to modify his arrows and make them even more dangerous. 


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Hawkeye is among the best strategists in the Marvel Universe. He led West Coast Avengers and Thunderbolts and proved himself to be an excellent field commander and a just leader. His combat intelligence allows him to think several steps ahead in a fight, and his deadly weapons skills allow him to design arrows capable of taking down anything. 

It’s clear that both Green Arrow and Hawkeye possess above-average intelligence and are deadly opponents capable of outsmarting even the toughest foe. In terms of intelligence, they are evenly matched. 

Points: Green Arrow (5:5) Hawkeye 

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye: Who wins? 

Going by the points, you can see that the two are evenly matched in almost every aspect. Both are extremely accurate. Both are master archers. They are both expert combatants with cunning minds and some neat equipment available to them. However, there is one important aspect where Green Arrow has the upper hand, and this is what ultimately decided that Green Arrow will be the winner of this hypothetical match. In terms of firing arrows, Green Arrow is much faster than Hawkeye, and since it’s among the most important aspects of archery skills, the win goes to him. 

It would be an extremely close fight, and Green Arrow is not guaranteed to win every time, but when it comes to our hypothetical fight, he did. 

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