Green Goblin vs. Captain America: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Green Goblin vs. Captain America Who Would Win in a Fight Why

Green Goblin and Captain America are two iconic characters in the Marvel Comics universe, known for their vastly different ideologies and morals. The Green Goblin, also known as Norman Osborn, is a billionaire industrialist who transforms into a dangerous and unstable supervillain, while Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is a symbol of patriotism and bravery, wielding his iconic shield in the name of justice. Since both characters were enhanced with a serum, it would be interesting to see how the fight would play out, so if it ever comes to a battle between Green Goblin and Captain America, who wins, and why?

Green Goblin would win in a fight against Captain America. Green Goblin Formula vastly overpowers Super-Soldier Serum in terms of physical abilities. This means that Green Goblin is stronger, faster, and more durable. Captain America might have more combat experience, and he would certainly be able to hold his ground. Still, he would eventually tire out long before Green Goblin is ready to stop. 

Now that we’ve covered that Green Goblin is superior, at least in terms of physicality, it’s time to analyze both characters’ powers, abilities, intelligence, and other related aspects. If you’re interested in how the fight between Green Goblin and Captain American would play out, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Neither Green Goblin nor Captain America have any special powers and abilities at their disposal. Both were enhanced with respective serums, leading to them achieving peak human performance in the physical sense. Green Goblin serum seems to be more potent than the Super-Soldier serum providing Osborn with levels of performance unseen in regular humans. Since both Captain America and Green don’t have any powers and abilities beyond their physical aspects being greatly enhanced, no one gets this point. Their respective physical abilities will be analyzed in the rest of this post.

Points: Green Goblin (0:0) Captain America


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Strength and Stamina 

Green Goblin Formula greatly enhanced Osborn’s strength. He has no trouble manipulating humans and other heavy objects with his massive strength. He seems to be able to lift up to 10 tons without great difficulties and has no trouble matching Spider-Man’s strength when necessary. Green Goblin can exert himself at average capacity for about a day before he feels fatigue catching up to him, which means that he has quite the stamina reserves, likewise provided by the Green Goblin Formula.

Green Goblin trashes Spider Man

Captain America likewise has enhanced strength and has no trouble holding his ground when it comes to manhandling humans and some difficult objects. Still, Super-Soldier serum proves inferior in this aspect since Cap caps at around 1200 lbs. In terms of stamina, Rogers’ enhanced metabolism gets rid of the fatigue toxins quite efficiently, and he has more or less the same stamina as Green Goblin. 

Captain America Stops elevator with his shield

Even though both Green Goblin and Captain America can lift far more than the average human can, Green Goblin is simply stronger. 

Points: Green Goblin (1:0) Captain America


Green Goblin’s muscles and tissues are enhanced to a point where he can reach superhuman speeds. This means that at his peak, he can move at speeds reaching up to 700mph. Green Goblin Formula also enhanced his reflexes, which means he can parry even the fastest opponents in the Marvel Universe with relative ease. 

Green Goblin speed

Captain America cannot match Green Goblin’s speed. He can move at the speeds that can be reached by the finest human athletes, and this caps at around 30 mph. This is impressive but not impressive enough to match Osborn. Like Green Goblin, Captain America has exceptional reaction speed and reflexes, being able to react ten times faster than a normal human being. Still, no matter have impressive this is; It simply can’t reach Green Goblin’s blinding speeds.

Captain America speed

Points: Green Goblin (2:0) Captain America


Green Goblin is not immune to damage and can be injured by conventional methods. He is simply highly resistant to it. At least when it comes to blunt-force trauma, such as falling from great heights. If Green Goblin, however, gets injured by a weapon or anything else really, there’s a high possibility that his fast healing factor will be able to repair the damage. With his healing factor, Green Goblin can survive damage that would kill most people. Green Goblin’s durability and healing factor can match other superhuman characters, providing him with the ability to leave the fight relatively unscathed, but he wouldn’t be able to survive an attack from the cosmic or abstract entity. 

Green Goblin durability

Captain America is durable to some extent. He is more durable than an average human, at least. The punishment that Green Goblin can receive and walk away from would most likely, however, severely disable Captain America, maybe even hit him. Still, Captain America does have enhanced healing abilities. He is highly immune to viruses, diseases, and other calamities with his enhanced metabolism. He also ages slower than an average human being, which prolongs his peak potential. 

Captain America lands on a car

In the battle of durability and healing factors, Green Goblin wins. 

Points: Green Goblin (3:0) Captain America


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Green Goblin was considered highly intelligent even before he consumed the Green Goblin Formula. He was generally skilled with science and capable of understanding biological processes and how certain chemicals would affect it. He is far from being the smartest mind in the Marvel Universe, but he is quite capable of understanding complex science and its workings of it. Green Goblin Formula enhanced his mind and brought it to a different level. He can now process information faster and is even better at applying his scientifical musings to his inventions. 

Green Goblin is good with numbers

Captain America was never known to be the scientist of the Marvel Universe, but the Super Soldier Serum gave him all the tools to develop a sharp, sound, and intelligent mind. Captain America can process information faster than any human. He can master any weapon in seconds. He has an eidetic memory paired with perfect recall. Even though Rogers does not apply his smarts for science, he is a brilliant strategist and excels at military tactics. 

Captain America and Green Goblin are both intelligent; they simply use their minds for different things, which is why this point will be shared between them. 

Points: Green Goblin (4:1) Captain America

Combat Skills 

Green Goblin is highly skilled when it comes to using most weapons. He is quite a skilled fighter and excels at ranged combat using hand-held throwing weapons. His aim is near-impeccable thanks to his reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and improved eye-sight. 

Green Goblin swords

Captain America blows him completely out of the water, however. He is considered to be among the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe and excels at most armed and unarmed combat disciplines, thanks to his military background. Captain America has also mastered numerous martial arts in the universe and likewise trained many generations of Avengers. 

Captain America combat

Points: Green Goblin (4:2) Captain America

Green Goblin vs. Captain America: who is stronger & who wins? 

Green Goblin wins against Captain America. His Green Goblin Formula is simply superior to Super Soldier Serum and enhances his physiology to levels that Captain America cannot reach. Regarding physiology, Green Goblin dominates Captain America in almost every aspect. Captain America has combat skills going for him, and if the fight came down to that, he would most likely win. Still, if we consider the fact that Green Goblin is more durable, resilient, and has larger stamina reserves, he will tire out Captain America relatively quickly.