‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn‘ TV series is back with a new episode after the first three episodes of season 4 showcased Harley Quinn becoming a member of the Bat Family, Joker as the mayor, and Poison Ivy becoming the CEO of Legion of Doom.

Episode 4 of season 4, titled ‘The First Person to Come Back From a Business Conference Without Chlamydia’ sees Harley and Bat Fam being financially in trouble and Poison Ivy being invited to the business conference on the Moon, where she needs to stand out and showcase her progress as the new business woman among supervillains. If you’re interested in our recap and explanation of the ending, stay with us until the end.

Ivy is invited to the business conference on the Moon, and the Bat Family deals with Talia al Ghul

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

The episode starts with Poison Ivy and her assistant Nora Freeze arriving at the boarding station for the MalCon business conference that is held on the Moon. While Ivy travels to the Moon in the “phallus” looking rocket, Harley and Bat Fam come to Mayor’s office to save Joker from Two-Face and his goons.

However, the team quickly realizes their weapons are missing – Robin’s shuriken, Batgirl’s gel bombs, and Nightwing’s maces. Harley saves the day and Joker by beating everyone with her bat and realizes that her team doesn’t know how to fight without their fancy gadgets.

On the Moon, Lex Luthor prepares for the conference, showcasing his vanity, and we see Clark Kent present to cover the MalCon for Daily Planet. Lex continues to brag about appointing Ivy as the CEO of Legion of Doom.


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Talia al Ghul arrives at Wayne Manor, seizing all possessions, including the Bat Fam’s weapons, quoting she’s leading Wayne Enterprises company while Bruce Wayne is in prison. In the last episode, we learned that the company has been on the edge of bankruptcy since Ivy made sure Gotham’s citizens don’t need to buy allergy medicine, which led to massive losses for Wayne Enterprises.

Of course, the team is extremely mad, but Talia leaves the Manor with Bat Fam’s stuff and goes to the MalCon conference on the Moon.

Harley teaches Bat Fam to fight without their gadgets, and Ivy tries to impress Steppenwolf, the star of the conference

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

While Bat Fam deals with the lack of resources, Lex Luthor leads Poison Ivy through the conference and subtly reminds her that she doesn’t matter as him in the business world, especially after explaining her own idea to her (planting female trees across the Gotham to prevent allergies as we saw in the previous episode).

Steppenwolf is cited as the “big dog” of the conference, and Lex shows the panel schedule of the MalCon, which doesn’t have Ivy, at least in a significant way. She is only listed as the introduction for Lex’s panel, where she would be featured for 45 seconds. Lex tells Ivy to save her voice for his panel, and the woman isn’t happy.

Bat Fam officially doesn’t have money, and Harley thinks of a way to teach the team to fight without their gadgets. They also need to find the source of their income, and after many (sometimes outrageous) ideas, the team settles on renting Wayne Manor on CleggBnb. Two European tourists arrive at Wayne Manor, and Harley finally thinks of a way to teach her teammates how to fight.


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The conference is in full swing, and Lex and Ivy meet Talia al Ghul. While Lex goes on to show how cool he is, Talia encourages Ivy to go on panels and showcases her work as the CEO.

Steppenwolf arrives at the conference, and Ivy goes on a mission to impress the General of Apokolips. She does it with her villainous ways, which lands her the one-on-one talk with the Apokolips Warlord.

Steppenwolf is impressed by Ivy’s ideas and attitude, and Ivy continues to impress everyone at the MalCon. Harley calls her girlfriend to praise her work, and Ivy confesses she loves the attention. Harley uses that knowledge to sell Ivy’s “undies” to earn money.

Talia tells Lex Ivy is overshadowing him by going to panels and showcasing her work, while Joker is bored working as the Mayor – he wants to have fun like other villains.

Harley saves the day, and Ivy overshadows Lex Luthor

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

The Swedish guests at Wayne Manor are criminals who want to rob the place, and the Bat Fam is in trouble. Ivy and Lex prepare for the panel, where the narcissistic man discovers Ivy was working overtime to present her work at the Con. The public loves Ivy, and Lex embarrasses himself by revealing he stole a woman’s idea. Ivy also reveals that she is working with Steppenwolf, who will finance her ideas and projects.

On Earth, Harley arrives at Wayne Manor, revealing she earned some money by selling Ivy’s underwear, and immediately realizes that the Swedish tourists are trying to rob the place. She is overwhelmed by the criminals, but the Bat Fam comes in clutch with their new fighting skills, including the unconventional subjects.


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After Bat Fam defeats the Swedish tourists, we see a lawnmower hired by Joker being exploded in the middle of Gotham City. While fire immerges, we see Joker maniacally laughing.

Lex Luthor goes insane and tries to destroy the conference, but Steppenwolf helps Ivy and jumps in the portal with him, bonding even more with the General of the Apokalips.

The ending is interesting and open for the next-weeks episodes since we saw a seemingly sleepwalking Harley destroying Nighwing’s things.

‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Episode 4 ending explained

During this episode, we saw Ivy becoming more prolific in the evil business world, even overshadowing Lex Luthor and impressing the famous Steppenwolf. Her work and results of it will most likely determine the continuation of season four, which sees the other side, Harley Quinn bonding with her new team even more.

However, Joker’s boredom as the Mayor of Gotham will most likely put the city on its knees, and we will most likely see two sides and lovers fighting each other. When it comes to the ending of this particular episode, Harley is seemingly sleepwalking and destroying her teammates’ things. This might be the plot point of the next week’s episode, and since we don’t know the synopsis of it yet, we’re not sure what to expect from this chaotic and fun show.

The fifth episode of season four will be released next week at the same time, and we will be here once again recapping this cool show.

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