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While Batman is well-known for operating solo, he inspired plenty of young characters and took a few under his wing as well. This led to a range of heroes belonging to the Bat Family over time, and many fans are still eager to know all of the Bat Family members’ heights and weights.

Although some figures are more iconic and popular than others, they have all played crucial roles in building the DC world as we know it. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about each of the Bat Family members, including how they tie into the picture as well as their reported heights, weights, and more.

All Batman Family members’ heights & weights

Numerous individuals go through the same superhero title within the DC universe. These characters may drop their initial identity in order to fashion one of their own, but some characters have met dire ends as well.

The list of Batman Family allies is extensive, and the members comprised here focus on those who work with or were trained by Batman – excluding characters who exist outside of the DC Comics continuity. Below is a quick overview of each Batman Family member’s average height and weight.

Batman Family memberHeightWeight
Batman6’2” ft/ 188 cm210 lbs/ 95 kg
Robin5’4”/ 164 cm
– 6’0”/ 182 cm
131 lbs/ 59 kg
– 225 lbs/ 102 kg
Batgirl5’5”/ 167 cm
– 5’7”/ 173 cm
110 lbs/ 55 kg
– 126 lbs/ 57 kg
Batwoman5’11”/ 155 cm 141 lbs/ 64 kg
Bluebird5’5”/ 167 cm112 lbs/ 51 kg
Batwing5’9”/ 179 cm170 lbs/ 77 kg
Huntress5’11’/ 155 cm 149 lbs/ 68 kg

Characters who took the role of these heroes unofficially have been excluded, such as Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, who briefly played Batgirl using a homemade costume. Former members and supportive characters of the Bat Family have also been excluded, such as:

  • Alfred Pennyworth (Alfred Beagle)
  • Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Kane (Flamebird/Hawkfire)
  • Selina Kyle-Wayne (Catwoman)
  • Bat-Mite
  • Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael)
  • Onyx Adams
  • Claire Clover (Gotham Girl)
  • Duke Thomas (The Signal)
  • Henry “Hank” Clover Jr. (Gotham)
  • Basil Karlo (Clayface)
  • Minhkhoa “Khoa” Khan (Ghost-Maker)

It’s worth noting that since the DC world includes multiple timelines, there are multiple versions of each member as well. Although, the height and weight stats appear to remain the same across all DC timelines.


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1. Batman

Batman is one of the biggest names in the DC world, and it’s really no surprise that Batman had such a huge fanbase within Gotham City. At the time of writing, only two characters have taken up the prized Batman mantle, with Bruce Wayne being the original Batman – somehow managing to survive tons of deaths. The role of Batman was only taken up by Bruce Wayne’s biological father in a timeline that followed an alternate series of events.

Bruce Wayne (The Original Batman)


Bruce Wayne has a reported height of 6’2” ft/ 188 cm, and he is believed to weigh 210 lbs/ 95 kg. He has black hair and blue eyes, and his true age remains unknown to this day – nearly impossible to discern considering the “Batman Clone” theory.

He is a superhero and businessman, being incredibly wealthy with access to countless resources. Since Batman does not have supernatural abilities or mutant skills of his own, he relies on his inventive mind, planning, and preparation – in addition to a load of daily intel and training.

Thomas Wayne

thomas wayne

Dr. Thomas Wayne was one of the most respected figures in all of Gotham City, inheriting Wayne Manor and taking charge of Wayne Enterprises. He is also a skilled surgeon and philanthropist, establishing the Wayne Foundation alongside his wife, Martha Wayne, but his height and weight stats remain unknown.


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Thomas Wayne is the biological father of Bruce Wayne, which naturally makes him a part of the Batman Family. However, he also took the role of a more aggressive and corrupted Batman for a short period of time in an alternative universe featured with the release of Flashpoint.

2. Robin

Many fans adore Robin, being Batman’s trusted sidekick for many years. Robin helped Batman accomplish many difficult tasks and even saved Batman on a couple of occasions, but there are many characters who took up this identity within the DC Universe.

Dick Grayson (Nightwing)


Richard John Dick Grayson is a skilled acrobat and was the original Robin, with a reported height of 5’10”/ 155 cm and a weight of 175 lbs/ 79 kg. He was taken under Bruce Wayne’s wing after his parents were killed – although he eventually outgrew his position, he was still inspired by Batman and his experiences.

He went on to form a new superhero identity now known as “Nightwing,” which he holds to this day. Grayson’s former role as Robin would be succeeded by numerous figures from this point onward.

Jason Todd (Red Hood)

red hood

The second character to take the role of Robin was a spunky street orphan named Jason Todd. He has a reported height of 6’0”/ 182 cm and a weight of 225 lbs/ 102 kg, and he was taken in by Batman after he was caught trying to steal a wheel off of the Batmobile.

Unfortunately, although Jason Todd proved to be a skilled crime-fighter, he was no match for the Joker. Jason Todd met a grim demise but was later resurrected by Batman’s nemesis Ra’s al Ghul, after which he took on the identity of “Red Hood” and became the most violent member of the Bat Family.


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Tim Drake (Red Robin)

tim red robin

Timothy Jackson “Tim” Drake was the third Robin, with a reported height of 5’6”/ 170 cm and a weight of 131 lbs/ 59 kg. He became the new Robin by means of pure wits and observation, noticing that Grayson’s acrobatic maneuvers matched that of Robin while attending The Flying Graysons at the circus.

He confronted Batman and the former Robin, now Nightwing, after which he was trained. Although, he proved to hold far more value as a detective, and he later passed down the title of Robin in order to take on his new role as “Red Robin.”

Damian Wayne

damian robin

Batman is known for having some spontaneous romantic flings and questionable relationships. After an encounter with Talia, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Batman learns that he is actually the father of her new child, Damian Wayne – who measures 5’4”/ 164 cm in height with a weight of 140 lbs/ 64 kg.


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Damian Wayne was raised by Talia and her father, trained by the League of Assassins from a very young age – which conflicted with Batman’s no-killing rule. He matured well as he aged and trained alongside Batman, becoming the new Robin, and he formed good friendships with other young DC superheroes, including Jon Kent and the Teen Titans.

3. Batgirl

Batgirl has been one of the most popular DC figures to date; although there are numerous Batgirls with varying skill sets, much like the numerous Robins comprising the Bat Family, a selection of Batgirls support Batman, primarily acting as lone-wolf vigilantes compared to Robin’s sidekick and ally role.

Barbara Gordon (Oracle)

barbara gordan

Barbara Gordon is the original Batgirl, with a reported height of 5’7”/ 173 cm and a weight of 126 lbs/ 57 kg – although, she did not join the Bat Family intentionally. She ended up preventing the abduction of Bruce Wayne as she was heading to a costume party dressed as a female version of Batman.

While Batman was hesitant about her joining his crime-fighting team, he was impressed by her natural abilities. She was later shot by the Joker, paralyzing her in the process, but she continued to work within the Bat Family by operating as the computer expert “Oracle” until she regained the use of her legs and physical abilities.

Cassandra Cain (Black Cat)

cassandra batgirl

Cassandra Cain was fashioned for combat from birth, being the biological daughter of David Cain, a member of the League of Assassins, and the deadly villainess Lady Shiva. She is possibly the most skilled fighter out of all the Batgirls, with a reported height of 5’5”/ 167 cm and a weight of 110 lbs/ 55 kg.

Once she understood the cruelty of her parents, she fled in search of a new life, identity, and home – after which she came across Batman and Barbara Gordan. She briefly took the role of Batgirl to replace Helena Bertinelli, after which she became a member of Batman Incorporated under her new identity, “Black Cat.”

Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)

stephanie brown

Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the villain Cluemaster, fighting crime under the main alias “Spoiler” and forming one-half of the Batgirls alongside Cassandra Cain. She has a height of 5’5”/ 167 cm and a weight of 110 lbs/ 50 kg.

4. Batwoman (Kate Kane)

Batwoman 1

Katherine Kane, more commonly known as “Kate Kane,” is the only Batwoman in the Bat Family. She was born to a family of military experts, with her father being a colonel and her mother being a captain, and she has a reported height of 5’11”/ 155 cm and a weight of 141 lbs/ 64 kg.


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Her regular life came to an end when her mother and sister were killed, after which she underwent extensive training with her father. She is typically armed with military-grade equipment and often uses military tactics, making her a dangerous and deadly member of the Bat Family.

5. Bluebird (Harper Row)


Harper Row was raised in the slums of Gotham City with her brother Cullen, becoming a member of the Batman Family after a chance encounter with Batman. She has a reported height of 5’5”/ 167 cm and a weight of 112 lbs/ 51 kg.

She spent tons of time and effort proving herself to the Bat Family, eventually taking on the identity of “Bluebird.” She is a talented fighter and is incredibly skilled with electronics and engineering, which makes her invaluable – she used her expertise to save Batman’s life in at least one dire situation.

6. Batwing

Batwing is a hero that works alongside Batman, considered a member of the Batman Family. The role has only been taken by two characters to date.

David Zavimbe

David Zavimbe

David Zavimbe was trained in the ways of war from a very young age, being a child soldier with additional training from the Army of Dawn alongside his brother Isaac. He flaunts a range of skills, including combat abilities, marksmanship, tracking, multilingualism, and more, topped off with some amazing tech skills, although his height and weight remain unknown.

Luke Fox


Lucas “Luke” Fox was born into wealth, being the son of Lucius Fox – the president and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He has a reported height of 5’9”/ 179 cm and a weight of 170 lbs/ 77 kg.

While Luke Fox received the highest education, he always longed to be a part of Batman Incorporated. He went through extensive martial arts training, practicing his skills by taking part in underground cage matches, and he eventually replaced David Zavimbe as the new Batwing.

7. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)


Helena Rosa Bertinelli took the role of one of the Batgirls for some time before becoming the “Huntress,” with a height of 5’11’/ 155 cm and a weight of 149 lbs/ 68 kg. Having a strong vendetta against organized crime, she was willing to kill and use violent tactics, which initially made her an outcast from the heroic community.

Over time, she managed to channel her skills more practively, becoming a member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey as well. She is one of the deadliest members of the Batman Family, still following ruthless methods after tempering her former approach.


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That’s everything there is to know about all of the main Bat Family members’ heights and weights, with stats thanks to the DC Wiki. Some of these heroes have had multiple faces, including the esteemed Batman, but their statures and frames have always helped them pursue their missions.

What do you think about the heights and weights of each Bat Family member? Let us know in the comments below!

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