‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn‘ is back with another episode, which continues in the same funny atmosphere. Of course, not that much after the death of Nightwing, but the show still finds ways to make us laugh. In the previous episode, we saw Nightwing’s mysterious death and Legion of Doom being the main suspects.

This week’s episode, “Metamorphosis,” sees the disjointed Bat Fam trying to discover who killed Nightwing, Harley struggling with her allegiances and relationship with Ivy, and the evil girl boss dealing with bad PR. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Gotham’s villains crash Nightwing’s funeral, while Ivy needs to deal with bad PR

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

The beginning of the episode sees Harley giving a speech at Nightwing’s funeral. Many superheroes are in attendance – Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, and others. Of course, even Alfred arrives from prison and attends the fallen superheroes’ funeral, while Batman can’t make it.

After establishing that she would gladly sing a sad Linkin Park song for her fallen comrade, Harley establishes she cannot because of the copyright. Batgirl gets the chance to speak but is too sad and upset about her friend dying to showcase her usual public speech skills.

After Harley confesses to Alfred, she is freaking out by everything that happened; Toyman crashes the funeral, but the Flash saves the day. Harley is upset that third-tier villains are attacking them now and concludes they must stick together. However, Batgirl insists on splitting up so they don’t get targeted, which means Harley needs to return to live with Ivy, Batgirl to move back with Alysia, and Damian calls his mother, Talia al Ghul.


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Ivy is hanging out with “Evil Women in Business Collective,” where she finds out that Nightwing is dead and that she needs to release a statement.

However, her new PR team, appointed by Lex in the last episode, posted their own PR statement on behalf of Ivy, and she’s not happy. Talia and the rest of her evil colleagues suggest that Ivy needs to take over control of her social media and that she needs to do it immediately.

On the other side of Gotham, Joker spends time with his family and announces he will return to his evil ways. The family soon agrees to his decision and proceeds to laugh maniacally.

Bat Family deals with Nightwing’s murder, and Natural Disasters decides to help Ivy

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley returns to Ivy’s apartment and encounters Frank the Plant, who tells her the story of Johns trying to get rid of him. Harley admits she doesn’t know anything about what is happening with her girlfriend these days and waits for Ivy until she gets home.

However, when Harley wakes up hours later, she notices that the apartment is destroyed – the pillows, TV, furniture, and even Frank is traumatized. The plant tells Harley she’s been sleepwalking and destroying everything in her daze, which is a callback to the previous episodes.

When asked if Ivy got home, Frank tells Harley that her girlfriend was in a rush and that he covered for her, literally – Ivy didn’t even notice she was there. At Legion of Doom HQ, Nora Freeze and Captain Cold flirt until King Shark arrives with his happy-go-lucky personality. He returned from maternity leave and admitted he’s been struggling to be a single father – Tabitha bailed out shortly after giving birth to their children.

Nevertheless, King Shark panics when he discovers that LOD doesn’t have a childcare program. While trying to think about how he’ll care for his children, Jim Gordon offers to help King Shark, and showcase his “parental” skills, inspired by his care (or lack of) of Barbara.

Ivy arrives at LOD headquarters and sees Johns scheming once again. Initially, Ivy tries to stop them from causing more mess, but she decides to go with their ideas for her plan to get rid of them.


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At Bat Cave, Lucius Fox helps the remaining Bat Fam members to uncover what happened to Nightwing. Batgirl is upset but gets even more mad when she sees that Ivy (Johns) posted on her social media celebrating Nightwing’s death.

Lucius Fox discovers that the person Nightwing follows ended up in the Legion of Doom Headquarters, which makes Batgirl even more mad, while Damian is taken by his mother and League of Assassins members – he left willingly.

Harley tries to save Ivy’s face, but she needs better proof. At the LOD building, Ivy quickly dismisses Harley’s calls and greets Natural Disasters, a trio we met in the last episode.

Ivy apologizes to the team, and they immediately decide to help Ivy remove the Johns from her PR team. They think of a plan to remove them for good, but Ivy first must play along and agree to everything they suggest.

Babs is struggling with Nightwing’s death, and Harley realizes that Ivy doesn’t care

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon showcases his “parental skills” to King Shark by using strange methods, including giving whiskey to the younglings with which he calms the little shark children. Gordon remembers how he raised Babs and fondly looks after King Shark’s children.

Of course, King Shark is happy because he has time for himself. Harley and Babs go to the LOD building and realize that the villains are preparing for the “Nightwing is dead!” party. After they enter the building, Harley and Babs stumble upon Gordon, who looks after sleeping children, and discover Nightwing’s tracker. The tracker is useless since the babies drooled over it.


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Babs still blames Ivy for the murder of Nightwing and goes to find her. However, Harley ties her to the bar and tells her to “mingle” until she finds Ivy to seek answers. When she does, Ivy tells her she didn’t kill Nightwing, but if someone from LOD did, good for them. Harley is confused and shocked by it but cannot fully express her feelings on the topic since Ivy immediately goes somewhere else.

Babs drowns shot after shot, even with her hands tied, and after being frustrated by her father, and everything that has been going on, she snaps and starts a “party brawl.”

Outside, Ivy is the judge of the children’s beauty pageant, and she briefly follows Johns’ protocols, but the night quickly swerves in another direction – Ivy rebels and showcases her “true self.”

Natural Disasters help Ivy deal with Johns, and Joker confesses to killing Nightwing

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Ivy finally tells how she feels, and the PR disaster is imminent – Johns goes berserk and transforms into one giant John.

Natural Disasters help Ivy in the epic brawl while Babs is wreaking havoc inside the party. She fights everyone, and Harley loves it. Natural Disasters use their powers to destroy the giant John and succeed – even the King Shark’s children help.

Ivy celebrates a new victory while Harley helps Babs finish off the rest of the villains in the party. Harley tells Babs that Ivy didn’t do it, and Batgirl questions her answer, but Joker then crashes the party.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Joker announces his return to villainy and tells everyone that he returned to it in his signature way – by killing the member of the Bat Family. While the villains cheer, Babs flees the party in tears.

Why is Harley seeing “herself” at the Legion of Doom party?

After Babs leaves the party and everyone cheers for Joker’s epic return, Harley sees her doppelgänger among the others, and she (with the rest of us) cannot believe if it is a hallucination or a reality.

We already saw Harley sleepwalking in the show’s previous episode – first when she moved to the Wayne Manor with Bat Family, and now after briefly napping in Ivy’s apartment.

We still don’t know why this is the case, and we might find out in the next week’s episode titled “Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise.”

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