‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn‘ continues season four with another episode, and the main heroine (or villainess) is losing her mind. The previous episode saw Ivy taking control of her business and Harley realizing something was wrong with her.

This week’s episode, titled ‘The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time,’ is chaotic, and we discover some new details regarding Nightwing’s death and the couple’s time travel in the time capsule to solve their relationship problems. Buckle up because we have a lot of details to discuss.

Harley is losing her mind, while Ivy is ‘owning it’


The episode starts with distressed Harley reaching out to Jim Gordon after the Legion of Doom party that ended up with a huge reveleation – Joker announced that he killed Nightwing, and Harley started hallucinating “other self.” Of course, the former Commissioner Gordon is not doing a great job as the security of the Legion of Doom because he even fails to acquire the video footage for Harley, who wants to see if she’s really losing her mind.

At the same time, Ivy and the Natural Disasters are much better after getting rid of Johns and finally ‘owning their things up.’ Ivy feels better and more powerful doing her own thing, and with the help of Natural Disasters, she plans on intercepting the transportation of the time-sphere under the ownership of Legio of Super-Heroes to the Smithsonian Museum.


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Why? Well, Ivy wants the Time-sphere as the decoration for her wall. Harley goes to the Wayne Manor, where Batgirl is trying to investigate what really happened to Nightwing. She is quite busy and even mentions that she saw Harley two hours before, giving her a half-eaten egg sandwich. Harley doesn’t remember that at all, sleepwalking once again.

While Harley agonizes about losing her mind, Batgirl drops a bombshell that she doesn’t believe Joker killed Nightwing because he would never have waited a whole day to announce his evil deed.

After telling Harley she looks awful, Batgirl continues investigating what really happened to her friend. She also tells Harley to speak with Ivy, and the lunatic admits she doesn’t want to bother her girlfriend and set some boundaries in their relationship.

Joker is in the “evil gang” once again, as the members of LoD go to his place and play poker. After dismissing James Corden and his carpool karaoke, Joker decides to go on the villainous podcast to discuss his comeback to the “evil game.”

Harley and Ivy travel to the future, to the year 2048


Babs discovers that Joker didn’t kill Nightwing because he was never near the former Boy Wonder – he was in completely different locations at the time of the murder.

Harley decides to visit her girlfriend to talk with her, but Ivy is again away for business, which makes Harley really angry. Ivy, with the help of Natural Disasters, intercepts the transportation of the League of Super-Heroes, and Superman and Wonder Woman arrive to protect it.

Harley “crashes” the fight, and Ivy isn’t happy. Harley insists that she can’t reach her either way because she is always so busy, but Ivy doesn’t “budge,” and the couple briefly fight against each other.

Ivy tells her girlfriend that she is doing all of this so they can be as old and happy as sixty-year-olds sipping wine and relaxing in their home, where they can talk endlessly. This makes Harley really mad, and she decides that she is indeed seeking out a sixty-year-old Ivy so someone can listen to her.

Harley stops the transportation and gets the time-sphere out of the truck. She enters it and “intuitively” activates the machine, and the couple ends up in the dark apocalyptic future – specifically, 2048. The Resistance of that dark timeline captures the couple where they meet the King Baby, the son of King Shark, who tells them that the version of them is dead in this timeline.


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One of the rebels, Steve, tells the story of how the world “went dark,” and Gotham became a police state ruled by the last remaining member of the Bat Family, Robin. Harley and Ivy insist on returning to their timeline, but the group leader refuses unless the couple helps them against Robin.

The leader is revealed to be Harley and Ivy’s daughter, named Neytiri, after the character from James Cameroon’s ‘Avatar’ movie, Neytiri. Harley and Ivy start laughing, but the Resistance members are offended because the ‘Avatar’ franchise is considered the greatest story ever told in their timeline.

Of course, Harley denies she would ever name her daughter like that.

Joker is exposed – he did not kill Nightwing

joker exposes

Joker guest stars on Mr. Psycho’s podcast ‘Psycho Not Crazy,’ where he reveals the details of killing Nightwing. However, as the questions from the viewers start focusing on more details of Nightwing’s murder, Joker starts fumbling the answers.

Not-so-anonymous Batgirl interrupts the show and exposes Joker’s lie, showcasing the video footage of him being somewhere else – at the hospital being tested for sleep apnea.

Joker tries to divert the questioning and the obvious proof of his lies, but the viewers start piling up on the clown whose reputation as the villain is tarnished in the eyes of the public and fellow villains.

Neytiri and the Resistance group plan on how to attack Robin and his headquarters while Harley and Ivy are admiring their daughter. The couple is happy and feels the “joys” of being parents.

Ivy and Harley help the Resistance attack the Wayne Tech building, and Harley senses something isn’t right about the lack of fight from the enemies. Ivy insists that’s because their daughter is capable and cool, while King Baby showcases his father’s side and something darker.

Robin is in headquarters and looks like someone who didn’t get out of the chair for years. Still, Neytiri and the Resistance members are still exposed for their lies, and Harley and Ivy are soon captured again.

Harley and Ivy’s daughter from the dark future is not what she seems at first


Neytiri hands over Harley and Ivy to Robin for the bag of dirt, and Robin vows to add the couple to his vast collection of other cryo-state superheroes. The daughter of Harley and Ivy admits that her parents were too over the top, so Cheryl, one of the Resistance members, raised her to become the woman she is.

Of course, numerous insults and cheeky quips come from Harley and Ivy, but it quickly turns into a fight – Neytiri tells the couple their “double down syndrome” and dramatic behavior caused the apocalypse.

Ivy quips that their daughter is as dramatic as Harley, who immediately tells Ivy that it’s ironic that it comes from her.


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Robin is tired of the delay and proceeds to freeze the couple and add them to his collection. Of course, this kickstarts the “reconcile” period, where Harley and Ivy tell each other they love each other and are sorry for spending so little time together.

Harley also admits to Ivy she is losing her mind, hallucinating, barely sleeping, and being consistently “turned away” by her assistant, Nora Freeze.

King Baby destroys Robin’s interface and frees Ivy and Harley from the cryo chamber. The fight ensues, Ivy and Harley fully reconcile, and Shark Baby repairs the Time-sphere.

Where do Ivy and Harley end up at the end of the episode?

wrong timeline

The time-sphere is fixed, and the couple is ready to return to their timeline. After asking him why he saved them, King Baby admits that Harley and Ivy have a chance to do better – raise a good kid and stop Lex Luthor from destroying the world. Of course, the latter exclamation is caught only by Ivy, who is immediately concerned, but King Baby’s optimism, Harley’s excitement, and Robin’s efforts to capture them once again stop her from analyzing the alarming issue more.

Harley and Ivy promise to Baby Shark to “fix” the timeline. While traveling back to the present, Harley and Ivy admit they had a lot of fun. They are a team, and that is the most important thing.

When they arrive, something is really wrong with the timeline, which is revealed to be only six days later than the present. This is concerning since the apocalypse seems to have already begun.

Lex Luthor’s potential threat, dark timeline, Harley and Ivy teaming up, and Nightwing’s murder mystery is what we will get in the next week’s episode, titled ‘Il Buffone.’

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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