‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn’s True Identity

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap &; Ending Explained

‘Harley Quinn’ just aired the season four finale, and it was pure chaos. In the previous episode, we witnessed Harley finding out she killed Nightwing, Ivy removing Lex from a position of power, and Joker shooting Batgirl in the back.

The season finale episode, titled “Killer’s Block,” follows Harley trying to determine who she really is, Ivy finally doing her own thing, and some recurring characters making important cameos. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Batgirl survived Joker’s attack, and Harley takes a break from being a hero

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

The episode starts with Harley arriving at Joker’s family home looking for him to avenge Batgirl being shot. The clown’s family, Bethany, and her two children, don’t want to reveal where their husband and father are. However, Harley is extremely mad and fights against Bethany – Harley even threatens the children, making Bethany tell her where the Joker is.

The Joker is dragged out of his home by Harley and is impressed with her methods despite being a member of the Bat Family. Harley confirms she left the group. The next day, we see Harley going to the Gotham Hospital to visit Batgirl, who survived Joker’s attack and is paralyzed from the waist down.


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Despite Harley’s efforts to help her friend, Batgirl wants space. Former Commissioner Gordon is extremely saddened seeing his daughter paralyzed and wants to avenge her by catching the culprit for her state.

On the other side of the town, Ivy joins the “Evil Women in Business Collective” meeting at MBS (Martha’s Bruce Steakhouse), where the evil women discuss their first time – their first corporate takedown. Ivy admits that the whole thing doesn’t sit well with her since nothing has changed. Veronica Cale tells her that that’s normal and their job is to get paid.

Cale also mentions Lex’s 40th birthday, which will be organized on the Moon. Ivy is confused and mad because they just celebrated her taking down the narcissistic businessman. EWBC group simply doesn’t care, and Ivy insists that they could create an all-female LoD and change something. However, her efforts are futile.

Ivy and Harley team up to take down Lex once and for all

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

On the other side of the Gotham, Harley is preparing Joker to make him a food to her hyenas. The evil clown asks her why she is doing this – is it maybe because she lied about killing Nightwing or because he had to shoot Batgirl to make up for it? Harley prolongs Joker’s “torture,” and the clown calls her out, telling her she would already kill him if she wanted to, but she lost her edge.

Harley subtly reveals she’s thinking of a way of killing him without insulting Batgirl, who hates killing. Joker teases her by saying she has a “killer block” and questions whether she is good or bad.

Harley insists she is a neutral party, somewhere in the middle of two definitions, and Joker immensely teases her. Despite Joker making fun of her, uncomfortable Harley receives a phone call from Ivy telling her to meet her.

Ivy is mad seeing everyone not doing anything about Lex, even promoting his birthday party. Harley questions Ivy and her unhappiness, and the woman admits she didn’t take down Lex because he only relocated to the Moon.

Ivy comes up with the idea of going to Lex’s birthday party, with Harley as a plus one. Harley agrees, thinking the trip will awaken the “evilness” she had before. The couple have a trip to the Moon.

Lex has captured powerless Superman for days, and Ivy finally makes a stand against the supervillain

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

Harley and Ivy arrive at the party with the Motherbox and start scheming how to take down Lex. Of course, not before encountering Talia, who also arrived at the party. Despite not killing the Joker, Harley leads him by the leash to keep an eye on him to prove that she is still as ruthless as before.

Joker points out that if you don’t kill a hostage in the first 24 hours, it will never going to happen. Of course, Veronica Cale arrives with her plus one, having her husband off the leash, and tells Harley that being “She-EO’s plus one” is harder than it looks. Harley takes that moment to find a bathroom to “take a wiz” while Ivy hangs out with Talia and the other EWBC women.

Harley takes the buggy across the Moon to enter Lex’s base. While exploring the establishment, Harley finds a weakened Superman and Lex’s laser. Kryptonite weakens Superman, and Harley doesn’t want to get involved because she is a neutral party. However, when Superman reveals that Lex is now overpowered, Harley panics.


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In the meantime, Ivy mingles at the party and waits for Lex to appear. Of course, in a true narcissistic and over-the-top gesture, Lex arrives in a suit and full head of hair at the party. Even Clayface joins the celebration with his performance. Lex arrives as a SuperLex Man.

Superman tells Harley that Lex used the ozone laser to weaken him. Lex then kidnapped him, took his cape, drained his powers, and even took Superman’s hair! Harley leaves to warn Ivy while poor Superman stays captured. Ivy attacks Lex but struggles against his overpowered suit.

Buzz, the Lightyear Lex, mocks Ivy, telling her she is his puppet and that he only used her. Ivy asks her EWBC colleagues if they are blind because Lex is too dangerous. Talia dismisses Ivy and tells her that real businesswomen “take an L” and leave, encouraging Ivy to delete her contacts because she hasn’t learned anything from the leader of the League of Assassins.

Ivy insists on killing Lex but is overpowered and almost killed on the spot. However, Harley’s arrival saves her, and the couple once again is beaten by the narcissistic businessman.

Batgirl showcases her hacking skills and helps Harley and Ivy take down Lex

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

After recovering from Lex’s attacks, Ivy admits to Harley that she feels useless and that no one takes her seriously. Harley agrees and adds that it feels that you cannot change the system from the inside – they both tried with Legion of Doom and Bat Family, and where did it lead them?

After reminiscing about their past adventures (meeting their future daughter and changing the timeline), Ivy says that she and Harley are powerful and will showcase their power to everyone – by making the world a better place.

Ivy ends the speech by finding Lex’s ozone laser, and the couple share a heartfelt kiss. While Lex boasts about his power at the party, he sees Harley and Ivy stealing a buggy to go to his hideout.


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Ivy will use the laser for destruction, but Lex follows them in his own vehicle. Harley mentioned that Batgirl is great with computers and she would have a field day with this mission, and Ivy encouraged Harley to call her. However, Harley refuses, reasoning that Batgirl needs to focus on her recovery, and she doesn’t want her friend to become an antisocial, weird person.

Lex’s attacks continue, and Ivy finally encourages Harley to call Batgirl. After ensuring Batgirl is okay, Harley gives the phone to Ivy, who asks if Babs can hack into a moon buggy. Always eager, Batgirl does it “in a jiffy” and hacks into Lex’s buggy controls, making him crash.

Harley and Ivy arrive at Lex’s lair and locate the laser, with which Ivy will destroy all cosmetic and other polluting companies, propelling her socially conscious evilness. Here, Harley uses her conscience, asking Ivy to wait so that people can go to safety. Batgirl ensures every fire alarm in the city is activated, saving millions of people.

Bruce Wayne is out of the Blackgate prison and decides to return to Gotham as Batman

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

Ivy destroys Veronica Cale’s company, Talia’s Wayne Enterprises, and an overpriced oyster place that isn’t even that good, Lexor Hotel in Las Vegas, and others. Bruce Wayne is seen “djing” in his cell at Blackgate Prison, but when he sees the destruction of his city, Wayne vows to return as Batman, as his city needs him.

He ensures he is released from prison immediately. On the Moon, Superman tries to warn Ivy that she will break the Moon with her destruction, but she isn’t fazed as she wants to throw everything on Legion of Doom Headquarters.


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Harley stops her, asking Ivy whether she wants to destroy everything she worked on in the past few months. Ivy tells Harley she was part of the problem and sends the blast towards LoD. The plant lady also uses that moment to tell Harley how much her willingness to help people from harm inspires her. Harley replies that even though she is thankful for Ivy’s words, it still sucks being in the middle.

Ivy tells her that she was always on the outside of good and bad, which was always her superpower. Suddenly, Steppenwolf arrives on the Moon, taking Lex to his world, and Ivy thanks him immensely.

As they try to leave the base, Harley returns to save weakened Superman, who tells her he always knew she was a hero. Harley replies she isn’t a hero, but “a Harley mother******* Quinn!”

Where is Nightwing’s body?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Harley Quinn's True Identity

Moon is destroyed, and three days later, we see Alfred finally being moved to Blackgate prison for committing fraud, but of course, Bruce Wayne is seen leaving the prison, once again preventing the butler from being with his master.

Jim Gordon receives a package from Harley, which includes Joker and a quirky girls’ message that the clown shot Babs. Jim vows to take revenge on Joker, while Superman is in his normal state again – he uses his powers to “fix” the Moon.

Ivy and Harley have a heartfelt moment about what to do next as the outsiders when Babs arrives. Harley thanks her again for helping them take down Lex, and Babs admits she loved being useful despite her disability.

She says, “F*** the rules!” and admits she left the Bat Family. Ivy is confused about why Babs invited them to the graveyard, but the girl is no better. Suddenly, Catwoman shows her face. Ivy is awkward, but the tension is broken when she falls into a grave – Nightwing’s grave that has been opened.


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His body is missing, and Catwoman admits she returned to Gotham to look out for her former Cobb Squad members. Gotham City Sirens is what Harley likes as the team name (which she decided to form), and Ivy mentions her Cobb Squad name, mentioning it was really good. However, Babs drops her own suggestion – Birds of Prey.

The rest of the women dismiss the name because none of them is “bird-themed,” and Harley suggests that their next mission is to find Nightwing’s missing body. However, in the last scene of the season, we see the Lazarus Hot Spring, where Talia comforts Damian Wayne, saying that his friend will be okay. The next scene sees Nightwing being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, and his first words are, “Where the f*** is Harley Quinn?”

This sets the next season of ‘Harley Quinn’ show that admittedly had a fun fourth season but weaker than the previous ones. Hopefully, we see a better season five in the coming years, and until then, we will analyze and speculate what might happen in the future of the fun and chaotic ‘Harley Quinn’ series.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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