Hela vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

hela vs thanos

Both Hela and Thanos are known as one of the most powerful Marvel villains. They both belong to races of overpowered beings, are extremely durable, and have strenght beyond measure. They are also both known for knocking out Thor, and it’s something often used to measure their strenght. But what would happen if we pit the two villains together? How would the Mad Titan compare to the Goddess of Death? It’s something we’re going to analyze today. When it comes to a battle between Thanos and Hela, who would win in a fight? 

Thanos would win in a battle against Hela. It’s mostly due to his superior skills in combat, his superior strenght, and his vastly superior intelligence. Both have armies at their disposal and a range of mystic and powerful abilities, so it would be a close call when it comes to those factors. However, given that Thanos has managed to defeat much more powerful entities than Hela due to his intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before he figures out how to take her down as well. 

Now that we’ve given you the short answer, it’s time to analyze both villains in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in how Hela and Thanos compare to each other regarding strenght, powers, and durability, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Most of Thanos’ powers and abilities revolve around him being able to project and manipulate energy. Due to this, he has vast reserves of mystical abilities at his disposal. He is able to create force fields and manipulate matter and warp reality. He is also mostly immune to most mind-oriented attacks and is quite skilled in telepathy and mind manipulation himself.

Thanos stopping mjolnir

He is able to attack the mind through madness and warping of senses, which gives him the limited ability to cripple his enemies this way. He rarely needs to fight with his fists, but when he has to, he is shown to be a formidable opponent. This is due to millennia of experience and access to one of the finest training grounds in the Universe. His fighting skills are impressive, even for supercharged beings. 


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Hela, on the other hand, is a goddess of Death. This means that her powers are mostly magic-oriented. Her ultimate control over life and Death allows her to both usher death and grant someone immunity from Death. She is skilled in telepathy, telekinesis, and necromancy and can create weapons from nothing. She also has Touch of Death at her disposal, which allows her to instantly kill mortals and immortals alike when she touches the exposed skin. However, the touch has limited usability.

Fatal touch

Most notably, she can create Necroswords, which are extremely sharp and durable weapons, with nothing but her mind. Hela might be a slightly weaker hand-to-hand combatant, but her mastery over swords is unpreceded. Her most unique powers and abilities, as well as her equipment, is tied to swords, so this is only natural. 

When it comes to powers and abilities, both Thanos and Hela show unparalleled powers and vast reserves of mystical energies at their disposal. Even though Hela cannot measure up to Thanos when it comes to unarmed combat, she is masterful with swords. Both get the point.

Points: Thanos (1:1) Hela

Strength and Stamina 

Both Hela and Thanos have near-immeasurable reserves of Stamina at their disposal. Hela is an Asgardian, which means that her enhanced physiology produces fewer fatigue toxins when compared to human beings. The same can be said for Thanos. His Eternal/Deviant physiology produces next to nothing fatigue toxins, and using his mystical abilities does not tire him. He was able to withstand blows from far more powerful entities than Hela is.

thanos against living tribunal

Regarding strenght, Thanos’ lifting and striking strenght is larger than that of Hela. He was consistently seen overpowering both Thor and Hulk, who are considered among the strongest beings in Marvel Universe. He was able to defeat cosmic entities depending on the version of Thanos we’re talking about. Regarding strenght, even though both are stated to have around the same potential, Thanos has more feats and was consistently shown to take on and defeat Marvel powerhouses, so this point goes to him.

Points: Thanos (2:1) Hela


Both Hela and Thanos can reach faster-than-light speeds. Both are as well capable of teleportation and/or Astral Projection. Empowered by the Heart of the Universe, Thanos is able to achieve omnipresence. Even though Hela is not omnipresent by any means, she demonstrated fast enough reflexes in numerous instances to consider giving her the point as well.


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In combat, both have fast reflexes, and both can rely on teleportation. Hela managed to dodge Thor’s lightning and throw Necrosword at Thor before he could charge himself with lightning. She dodged Thor’s and Loki’s attacks on numerous occasions. When it comes to combat speeds, Thanos and Hela are equals. 

Points: Thanos (3:2) Hela


Even compared to the rest of the Eternals, Thanos is nigh-invulnerable. He is immune to poisons diseases and has limited immunity to all damage. He was barred from dying from Death herself, and even if he does manage to die, it’s only a matter of time before he will return again. 

Thanos immune to tribunal

Hela having mastery over life and Death means that she is immortal. She can be damaged, but her healing factor is so fast once it kicks in, she is able to repair impressive amounts of physical damage in a short span of time. She is able to “repair” herself even after she’s been molecularly destroyed. 

Due to her superior healing abilities and her control over the realm of the undead, this point goes to Hela. 

Points: Thanos (3:3) Hela


Thanos is considered to be a genius and has knowledge that borders on omniscient. He managed to build the time machine, and in instances when he grabbed ahold of various artifacts, he claimed to know “all there is to know.” He is an extremely skilled tactician and can predict the moves of his enemies precisely. 

Hela swords

Even though Hela is a highly skilled tactician herself and has the mystic knowledge attributed to her by being the goddess of Death, she cannot hold her ground when it comes to Thanos’ intellect.

Points: Thanos (4:3) Hela


From the inception of the character, Thanos was seen wielding some of the most powerful artifacts in the Universe. He was empowered by the, Heart of the Universe and Infinity Gauntlet. These artifacts allowed him to gain all knowledge in the Universe and empower himself far beyond what would be capable of his standard physiology. When it comes to equipment, Thanos has at his disposal the force to destroy the Universe if he so wishes. 

Infinity gauntlet

Hela has her necroswords and, most notably, Nightsword. She is able to summon this weapon with a mere thought. Impressive it may be, it cannot compare to some artifacts that Thanos had at his disposal. 

Points: Thanos (5:3) Hela


Hela has one notable and extreme weakness. She needs to wear her cloak at all times, or she losses a significant portion of her powers. Her powers are also the strongest when she is in Asgard, as she has little domain over other places in the Universe. 

If one was to take away Hela’s cloak, she would be unable to leave the realm of the dead, and she would not be able to use most of her magic-oriented abilities. 

hela cloak

Thanos does not have notable weaknesses. This is part of the reason why he is considered to be so formidable and difficult to fight against. Due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Thanos (6:3) Hela


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Hela vs. Thanos: Who would win? 

Thanos would definitely wing against Hela. He is stronger, more intelligent, and has far deadlier artifacts at his disposal. It may be different in the MCU, but when it comes to comics, Thanos definitely proved himself to be a much larger threat to the Universe as a whole than Hela. Most of Hela’s power is at its peak when she is in Asgard, and Thanos has no such limitations. His raw strength is vastly superior to that of Hela, and his tactical abilities would allow him to take down Hela quickly. 

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