All The Rumors Say That Hercules Is Coming To The MCU

Hercules Is Coming To The MCU Rumors

All The Rumors Say That Hercules Is Coming To The MCU

Hercules is coming to the MCU?


Marvel recently revealed that they have brought Angelina Jolie aboard to play one of the main characters in their upcoming Eternals movie. Now, just a few days later, rumors have begun to surface that the lead male character in the movie will be none other than Hercules. Given the history between Hercules, the Avengers, Thor, and the Hulk, his casting comes as no surprise. 

What does come a surprise, however, is that Marvel has made it known that they wish to cash their first openly gay character. Hercules, save for one reality within the Marvel Universe, isn’t gay. 

As of yet, the rumor doesn’t come with any casting choices. Or at least not. And truthfully, that’s probably a good thing. More often than not, rumors of character inclusions come with debates, discussions, and deliberations by fans all over the world who they’d like to see in the role. It happened/is happening with Batman. It happened/is happening with Wolverine. I imagine that Hercules will be no different.

If Hercules is coming to the MCU, he comes at the right time. Even though Chris Hemsworth has stated numerous times that he would like to continue on as Thor, there are no indications that he will. If Thor is dropped from the MCU, he will need to be replaced. Aside from the Hulk, Thor is their heavy hitter and his departure will leave a large void. I’d argue that Hercules isn’t quite on the same level but if Thor was to be replaced, he’s a pretty good choice.

But that wouldn’t be any fun.

Marvel could keep Thor on and bring Hercules into the fold. One of the most iconic covers in comic history (Thor #126) sees the two going toe-to-toe. Think of how epic their battles would be. 

Cosmic tie in

Of course, his iconic battle with Thor shouldn’t be the only reasons he’s brought to the MCU. He has, over the last many decades, been an on and off again part of the Avengers. Because Marvel is looking to go cosmic with their movies, between him and Captain Marvel, the tie into the Avengers wouldn’t be too difficult.

Whether or not Hercules is coming to the MCU, The Eternals is scheduled to hit theatres in the fall of 2020.



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