Hercules vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

hulk vs hercules

Today’s comparison will pit two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe against each other. Both characters boast of extreme strength, which they use as their primary power. One is Hulk, the Green Goliath and the other is Hercules, the son of Zeus. So, if Hulk and Hercules ever came up against each other, who’d win?

Hulk would win in a fight against Hercules because, with increased rage levels, the Hulk’s strength, speed, durability, and regenerative capabilities would increase exponentially eventually enabling him to subdue Hercules. The fight would be of epic proportions and closer to call than you’d think.

Both characters have pasts that are more impressive than just two gigantic dudes who like to punch. Both of them have battled and overcome powerful opponents in the comics but what would happen if the Jade Giant came up against the Prince of Power?


One of the most distinguishing of the Hulk’s powers is his absolute strength. He’s arguably the strongest character in the Marvel Universe and all this can be attributed to his insane rage levels. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. Lots of people love to debate who could beat who in comic books and while characters like Thor and Hercules are all powerful, they do have limits to their powers. On the other hand, Hulk has no limit at all.

hulk lifting mjolnir

The Hulk has performed extraordinary feats of strength. One includes holding 270 undecillion tons of a black hole to rescue himself and his friends in “Defender Vol 1 #3”. Other acts of strength include holding up 150 billion tons of a mountain range, briefly lifting and throwing Mjolnir, supporting himself despite being weighed down with a force equal to the weight of a star, smashing through the Red Door, shattering an asteroid twice the Earth’s size, punching through a time storm, and many others. He’s so strong he could break apart continents.


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Hercules boasts of godlike strength as well, but his strength does have limits. He’s physically the strongest of all Olympians. In the comics, Hercules’ strength level is described as being “Class 100”. This means he is capable of lifting over 100 tons, which isn’t an easy task by any means. His most notable feats of strength include defeating monsters for example slaying Hydra and capturing a three-headed demon dog.

Despite possessing superhuman strength, Hercules is nowhere near as strong as Hulk. So the Hulk wins this round.

Point: Hulk (1:0) Hercules


Despite his stocky frame and thick muscles, the Hulk can move incredibly fast. He can run at eye-blurring speeds and according to “Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #206” is more than twice as fast as a fighter jet. He caught up to and snapped Hypnos’ neck who is among the fastest Olympians. He managed to dodge Thor’s Mjolnir and catch Silver Surfer’s board, both of which can move at MFTL+ speeds. He was also able to hit Quicksilver who can move beyond the speed of light and is even faster than radio waves. What’s more, the angrier the Hulk gets, the faster he becomes.

herculer running

Hercules does possess superhuman speed. He can move at speeds well beyond the physical limits of an average human. He has powerful leg muscles that allow him to run fast. He has fought Quicksilver and Heralds of Galactus and they both outclassed him in speed. The official Marvel Universe handbook rates his speed at a peak range of 111-115 miles an hour. While this is incredibly quick, the Hulk trounces him in terms of speed.

Point: Hulk (2:0) Hercules


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As a toddler, Hercules sipped Hera’s breast milk. This granted him mystical invulnerability making him resistant to almost every form of physical injury. Conventional weapons are unable to pierce or break his skin. He is more durable than most of the Olympians, except for Zeus and probably Neptune and Pluto. It’s stated that the only thing that could kill him is if his body was incinerated or his molecules dispersed enough.

Hulk is quite literally an indestructible force of nature. Thanks to several hundred pounds of fortified bone and muscle as well as an indestructible skin, Hulk is durable enough to withstand the cut of almost any weapon. In the comics, his skin only breaks from Adamantium and Vibranium. Hulk is resistant to matter manipulation, nuclear and radiation-based attacks, time manipulation, death manipulation, energy projection, heat manipulation, and many other forms of energy. 

What gives the Hulk an edge over Hercules in this category is the fact that as he gets angrier, his durability increases to even greater lengths.

Point: Hulk (3:0) Hercules

Regeneration/ Healing Factor

Hercules is quite resilient but can be injured. However, he’s capable of recovering from injuries with superhuman speed. He is incapable of regenerating missing limbs or organs unless magic is used. He’s resistant to most poisons and toxins but extreme exposure can affect him. Even if he is injured in combat, he is capable of regenerating in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, Hulk’s healing and regenerative abilities are nearly limitless. His gamma-mutated cells make him completely unkillable and even if he’s injured in battle, his body heals. He can regrow lost limbs and even repair damaged body parts and organs. For example in the “Incredible Hulk #398”, all his skin was ripped from his body and he was able to regenerate it in a matter of seconds. When in rage mode, the healing factor of the Hulk increases exponentially. He can easily repel poisons and chemicals without being affected. The Hulk’s body mutates for survival.

Since Hulk’s regenerative powers increase when he gets angrier, he wins this round. 

Point: Hulk (4:0) Hercules


The Hulk is quite an accomplished warrior and on several occasions has shown his versatility and intuition in battle. On more than one occasion he has faced warriors with experience in fights like Thor, the Executioner, and Hercules. As the Green Scar, he boasts of training in using multiple weapons like broadswords, spears, and battle shields as is the case in “Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #94”. In “Hulk Vol 3 #12”, he received training in martial arts as Doc Green. Apart from using weapons, he is equally as skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

hulk strength

Hercules is equally skilled in combat. Unarmed combat has always been his forte. He is quite masterful at fighting with just his fists and grappling with his opponents even if they match his strength. He has also shown his fortitude in fighting with weapons and is an expert archer. He was able to rival Thor in multiple fights and was even capable of rivaling the Hulk in unarmed combat.

Both characters are expert combatants who can win any fight, be it unarmed or otherwise.  That’s why it’s impossible to definitively decide who is a better combatant.

Therefore, this round is a tie.

Point: Hulk (4:0) Hercules

Hercules vs. Hulk: Who Wins?

From the get-go, a clash between these two Marvel characters would appear to be an evenly matched fight. However, the biggest factor in such a battle would eventually be the rage level of the Hulk. Hercules would have to subdue Hulk in the very early stages of their fight which would be nigh impossible given the Hulk’s impressive regenerative capabilities. The fight would very likely be a drawn-out one but Hulk would eventually have an edge over Hercules as his rage level increases. 

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