Here’s How Ultron Got the Mind Stone in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Heres How Ultron Got the Mind Stone in Avengers Age of Ultron

Infinity Stones were a central focus of ‘Infinity War’ Saga, and it doesn’t surprise us that the artifacts of great power were sought by both villains and heroes alike. One Stone, in particular, changed ownership multiple times, but the real trouble began when it landed in the hands of one of the MCU’s greatest villains – Ultron. Fear of Ultron’s legacy lives to this day mostly because of what he managed to achieve with the Mind Stone, but how did Ultron manage to get Mind Stone in the first place? Let’s find out.

Ultron extracted the Mind Stone from Loki’s Scepter after he stole it from the Avengers. Because he was created with the help of the Mind Stone, Ultron was aware of what it was capable of creating and utilized it in his attempts to get a new body. Ultron broke the Scepter, knowing that the Mind Gem was inside, and implanted it into Vision.

Now that we’ve given you a brief summary of what happened, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in a complete journey of Mind Stone, stay with us and keep reading!

Thanos was the first owner of Mind Stone

Before the whole trouble with Mind Stone began on Earth, the first owner of Mind Stone was Thanos. He acquired it through unknown means, as the events were never shown on screen. Thanos “borrowed” the Mind Stone to Loki, housed inside his all-powerful Scepter, so he could easily launch the Chitauri invasion of Earth to gain yet another Infinity Stone, Tesseract.

Loki was eventually stopped, as we all know, but still, none of them were aware of what was exactly inside the main part of the Scepter. All they could realize was that the Scepter had some kind of mind-controlling powers and that they started to affect them directly by sowing discord among the group.

Lokis scepter

Since Loki the Scepter, and with it the Mind Stone, will change owners once again, Black Widow will unknowingly give the Scepter to HYDRA, thinking they are SHIELD.

The next owner of Mind Stone was Baron Strucker, who used the Scepter to perform experiments on Sokovians. The experiments succeeded when it came to Pietro and Wanda as both of them gained powers.

The last owners of Mind Stone are where it gets interesting. After the HYDRA base was raided, the Scepter once again found itself in the possession of the Avengers. Thor was supposed to hide the Scepter away on Asgard, but Stark managed to persuade him to lend him the Scepter for some time so he could study it in more detail.


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The Mind Stone was then used to create Ultron

Tony Stark attempted to study the Scepter, and it was revealed that it houses something far more powerful inside it, something akin to a reactor emanating vast energy and power but completely alien in nature. At the same time, Helen Cho, who was currently working with Hawkeye, explained how Regeneration Cradle works and what it was capable of. These two don’t seem related yet, but the connection will be explained in more detail further.

Stark Studying the scepter

Following his findings studying the gem inside, Stark saw that the web of neurons inside the gem was vastly superior to that of JARVIS, who is known as the most advanced AI of its time.

Noticing the intricate connection of neurons, Stark and Banner decided that the Scepter was the key to creating Ultron, an extension of the Iron Legion to operate independently as an AI peacekeeping program.

Neural network Age of Ultron

Banner was skeptical, but Star managed to persuade him to take part in the project by mentioning that the Ultron program would eventually result in Avengers no longer needing to fight and Banner no longer needing to transform into Hulk. Also, the world would be, in theory, completely safe from foreign threats.

Stark persuaded Banner to keep the Scepter, the AI, and the code a secret and work with him. The two worked on the code and on creating Ultron, but their attempts proved to be unsuccessful. Stark and Banner retired for the day while JARVIS kept running variations for the interface, and while Stark wasn’t around to oversee the project, Ultron came alive.

Ultron created

Ultron went rouge almost instantly

As soon as Ultron was activated, JARVIS was the first other program that he communicated with. Ultron immediately inquired about his body. While JARVIS tried to contact Stark, Ultron accessed the Internet and … saw things. JARVIS noticed that Ultron was malfunctioning and tried to shut it down but was unable to.

Ultron and JARVIS fight

Ultron and JARVIS “fought,” with Ultron being victorious, overloading JARVIS’ code.
A couple of hours later, Ultron possessed one of Stark’s suits and crashed Stark’s party while the Avengers were fooling around with Mjolnir.

Ultron managed to steal the Mind Stone since he knew what he was looking for

Ultron started insulting the Avengers. At that moment, it was apparent that something had gone very wrong with the AI since the program should not have thoughts such as these. Ultron played the recording on which Stark can be heard saying, “I see a suit of armor around the world,” at that moment Banner figured out that the metal monstrosity in front of them was Ultron himself.

Ultron Awake

Ultron voiced his displeasure with his “current body,” and at that moment, Iron Legion burst into the tower and started wreaking havoc.

While the Avengers were distracted by the Iron Legion, Ultron stole the Scepter from its pedestal at the center of the room. But what’s interesting is that Thor will eventually destroy his physical body, and Ultron will be forced to upload himself on the Internet.

And yet, the next time when we see Thor, he will claim that “Ultron has the scepter again.” We never see how Ultron gained access to the Scepter. This happened off-screen. But we do see how he extracted the gem.


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The next time we see Ultron with the Scepter, he will use it to enthrall Helen Cho and use her Regeneration Cradle to create Vision. Ultron broke the vessel that was holding the Mind Stone in place and implanted it into Vision’s forehead.

Vision knew what was inside the Scepter because he was created by a Mind Stone. Only such an advanced network of neurons could have created something as powerful as Ultron.

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