Star Wars: What Species Is Yoda? What Planet Does His Species Come From?


One of the most prominent characters in the storyline of Star Wars is Jedi Master Yoda, who was one of the most powerful Jedi of all time and was often regarded as the wisest of all of the Jedi during the final days of the old Jedi Order. Of course, we haven’t seen a lot of Yoda’s species in Star Wars, as these people seem to be very rare, especially when compared to humans and humanoid species. So, what species is Yoda, and what planet does he come from?

As of this writing, Yoda’s species and planet of origin are all unknown. There are no clues in relation to what Yoda’s species is called and where his people come from. His species are also very rare, as we’ve only seen three of them in the storyline of Star Wars, further adding mystery to Yoda’s origins.

We know that Yoda’s species has always been quite mysterious, as there was never a mention of where he came from or what his people are called. But we do know that his people tend to be some of the strongest Force wielders we’ve seen in the franchise, as this could be a reason behind the secrecy of his people. Now, let’s look at what we know about Yoda’s species.

Yoda’s species and planet are unknown

There is no doubt that Jedi Master Yoda is still one of the most popular Jedi of all time, as he has always had the wisdom and leadership skills that support his standing as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during its final days. Of course, Yoda was also arguably the most powerful Jedi during his time, and that says a lot because there were plenty of incredibly strong Jedi during the final days of the Jedi Order.

But while Yoda may be strong, one of the things that people know about him is that his life tends to be shrouded in mystery, especially his origins. Unlike other important characters, whose backstories were told extensively in comics, novels, and other forms of literature and media, Yoda’s backstory before the era of the High Republic is still shrouded in mystery. The mystery includes his species and planet of origin.

Yoda’s species and planet of origin are still unknown at the time of this writing. No canon storylines involve his origins or the planet where his people come from. This only adds an air of mystery behind Yoda’s entire character, as there are still plenty of unknown things about where he came from, how he became a Jedi, and why there aren’t many members of his species.


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Nevertheless, Yoda’s character has only become more unique because many people think he is one-of-a-kind. This has allowed him to become one of the most memorable characters in Star Wars.

There are only three known members of Yoda’s species

As mentioned, some fans think that Yoda is one-of-a-kind because he is the only member of his species seen in Star Wars. But the truth is that three known members of Yoda’s species are shown in Star Wars. The first, of course, is none other than Yoda himself, who was the oldest known member of his species.

The second member of Yoda’s species introduced in Star Wars was Jedi Master Yaddle. She is a female member of Yoda’s species. Yaddle first appeared in ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace’ when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi reported to the Jedi Council. However, she was never seen again in the movies, leading people to speculate about her fate and whether or not she could be connected to another member of their species, especially the youngest one.

But in ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi,’ it was revealed that Yaddle actually met up with Count Dooku after Qui-Gon Jinn’s death to tell him that the Jedi Council was on its way to Naboo for his funeral. Yaddle seemed to be close to Dooku, and that was why she was the one who told him about his old Padawan’s demise. 


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But Yaddle speculated that Dooku was up to something, leading to her death when she confronted him and Darth Sidious. She was close to 500 years old when she died at the hands of none other than Dooku, who completed his fall to the dark side by killing Yaddle.

The final member of Yoda’s species is also the youngest one. Grogu was revealed as an infant that the Imperial remnants, especially Moff Gideon, were looking to get his hands on because he wanted to use his Force sensitivity to conduct experiments on the Force sensitivity gene. He was revealed on 9 ABY when the Mandalorian named Din Djarin was sent on a mission to retrieve him.

It turned out, however, that Din Djarin formed an attachment to Grogu. He still delivered him to the Jedi, thus completing his mission of returning a foundling to his people. However, Grogu’s attachment made him turn his back on becoming a Jedi so that he could travel the galaxy with Din Djarin. Grogu eventually became Din Grogu after Din Djarin adopted him into his clan.

Why Yoda’s species remains a secret

At this point, we don’t really know the secrecy behind Yoda’s species and planet of origin. Yoda never said anything about his people or where they were from. None of the other characters also seem to wonder where Yoda comes from. This leads us to speculate that there’s a good in-universe reason behind the secrecy of Yoda’s people.

From what we’ve seen, all three members of Yoda’s people are incredibly powerful in the Force, with Yoda being the strongest. Nevertheless, both Yaddle and Grogu have shown incredible Fore talents despite their apparent lack of size. And Yoda’s people may remain a secret to prevent anyone from taking advantage of their innate talents in the Force.


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You could just imagine what the Sith would do if they found out that such a group of people existed on a planet somewhere. The Sith might try to corrupt Yoda’s species or even wipe them all out before they could become threats. And Yoda must have wanted to avoid the worst possible fate for his people.

Of course, Yoda’s people also age differently, as Yoda reached 900 years old before dying of old age. Meanwhile, Yaddle was around 50 to 60 years old in human years when she died at the age of 480+. And Grogu was still an infant who couldn’t speak when he was 50.

Given the fact that the Sith Lords aim to unlock the secrets of immortality, Yoda must have realized that they would have tried to look at Yoda’s species as an example when it comes to living forever or, at the very least, for centuries. And that could be one of the reasons why Yoda and the rest of his people have kept their species and planet of origin a secret.

We can speculate all we want about Yoda’s species and where they come from. This could be something that Lucasfilm might explain in a future Star Wars project. But at this point, it is still a mystery.

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