What Color Was Yoda’s Lightsaber in Star Wars?


If there was one thing that surprised many Star Wars fans in the prequel trilogy, it was that Yoda was a badass lightsaber duelist. This was never something we saw during the events of the original trilogy, as we never even saw him owning a lightsaber during the entire time that he was training Luke, as this leads us to wonder how he was able to train Luke in lightsaber training. Regardless, we know he owned a lightsaber because he battled Dooku and Palpatine. So, what color was Yoda’s lightsaber?

Yoda always used a green lightsaber. We never saw him using any other lightsaber aside from his personal green lightsaber. Yoda’s lightsaber was also a shorter shoto lightsaber that matched his small frame because he was far too small to carry a regular-sized lightsaber.

The thing about Yoda is that he was a surprise that made fans understand that big things come in small packages. Yoda’s abilities as a lightsaber duelist were pretty incredible because he never lost a lightsaber duel in all of the instances we saw him drawing his blade. So, with that said, let’s talk more about Yoda’s lightsaber and the meaning behind its color.

A little green lightsaber for a little green Jedi

If there was one character that fans of the original Star Wars trilogy wanted to see in action, it was Jedi Master Yoda, who served as Luke’s master. Of course, Yoda was the one who completed Luke’s training in the ways of the Force while they were on Dagobah.

But there was never an instance wherein we saw Yoda using his lightsaber or even showing it, as fans believed that he may not have had one at all.

Nevertheless, it could be because Yoda had become too old to use a lightsaber, preventing him from showing it to Luke or even using it to spar with his pupil. But the good thing is that we did see a younger (still old) Yoda appearing in the prequel trilogy movies, where he was still strong enough to fight.

And while he didn’t fight in ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,’ he eventually had to draw his weapon in ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.’

After the eruption of the First Battle of Geonosis and just shortly after the arrival of the clones, who were accompanied by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, went after Count Dooku and tried to fight him on their own. Of course, they weren’t skilled enough to defeat him then, and that was when Yoda arrived to take matters into his own hands because he had to defeat his former Padawan.

That was when fans were surprised to see Yoda drawing his lightsaber even though he was already old and was using a walking stick. Yoda drew a small lightsaber hilt that emitted an equally short blade that had the color green. In that regard, Yoda’s lightsaber was a green shoto lightsaber that was much shorter than the standard Jedi use.


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Of course, the Jedi used the shoto lightsaber as a companion weapon to their standard lightsabers whenever they used the dual-wielding style of Jar’Kai, which is one of Ahsoka’s specialties. Even Yoda taught Ahsoka how to wield her shoto lightsaber properly, as he has been using a similar lightsaber his entire life. And because Yoda was a lot smaller than most Jedi, it made sense for him to use a shoto lightsaber.

As to the color, it also makes sense that Yoda’s lightsaber has a green color. No, we’re not talking about how it makes sense for a green Jedi to have a green lightsaber. Instead, we are talking about how it makes sense for someone of Yoda’s personality and nature to have a green lightsaber.

Unlike most Jedi, that are clearly brave and just and were always out on missions for the sake of the Jedi Order and the Republic, Yoda was more of a teacher that taught young Jedi how to be wise and disciplined in the use of the Force. The green lightsaber color always represented tranquility, peace, and harmony, which was what Yoda stood for as a Jedi.

While he was a great fighter, Yoda was more of a wise old master that meditated to learn more about the will of the Force. He always tries to be in harmony with the Force, and that’s why there weren’t a lot of Jedi that had the same level of understanding of the Force as Yoda had.

In that regard, he was the perfect little green Jedi for a little green lightsaber. Both he and Luke fit this lightsaber color perfectly. And it makes sense that Luke was more like Yoda than either Obi-Wan or Anakin.

Yoda’s lightsaber has been around for centuries

One of the things that we also know about Yoda is that he was alive for 900 years and that 800 of those years were spent training Jedi. That means he was a Jedi for 800 years and was alive during the High Republic era, which was the height of the Jedi Order’s greatness. There’s even a chance that Yoda’s green lightsaber was the first he created when he became a Jedi more than 800 years before his death.


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Of course, there’s a good chance this lightsaber was the one he wielded when he started as a Jedi. That’s because there weren’t a lot of reasons for a Jedi to lose their lightsaber back then. After all, the threats weren’t as great as they were in the past or even during the time of the Clone Wars era. There’s also the fact that a High Republic concept art of Yoda shows him using the same lightsaber that he wielded during the end of the Clone Wars.

While we never saw this lightsaber in the original trilogy, Yoda had it in Dagobah. That’s because Luke found it in Yoda’s belongings and even kept it. He wanted to give this lightsaber to Grogu as a symbol of his devotion to the new Jedi Order that he was building. But we all know that Grogu chose to be a Mandalorian instead. 

Luke’s crystal turned green after he thought of Yoda

Another interesting thing about Yoda is that he was the one Luke thought of when he forged a new lightsaber. Luke was able to get a clear Kyber crystal after he lost the Skywalker Lightsaber on Bespin. He had a vision of Yoda when he resonated with the crystal using the Force. That was when the crystal turned green, as we all know that Luke’s new lightsaber was green as well.

This could mean that Luke’s lightsaber turned green because he saw a vision of his green master. Or it could mean that he and Yoda were very similar to one another in terms of how wise and peaceful they were. As such, the Kyber crystal turned green as a reminder of Luke’s bond with his master.

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